Wednesday, January 13, 2010

E-Mail From A Jackass

I get lots of moronic emails like this. This is a good example of how intellectually challenged people are who fall for the propaganda from Neurodiversity.

Anton Feichtmeir"
01/12/10 19:32:25
Your hatingautism blog advocates things which are in direct defiance of GOD'S will! God put autists here on Earth and those who attempt to corrupt them by spreading lies about them such as this stupid fantasy that autism is caused by mercury poisoning...........and I'm talkin' bout you Punk! Calling autism evil is saying prayers to the devil in the eyes of the almighty. Accept the presence of autists on Earth and do not hinder them or eternal HELL awaits you. ~Anton~


Cyberman said...

few screws loose on that one


Anonymous said...

I'm...speachless!! Is this guy kidding? All I have to say is step away from the crack man, step away from the crack! Whether I disagree or not, I was taight to respect my elders! If I had a grievance with them, I was to approach it respectfully!

I would of been back handed for that sort of talk by my parents! And justifiably so! Sending emails like this does not help his cause, it makes him look like a fool! I THOUGHT I NEEDED HELP!!


Jeff Quintana said...

I'm not sure if I'd put God, and Satan, and Heaven and Hell in this debate, because I don't really believe in those things, but one thing's for sure, that you are a very, evil man, John Best Jr.

The OC said...

Hi John. Why didn't you respond to my email or my phone call? I need a cure as desparately as your son yet you treated me as badly as those "neurodiversity" people who just bitch about how bad you supposedly are. On a side note, thank you for not publishing my email as an "email from a jackass" because my email (as well as my phone call) was sincere and a true cry for help. Please respond soon, you have my number.

Foresam said...

OC, If you're the person who called me from Los Angeles the other day, have your parents call me.

Jeff Quintana said...

Yep, you are an evil man, John Best Jr, and whether it's by God, or some Skywisard who runs the World, or if it's just other people, you will have to answer for your Transgressions.

The OC said...

OK, Foresam, I'll call you when I turn 18.