Monday, December 28, 2009

How to End Autism

I've been writing about the corruption within the autism community for four years. I've had enough.

Parents of autistic kids are just too damn stupid to ever solve the problem. The solution is here if anyone's interested. Good luck. Good bye.


Autism Reality NB said...


I think we agree on some things, some important things, and disagree on others. Your views are always your views untainted by any desire to appease.

I hope this does not mean you are leaving blogging for good. If you are ... the ND ideologues will be happy.

Harold Doherty

Foresam said...

There are only a few of us who oppose ND. I don't know why the vast majority of parents ignore it when Ari Ne'eman gets appointed to a national council. Allowing that to go unopposed is like saying it's OK to shoot autistic children.

I think I've already written all I have to say here. There's just no point to writing more.

jonathan said...

I opposed Ne'eman's appointment also. Unfortunately it is not on the radar of most persons. I have not been blogging as much either, but I hope some people stand up to the ND's and their propaganda regardless of whomever it is.

Good luck in whatever endeavors you decide to pursue.

Watching in Washington said...

John, for what it is worth, I have ALWAYS enjoyed your perspective. You might be obnoxious and extreme in the way you write, but in a weird way I think that is needed. Too many people temper their writings to please others and like Harold said, yours is unfettered. The fact that you have about twenty years of LIFE experience that the average parent who is dealing with autism does not have makes your perspective unique and valuable. I certainly have not always agreed with everything you have written but I have always given great weight to what you have to say for that reason alone.

I have been reading you now for a number of years; I found you about two years back and turned your blog upside down. I had read both ND blogs and biomed and pro-cure autism blogs and could honestly not understand ND and why someone would not want to cure autism. That essay earlier this year about vaccines, autism, ND and that timeline that Watson wrote was excellent. I had never before thought that neurodiversity might very well be an arm of Pharma or propaganda; you opened my eyes to that. I have no doubt that thousands of others read that essay and were given something to think about. I am certain you have helped more people than you realize; I hope you know that. At the very least you have, with this blog, reached out to others who have children living the same hell that Sam is and given them a way to help their children. You have done a tremendous service in that regards.

I too hope you do not stop blogging forever. I'm sure I'll see you around on the Autism-Mercury list, though (I joined a few months ago; I just don't post very often).

Foresam said...

Thanks, the thing parents can't see yet is that Kirby and Handley are also working for Pharma, not just ND.
Handley made a big deal out of bashing ND to make himself seem legitimate. Then, he hired a neuronitwit named Stagliano to make it seem that the ND's were real people. The sheep believe all of the nonsense that Handley fed them through Jenny M.

Until parents realize that Handley and Kirby are working with Pharma, Pharma will win. I wrote about it but I can't think for these parents. If they won't wake up, all of our kids will be murdered in institutions, at least the ones who we can't cure.

The author said...

You know John, you went so far toward the edge of extremity that you fell off the cliff of Sanity.

You I don't feel sorry for, but those who have associated with you, that is the real tragedy for them.

Kirby and Handley, Jenny McCarthy and Bob Wright, they continue to be my enemies, that you think they are the friends of neurodiversity (which does not exist any more than the Knights Templar) and big Pharma is a delusional belief of the first order, it just ain't so.

Ari's got his faults, Amanda has hers, and Michelle a few more, but they don't amount to a hill of beans in the bigger picture.

The 'neurodiversity' movement in the UK has been around longer than Kathleen Seidel and all your bogeys.

Your people stand as much to being accused as big Pharma shills as anyone else, and I am no friend of big Pharma and the mind poisoners.

I hope you manage to get yourself sorted out. See you in 2020 and lets see then in which direction the world has moved, there is a lot of autism out there, and if we think this is a US/UK Anzac thing only, well we need to consider what is happening in the rest of the world where our mutual disagreements have not even happened yet.

Good bye Dr FuManchu.

Socrates said...

AdiĆ³s Amigo,

It won't be the same without you. Do you fancy doing a guest post on Golf for the New Republic?

Foresam said...

As you learned from Kevin Leitch a couple of years ago, you're just a pawn in this whole propaganda scheme.

Leitch and Handley have always been working together. You're just too blind to see it.

Foresam said...

Nope, I'll answer comments but I'm done writing.

Clay said...

I hope you're done trolling too, Butthead!

Foresam said...

I educate people like you. However, not all nitwits are educable.

Roger Kulp said...

I'm sorry to see you go,if indeed you are,does this mean you're shutting down all your blogs?You are right about there being too few voices out there speaking up against the madness of neurodiversity.We need all of them we can get.

I have been considering starting my own blog,but recovery seems to be so difficult to keep a hold on.If I can get some better treatment,I will.

I had one of the flares of rheumatic heart disease,I get about twice a year,and as a result spent Christmas Day eloping and verbally stimming in the subzero wind chills.

Harold is right.If you shut down all of your blogs,the neuroinsanity bloggers will be crowing for months about what a great victory it is they are finally rid of you,and they will work even harder to shut the rest of us up.

Roger Kulp said...

Clay said...

I hope you're done trolling too, Butthead!

My point is proven already.

Do you have terminal cancer or something?

Clay said...

Even when I was 10, I was more intelligent than you are now. I kid you not.

Oh, and about Mitchell "opposing" Ne'eman's appointment, yeah, that's about like a snake on the highway "opposing" a Mack truck! You wouldn't even hear the "squish".

Foresam said...

No, I'm not shutting anything down. I just won't be writing anything new.

You're not as smart as my sand wedge.

jonathan said...

Clay: Obviously I was heard by Ne'eman and his cohorts. That is why he edited his essay changing the statement difference is not disability to difference becomes disability when it is not accommodated after I exposed Sullivan's BS on left brain, right brain, no brain about Ne'eman never having said autism is not a disability. That is why Sullivan made further attempts at damage control and quoted Ne'eman's essay but not as it originally stood. That is why Ne'eman made pathetic attempts to claim he never said autism or asperger's was a disability and then suddenly changed his mind.

True, it is not a supreme court appointment which would generate controversy and unfortunately the u.s. senate will most likely rubberstamp Ne'eman's appointment, but the facts are still there and the autism gadfly's post did elicit responses from all of them.

Of course you don't have the wit to answer any of my arguments with facts but have to stoop to insulting me and my mother and try to bring back Bettelheim, which I thought had ended.

Foresam said...

Did you know that Clay and Phil Gluyas were siamese twins? They each got half of the one brain they shared.

maggie said...

It's a shame that you let them beat you into submission. That is, afterall, their goal. I have honestly never read anything from the ND movement because it was obviously fake. Who would believe that brain damage is anything but sad.

I remember hearing you ask during some conference call something like "when will you stop poisoning the children?' Dead silence and no response because most people are not that blunt but we should be. The truth is scary. They ARE doing this on purpose. It was no accident.

Vaccies are bad for everybody all the time.

violinist said...

Don't put such a large burden on yourself. You have done a great job, keep it up. At times you have to "let go and let God" take care of things.

"It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them." - Deuteronomy 32:35

lurker said...

I think I'm going to miss you. I've considered you a source of encouragement and support during those times when I've felt distraught by the vile attitudes of the ND pushers. I'm not sure what kind of blogging I'll be doing in the near future, partly as I'm not sure yet of who I can convince and what I can steer them towards. I've tried to reason with the ND creeps many times, yet I now realize the futility of that in stopping the selfish ambitions of theirs. I'll keep trying to expose reality to their propaganda. I don't know how long it will be before they are defeated. I hope someday enough people stand up to their oppression and the pessimism they use.

Foresam said...

Thanks. Just remember that every word from ND is a carefully considered lie. It's not like having discussions with rational people. You can never make them see reality because it's their job to deny the truth.

I think the best way to beat them is to simply name them and write about their dishonesty individually. To ND, everything they write is an effort to deceive the public and harm disabled children, same as Age of Autism.

I'm still writing, just not blogging. I wrote enough here to fill several books so I'm going to try to turn it all into a book.

jonathan said...

I think the best way to beat them is to simply name them and write about their dishonesty individually. To ND, everything they write is an effort to deceive the public and harm disabled children, same as Age of Autism.

I have done just that with my latest blog post about Alex Plank. (shameless plug I know). Even if you are not blogging anymore, you might be interesting in giving one of your witty comments on my blog and help in outwitting Plank.

Anonymous said...

As a member of a large family with a number of people with ASD, I hope you never post again. Your thoughts and comments are despicable, and are truly painful for people who have or are dealing with family with ASD.

Anonymous said...


JediKnight2 said...

And I honestly think I've changed some ND members' reality on autism and Asperger's.

Foresam, anyone who believes you're evil is just a naive dimwit who doesn't think enough.

"I think the best way to beat them is to simply name them and write about their dishonesty individually."

What you said above is exactly what you have to do to get through their thick brains.

Foresam said...

Thanks. To ND, I'm evil because I exposed their dishonesty. We can conclude that anyone who claims I'm evil is a lying piece of dung.

Foresam said...

It looks like I rejected a long comment by someone named, I think, Darius or Darian? I must have hit the wrong button. Sorry for the mistake.