Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Temple Grandin and Alex Plank, Lying Scumbags

autism reality from Alex Plank on Vimeo.

This video shows the essence of the lie that is being touted about autism. Temple Grandin is about as autistic as my eight iron. This money grubbing liar is making herself rich pretending to have autism.

Let's look at what autism is. Autism is a completely mangled brain that is incapable of any functioning on a level that anyone would equate with the human race. People with autism are a complete and utter wreck in every way you can imagine. They eat their own feces and smear it all over the house. They scream in pain all day long. They bite themselves, bash their heads through walls and into cement. They punch themselves in the head, tear pieces of skin off their faces, run into traffic, through glass doors and into walls. They will climb out of high altitude windows with no concern for the danger. They chew on electric cords, destroy curtains, blinds and window shades, slam doors hard enough to shatter the glass, will try to eat anything, bugs, rocks, golf clubs, etc., shred their clothes, open car doors and try to jump out and have to be watched every second that they are awake. Lots of them never sleep at all.

Autistic people never learn to use a toilet, never learn to speak, or type, or use sign language, or communicate in any way besides screaming their heads off for no apparent reason. They do not understand any language. Sometimes they won't eat for days or weeks. They will spin themselves in circles for literally hours without stopping. They will spin the propellers on toy helicopters for hours when they get tired of spinning themselves. They never learn to drive, never learn anything at all in school, never have sex and are complete vegetables their entire lives.

No autistic person is remotely similar to Temple Grandin or Alex Plank. These lying profiteers are both making a living off pretending to be autistic. In Planks own words in this video, the little bastard states that he was diagnosed with Asperger's at age nine. Asperger's bears no resemblance to autism yet this lying bastard refers to himself as autistic so he can profit from mocking the horror that autistic people endure.

Temple Grandin is a PhD. That in itself tells us that she is not remotely similar to anyone with autism who spins in circles all day long and smears feces all over themselves. This old broad drones on and on about what autism is like for her and she doesn't even have it. Many naive people bought her nonsense because she has been around for awhile fooling the public. Naive parents probably believe their feces smearing kids have a chance to grow up to be just like her.

This despicable bitch continues to support the lie that autism is genetic. There is a genetic element to autism, the presence of the APO-E4 protein which means that those who have it can not excrete any mercury, the cause of all autism. Mercury kills brain cells and prevents methylation. That means that a person who can not transform B-12 into methyl B-12 does not have the ability to pay attention to anything. An inability to pay attention to anything is a perfect description of autism. Temple Grandin and Alex Plank do not have that problem.

Temple Grandin should stop lying to the general public by misrepresenting the true horror of autism. If this old broad has any morals, she'll use her status as a celebrity speaker and start telling the truth, that autism is a nightmare that can be cured with chelation. If she hasn't heard about chelation, I'd be happy to educate this lying bitch so she might stop abusing autistic children with her bullshit.

Grandin also needs to learn that "Autism" is not a spectrum. "Autism" is the bottom rung on the "Autistic Spectrum". Autism is much different than PDD/NOS, Asperger's and ADD. One would think a PhD could appreciate the differences between these simple words. To refer to everything on the spectrum as "autism" does a severe disservice to people who have "autism". I wonder if this PhD can figure that out.


Anonymous said...

I am constantly sickened by the adults who claim to be autistic and then proceed to go out on their money making scheme tours. John Elder Robinson is another one. These people are misfits of society who have found a way to profit off of ignorant parents who buy into their fraud.


Fielding J. Hurst said...

"Asperger's bears no resemblance to autism" - I don't think this is really a true statement. There are a lot of overlaps.

Fielding J. Hurst said...

"Autism is much different than PDD/NOS"

I don't think this is accurate. My daughter is borderline. One day, I would agree with our official diagnosis that she is PDD-NOS. Other days, she seems more full blown autism.

Foresam said...

Wrong Fielding, there are no overlaps. Autistic children are brain dead zombies who never learn anything. As you know, people higher up on the spectrum are not brain dead zombies.

Jake Crosby said...

"That means that a person who can not transform B-12 into methyl B-12 does not have the ability to pay attention to anything."

You've just described myself, before getting methyl b-12 shots!

Caiseal Mór said...

I am an autistic person in my late forties. I was diagnosed at seven as a savant. I used to smear my own excrement etc. - all the classic signs. But as I got older I changed. I have now written many books and compose music for films- though I rarely mention my autism. I'm not aspergers. I'm savant. Which means I can learn a language in a few weeks. However, I have trouble with "normal" stuff.
I've had to accept a lot of prejudice from people like you throughout my life...including family. It gives me great hope to know that prejudice, like yours, comes from ignorance. And the beautiful thing is that ignorance can be cured.

Caiseal Mór said...

I am an autistic person in my late forties. I was diagnosed at age seven as an autistic ( or idiot ) savant. This diagnosis was rare in the sixties. I smeared excrement and did all that stuff until I got older. I changed. That's life.
I can learn any language I put my mind to in a matter of weeks. I can play any musical instrument I pick up and have written seventeen books. I compose film music for the film industry.
I've had to accept prejudice from people like you all my life...including from family. It's your prejudice that makes your silly diatribe so wrong. In my experience Prejudice is caused by ignorance. But ignorance can be cured.
I don't expect you to be honest enough to publish this.

Foresam said...

Let's see you learn my language.
Here's the link:
Get back in touch when you can read the charts and I'll see how much of a savant you are.

Autism can be cured, pal. What you have ain't the same autism that scrambles childrens' brains.

Now, come back and prove you're what you claim to be.

Anonymous said...

This video is the biggest pile of crap I have smelled in a long time.

I like to bite my nails occasionally, therefore, I must be autistic!!!!!!!!!

Is every idiosyncrasy autism?

As one with family members with Asperger's I can testify that they are non-spiritual, (shamans indeed!) They are not all geniuses and often have barely normal IQs.

Van Gogh was bipolar, not autistic. Einstein had a personality according to the who knew him, so he was not definitely autistic.

When is this fetishistic crap going to stop?

Alex Plonker has nothing wrong with him. Temple Grandin is definitely asperger's and at least she contributes something to the world.

When will this madness stop?


Foresam said...

If Grandin was really a genuis with animals, she'd talk to thoroughbreds and make millions at the track. I think she's just a screwball.

Anonymous said...

The Amanda Baggs Controversy page is no longer online. Does anyone know why? Did she get her henchmen on the case so everyone can continue to be lied to about her past as a normal person?


Foresam said...

I don't know what happened but I copied it from the cache and put it on my Autism Fraud blog.

Brandonsrecovery said...

"Asperger's bears no resemblance to autism"

I honestly think that the difference is that the people with Asperger's are primarily mercury toxic and the people with autism are very toxic in both mercury and aluminum.

If you look at the speech areas of the brain and research them, this is apparent. They are Broca's area and Wernicke's area. Broca's aphasia is a spot of the brain affected by aluminum (frontal lobe) and affects expressive language - you can find info on this by researching dialysis patients and the changes in the frontal lobe of Alzheimer's patients.

Wernicke's area is highly affected by mercury. This area is where a person does their comprehension of speech, auditory processing, etc. - more of a receptive language area. Just search "Wernicke's area mercury".

Read the small print on the bottom of the first page here:

"During recovery, global aphasia evolves to Broca's Aphasia."
(Neurology in Clinical Practice, Bradley 2004) I am guessing as a "survival mechanism" other words, the person though unable to speak is at least able to understand to some extent.

I think this is why people say kids with autism will improve without any treatment, which is true to an extent but it is not healing improvement, it is just compensation.

For any chance of true healing, the metals have to come out, period.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Alex has the capacity to create and produce videos that are meaningful and unoriginal. They are just too concrete and way naive.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your post. As a single father of a 13 year old 'severely' autistic child I believe people with aspergers et al shouldn't even be in the ASD spectrum. All the stories in the media about these exceptional 'autistic' individuals ie: Temple, the boy who joined his basketball team then went on to meet George Bush, etc. are not really autistic in the way my son is. We all like to believe in the miracles because we don't want to face the realities. I've met so many people who think my son is Rain Man. Classic autism is my son, the hitting, the screaming, the harsh reality of any disability. I am fed up of the hollywood version of my son's condition. Some parents are in denial and need the movie versions of this horrible infliction. It sucks when you realize the reality, but that's life. I wish more people told the truth about what autism really is and then maybe we'd get more help from the government (especially here in Canada). I don't mean to be a bummer, but it's time to tell the truth.


Anonymous said...

OMG you are so right! I thought I was the only one who noticed this scam. Temple is not autistic. I saw her at a conference years ago and sat with her mom. Temple has mental problems, but she's not autistic. Autism is a developmental disorder. Temple, and Donna Williams and people like Ari Ne'emen are mental cases, not autism cases. It is truly unreal how ignorant and gullible the media and general public is about REAL TRUE autism. You Tube has excellent videos of REAL autism under autism and seizure and autism and self injury. Also, saw a video on YT titled autism spectrum seems out of control that was right on. You tell it brother! Speak the truth. This has to be exposed.

My Son's Mom said...

My son is severely autistic and doesn't do many of the things you listed. I don't think you can really draw a definite line and say if you don't have ALL these problems, you aren't really autistic. For example, the drs said my severely autistic son would never potty-train. We finally potty-trained him by age EIGHT. One of the proudest times of my life!

I do believe you are right though and that the "spectrum" has become a catch-all watering down the REAL effort that SHOULD be happening - the finding of a cure!

Just discovered your blog and I am enjoying it very much even if I don't agree with every word. Thank you for making me think. I like to read things that challenge me and my research and experience with my son's autism, because it might give me a fresh perspective on something!