Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rick Tallman Supports Killing Autistic Kids in Schools

Rick Tallman is a father of an autistic adult. Rick also had a child killed while being restrained. One would think that a man who has been through the horror of having a son murdered would oppose legislation that mandates business as usual to drug, beat and restrain autistic people. Any idiot knows that that's the design of this legislation when they see it being touted by Ari Ne'eman. That's Ne'eman's goal, to kill all autistic people. That's common knowledge.

Rick runs some Yahoo groups so I asked him if I could post what I wrote about Ne'eman and this bill that calls for torturing autistic people indefinitely. After several attempts to drag an answer out of Rick, he won't even answer my request.

I have to wonder what is wrong with parents of autistic kids when they support degenerates who abuse our kids like Ne'eman instead of helping other parents learn how evil this college student is. Perhaps Rick will wake up to this evil if Ne'eman manages to murder Rick's autistic son. I can only hope someone can bring Rick to his senses before that happens. In the meantime, anyone who belomgs to one of Rick's groups should hold Rick responsible if their child is killed while being drugged or in restraints. I tried to warn people about the evil that is this bill but Rick would rather kiss Ari Ne'eman's ass then let me disseminate that information.

Here's HR 4247 which has the deceptive title of preventing restraint.

Under Section 4 (1) and Section 5 (2) (A), this bill calls for chemical and physical restraint for children whose behavior poses danger to themselves or others. Biting, head banging, bolting, hair pulling, punching, kicking and ripping earings out of pierced ears certainly pose danger to the children and the teachers. So, this bill doesn't do anything at all to reduce restraints on autistic kids who will engage in some or all of these behaviors.

All this bill does is further Ari Ne'eman's political agenda of making it look like he's doing something useful for the autism community while he engages in anything and everything that serves the purpose of preventing anyone from curing autism.

Those of us experienced at curing autism know that all of these behaviors can be eliminated by removing the mercury from the brain that caused the brain to malfunction and produce these behaviors. Removing that mercury from the brain is the best way to eliminate the behavior and end the risk of children being harmed while in restraints. Yet, Ne'eman has this bill carefully worded so that autistic children will still be drugged, beaten in self-defense and immobilized by how ever many adults it takes to subdue them.

Any bill regarding autistic children that does not include instructions on how to cure the dangerous behaviors medically is harmful to autistic children and must be opposed. Therefore, I urge everyone to call their Congressmen(women) and tell them to vote against this sham legislation.


In this Act:

(1) CHEMICAL RESTRAINT- The term `chemical restraint' means a drug or medication used on a student to control behavior or restrict freedom of movement that is not--

(A) prescribed by a licensed physician for the standard treatment of a student's medical or psychiatric condition; and

(B) administered as prescribed by the licensed physician.

SEC 5(2) School personnel shall be prohibited from imposing physical restraint or seclusion on a student unless--

(A) the student's behavior poses an imminent danger of physical injury to the student, school personnel, or others;


Mr Wonderful said...

Before I go any further, I should explain that I don't agree with Ari Ne'eman or his ASAN mantra of "Nothing about us, without us". In fact I have written to the White House, both my US Senators and my representative expressing my thoughts that Ne'eman is not truly autistic and not representative of most people with autism and shouldn't be on the National Council for Disabilities.
I have been involved with special education, autism and restraint issues since before John ever knew they existed.
BUT POOR JOHN. He has such a problem with Ari Ne'eman that he now thinks Ne'eman somehow
introduced HR 4247 in the House of Representatives. HR 4247 was introduced by Rep. George Miller (CA-7) and Rep. Kathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-5). Ne'eman's local Congressional district (NJ-12)is represented by Rush Holt. And the Senate version of this bill S 2860 was introduced by Sen Dodd of Connecticut.

Mr Wonderful said...

HR 4247 isn't the perfect bill to prevent restraint and seclusion, but it is a start. Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation wasn't perfect, but it was a start. That's why at some time later the 13th, 14th, 15th and 24th Amendments were passed.

BTW, John's link to HR 4247 won't work. It is a temp file that expires when the search of Thomas ends.
In order to read the actual bill you need to go to and enter HR 4247 in the search area, then check the "Bill Number" button. Notice, no WWW prefix.
Now, on to the rest of John's comments.
He says "Those of us experienced at curing autism know that all these behaviors can be eliminated by....."
John is not experienced at curing autism any more than Ari Ne'eman should be speaking for all people with autism. He has been using chelation for 5 or 6
years and his son is not cured of autism. He has shown some improvement but he isn't fully cured.
John says he knows the ONLY correct method for chelation, but yet.
Either John doesn't have the right answer, has a partial solution or his son has a sphygmomanometer's worth of mercury in his head.

John says "Under Section 4 (1) and Section 5 (2) (A), this bill calls for chemical and physical restraint for children whose behavior poses danger to themselves or others." and then shows part of Sec 4.
In this Act:
(1) CHEMICAL RESTRAINT- The term `chemical restraint' means a drug or medication used on a student to control behavior or restrict freedom of movement that is not--
(A) prescribed by a licensed physician for the standard treatment of a student's medical or psychiatric condition; and
(B) administered as prescribed by the licensed physician."

THAT is a definition, nothing more. It is one of 20 definitions listed in the bill. Most bills have definitions listed to clarify the terms as they relate to a given bill.
It says nothing about forced medication of kids.
And despite what John might think, a school can't get a doctor to prescribe a medication nor can they require a parent to get such a prescription as a condition to continue school.
IF John had read further, he would have found under
(4) The use of physical restraint or seclusion as a planned intervention shall not be written into a student's education plan, individual safety plan, behavioral plan, or individualized education program (as defined in section 602 of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (20 U.S.C. 1401)). Local educational agencies or schools may establish policies and procedures for use of physical restraint or seclusion in school safety or crisis plans, provided that such school plans are not specific to any
individual student.
As I said earlier, this bill is a start. At least schools can't write restraint or seclusion into an IEP.

JOHN SAYS "Biting, head banging, bolting, hair pulling, punching, kicking and ripping earings (I think he meant earrings) out of pierced ears certainly pose danger to the children and the teachers."
BUT, he doesn't offer a safe alternative to restraint and seclusion. Granted he says that if you chelate the children their behaviors will cease. But if it takes 5, 6 or more years as it has with John's son, what do you do with them in the meantime?
I am currently writing some suggestions for Miller, McMorris Rodgers and my local Congressman to consider as amendments or companion bills to HR 4247.
But, since none of them include tarring and feathering Ari Ne'eman, I'm sure John will disagree with them.

Foresam said...

Congress critters do not introduce bills unless constituents convince them to do so. They merely put their names on them.

Schools routinely have drugs prescribed to control behavior. It might not be forced but lots of people use them. This bill only perpetuates the use of these chemical restraints. It doesn't end any use of restraints with autistic kids.

All this bill does is allow Ari Ne'eman to make it look like he's doing something useful for the autism community. By not addressing the fact that we can cure these kids and eliminate the behaviors, it's just business as usual and free publicity for Ne'eman.

Yes, I've been using chelation off and on for about six years. Most of the difficult behaviors were eliminated in the first few months.

None of what you say here addresses the fact that you think you can run your lists counter to the fist amendment. You allow Ne'eman to lie to everyone with this bill and restrict honest people from exposing Ne'man's deception.

You're supporting propaganda that is harmful to all people with autism by not allowing me to point out the fraud.

Anonymous said...

Rick-I am stunned that you still don't realize that there is no acceptable level of restraint and seclusion in public or private school settings. 99% of the time restraint/seclusion decisions are made at the spur of the moment by untrained, therapists/aides who have little to NO supervision or training. Some, however, do have training and were indeed trained to think that restraint and seclusion actually works. It doesn't. FBA's are not being done, behavior plans are either non existent or so poorly written that they are a joke, untrained aides are placed with the child therefore creating more behaviors yet the child is blamed, horrible programming is being run with the kids and the parents are so cluless that they are convinced by the school that restraint is needed or will only be done "in the event of harm to himself or others." Bullshit.

You sound like another pathetic parent who looks the other way just as long as you have someone to dump your kid with everyday. Sorry to sound so harsh but parents like you do nothing but harm the majority of children's rights in the long run. Get a clue as to what is really going on in these schools.

Finally, sadly in so many of these cases kids are being restrained by their own parents at home so they don't really give a crap if a school restrains them too. Child abuse all around is all this is.


Mr Wonderful said...

DAMN, You are stubborn.
You said "Congress critters do not introduce bills unless constituents convince them to do so. They merely put their names on them."
How do you figure Ne'eman is a constituent of Miller, McMorris-Rodgers or Dodd?

Mr Wonderful said...

For all your ranting about curing autism as a way to prevent restraint and seclusion, you haven't mentioned how to prevent these things happening to children who don't have autism.
MOST of the restraint related deaths I have researched over the past 17 years didn't happen to autistic children.
My son Jason wasn't autistic, wasn't on the "autism spectrum" but he died from a restraint.
For all your ranting about Ne'eman, you never mention any solution to keep children from being restrained before they are cured of autism and no longer display aggresive behaviors that you think lead to restraints.
Do you know how to prevent some of the actions you mentioned in your original post? Remember? "Biting, head banging, bolting, hair pulling, punching, kicking and ripping earings out of pierced ears."
Let's start at the end. If someone is working with an autistic child in a school or other facility, maybe they sholudn't wear earrings. Some people who work in factories or construction jobs are not allowed to wear watchs, necklaces, rings, even wedding rings or other things that could get caught in machinery or equipment. If a child is punching, kicking, biting or trying to pull hair, back away. If they can't reach you they can't hurt you. If you don't stick your finger in their face, they can't bite you.
If they do manage to grab your hand, make a fist, not to hit them, to keep your fingers out of the way. Their bite radius isn't as big as your whole fist.

Anonymous said...

Rick-I read your testimonial regarding your son. Why did you even allow the district to place him in a residential facility? Why didn't you have comprehensive evals. done, FBA's and get a good attorney? That child should have NEVER been in that placement to begin with and shame on you for advocating for a bill that permits restraint. You are far from being an advocate for children with disabilities.


Foresam said...

I have no solution for non-autistic kids. Belts and sticks worked on me and I don't think any of these behaviorists have a better solution than that. Of course, autistic kids are too far gone to be affected by physical punishment. I have opinion on what to do with Downs Syndrome kids. I don't know anything about them.

The only point I'm trying to drive home here is that we can cure the severe behaviors with medicine. If I can do it, as bad as my son was, anyone can do it. It's just a matter of every parent learning that it is possible. That means you have to shut up people like Ne'eman and expose his blatant dishonesty.

Mr Wonderful said...

Lisa, AKA Anonymous,
Are you starting to believe John's rants?
I KNOW there is no acceptable level of restraint or seclusion, despite what John says.
It wasn't our idea to place our son in the facility where he died. It was court ordered after a long, drawnout due process procedure. We had tryed to get him placed in another facility that would deal with his educational issues but the school won out because KP was cheaper.
Actually, after researching restraint and seclusion for 17 years I have found that your figures are just about backward. Almost 99% of the deaths and injuries were caused by "trained" personnel.
If you want to see an example of pathetic parent, look no further than your friendly blog owner.
He is the only parent of a child with autism or any other disability that has ever referred to his child as "BRAIN DEAD" or a "VEGETABLE".

I am not going to toot my own horn here, but I can tell you that my wife and I have been actively involved in all of our kids' lives and in helping them and other people's kids.

Mr Wonderful said...

Have you actually read HR 4247 or are you saying it supports restraint and seclusion just because John says it does?
If you read the bill you will see that it doesn't "permit" restraints, or totally eliminate them, but it does limits them.
That is a start in the right direction.
Civil rights and racial equality weren't achieved with a single law. It took four amendments to the Constitution and a number of laws to get there.

Foresam said...

Just read the last couple of lines of this blogpost. The words "imminent danger" should leap out at you. Autistic kids who are out of control always pose imminent danger. Ergo, this bill does nothing to reduce restraints on them. Curing them is the only way to prevent them from being restrained.

Because I accepted the fact that mercury had made my son a "vegetable", he's not a "vegetable" now. Those who believe Ari Ne'eman will see their kids remain vegetables throughout their lives.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wonderful-By "limiting restraints" they are, in fact, still "permitting" them. A start would be not allowing them AT ALL.


Mr wonderful said...

Lisa, I asked John what alternatives there are to restraint and seclusion to handle situations until children are cured of autism/mercury poisoning.
Here is his reply.
"There aren't any. Autistic kids have to be restrained. That's why educators should support medical treatments for autism."
So much for zero tolerance on restraint.
Of course John doesn't have can't answer the question of what happens if chelation doesn't eliminate the dangerous behaviors.
And he can't explain why Angie Arndt died from a restraint for gurgling her milk, or why Zakhqurey Price was restrained and then arrested for assault when he tried to get out of the restraint.

Anonymous said...

If a hearing officer in the state of NJ could order your son into such an awful placement then God help the kids in NJ. But then again, a child from Bancroft was killed a few years back due to restraints and NJ didn't seem to care about that either. What a pathetic state.

Foresam said...

Perhaps the school that had Zak arrested should have employed large, powerful males who could have restrained him without hurting him. As to restraining a kid for gurgling her milk, we can chalk that up to one idiotic person with no common sense.

This bill won't prevent schools from hiring nitwits. In the meantime, autistic kids will have to be restrained for their own safety until we can cure them all. There's no way around that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you John. Knowing the damage that can be caused durring meltdown by the most mild of folks on the spectrum, restrining is a must untill all are cured.

When I ws just a little girl, only ten years old, I punched a hole through a wall! Imagine if I had been in school at the time! I explain over and over again, meltdowns can occur anytime, out of what seems to be nowhere, and they are dangerous! There is no reasoning with the kid at that point.

When we are in meltdown, we do not have any control! Restraint is absolutely vital, for the safety of the others in the room, and for the safety of the one in meltdown. Who can cause damage to themselves in a big way durring such times!

In my line of work, I've seen some of our lower fuctioning individuals put themselves into the hospital! And reports come across my desk all the time of those whom attack thier staff out of nowhere.

If we don't restrain them, are we just going to allow this violence to cause damage to someone else?

Darian (the toke pro-cure Aspie girl)