Friday, November 27, 2009

Parents of Autistic Kids are Absolute Morons

I've been writing about how JB Handley, David Kirby, Kim Stagliano and Wendy Fournier have been lying to parents of autistic children for awhile now. Some people call me names. Others are stupid enough to argue with me but always run away and hide when I shut them up. They always end the discussion by hurling some insult at me. Evidently, they just don't want to believe that an asshole like JB Handley is really playing a con game on all of them.

It's quite clear that JB Handley and his big mouth has no guts at all when it comes to answering my criticism of him. Nope, Handley is too much of sissy to face down anything I've said about him. I suppose he thinks that if he just ignores it, I'll go away. The same applies to other liars like Kirby, Stagliano and Fournier.

Handley is good at criticizing his co-conspirators like David Gorski, Paul Offit and other obvious scumbags. Those of us with triple digit IQ's aren't fooled by this nonsense though. Handley fooled all of us for awhile while he said the right things. I suppose he gained enough trust and respect from us that he thought he could fool all of us when he decided to change his agenda and sell us out.

Only a moron would enlist the services of Jenny McCarthy to speak on our behalf. For all of the publicity that she garnered, all it did for us was to make us look like wackos having a Playboy bunny as our spokesperson. This could not have escaped Handley. He had to know that David Gorski would write all sorts of garbage showing McCarthy's soft porn videos and that a bunch of other bloggers would deride her all over the internet. I especially liked one video of her where she was giving a blow job to some guy in a squirrel costume. That really makes us look good in the eyes of the public.

Handley pulled the same thing that Frank Klein pulled the way Frank slithered away quietly after he set the propaganda machine of Neurodiversity in progress. Klein showed up and taught all of the apparent mental cases from Neurodiversity what words to use to disrupt people from stopping the autism epidemic and curing the victims. Handley used a more sinister tactic to disrupt us and prevent us from ending the epidemic.

Handley published his bogus phone survey and then started veering away from the truth about how mercury had caused all of the autism. He now leads the deception by going on TV and ranting about too many vaccines being the cause while he conveniently omits mentioning mercury. He puts a pretty good sneer on his face too while he does this to make people think he's truly angry about it. Stupid parents who can't see through this ruse believe him. The same parents who knew beyond the slightest doubt that mercury had harmed their children now support this bastard who says that mercury did not cause the problem. He says mercury did not cause the autism every time he blames "too many vaccines" without mentioning mercury. Even parents who cured their kids by removing the mercury still support this lying bastard while he sells out all of us on national TV. Parents who cured their kids with chelation know that vaccines without mercury did not hurt their kids one little bit.

Parents who now read the reports of women miscarrying right after they receive flu shots with mercury know that the mercury murdered the fetus. They have known this all along yet they still won't allow themselves to believe how Handley, Kirby et al. have misrepresented them.

Handley loves to bash people on the Age of Autism blog who can't do anything about solving the problem. He knows that the only people who can solve the problem is the public. He knows that public opinion can grow into a force that the politicians can not ignore and that's why he concentrates his efforts on riling up his followers to waste their time talking to each other within the autism community. He will not support efforts to inform the general public about this crime. He will not support efforts to have liars from Neurodiversity locked up for the fraud they commit everyday. That fraud infects public opinion negatively and that's just what Handley wants.

When I once asked Handley for his support in making a public outcry about a corrupt judge who refused to allow autism experts to testify about autism, Handley wrote back to me and pretended he didn't know what I was talking about. Nobody could truly be that stupid. When I asked Handley to do something about Kim Stagliano allowing Neurodiversity to smear my reputation on the Age of Autism blog, he tried to tell me he had nothing to do with Age of Autism. Kim removed one comment that smeared me a few weeks after the fact so that nobody saw it but refused to allow me to defend myself from the lies that she printed about me. She allowed other dishonest comments from Neurodiversity to stand. The telling part of that mess though, was the fact that I was presenting the truth about Amanda Baggs being a fraud, something else I'm now sure Handley did not want anyone to know. Maybe that's why, after about a year of being told by Spectrum Magazine that they would publish the truth about Baggs' fraud, that they finally made up a lame excuse to back down from publishing it. They succeeded in wasting the time of those of us who put all of this information together which helped Pharma to continue their propaganda against all of us. Amanda Baggs' fraud is a great story and it should be published someplace where every autism parent can see it. The fact that these people interferred with that tells us they are dishonest. They do not want everyone to know the truth.

So, we can see that the corruption goes beyond Age of Autism. The case of Amanda Baggs' fraud is clearcut. The proof, via all sorts of internet posts in her own words and witnesses from when she was a normal college student is undeniable. The proof that Baggs is a fraud shows all of the Neurodiversity bloggers to be frauds as well. They knew she was a fake. Handley and Stagliano knew she was a fake. Spectrum Magazine knew she was a fake but none of them would say one word about it. This can only be because they wanted to keep the propaganda going to prevent us from stopping the autism epidemic.

Nobody will say anything about the facts that I've been pointing out regarding Handley, Kirby, Stagliano and Fournier. One would think they would try to refute what I say. They can't do that so they have to keep their mouths shut and hope I'll go away.

If anyone wants to beat the government and stop the poisoning of our children, you have to take grassroots actions to inform the public. You have to put signs on your lawns, pass out leaflets at supermarkets, run for public office, give speeches at your state capitols, file charges against state officials who refuse to authorize chelation for autistic children, introduce bills calling for the dissemination of the facts we know about how mercury causes autism and how to remove it, write about the corruption of behavioral therapists who oppose the truth about mercury and will all lose their jobs if we cure our children and wake up to liars like JB Handley and Kirby who are now lying about the fact that mercury causes autism.

When Handley calls for a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study now, he does not mention including children of women who had the flu shot while pregnant. He knows that this will skew the results so that they make no sense and will show that lots of kids who aren't vaccinated will have autism due to the mother's flu shot. The study won't bother showing that though and the public, as well as all of the stupid parents who follow Hnadley and Kirby will have been fooled.

I doubt any of these stupid parents will wake up and see the truth. I'll just keep writing it though. I see the truth.

Do you know what any honest person would say about autism? They would tell you it is caused by mercury. They would tell you to have a hair test for deranged mineral transport, a genetic test to rule out fragile X and Rhetts syndrome, a test to see which version of the APO protein a child had and they would tell you that Andy Cutler is the most knowledgeable person on the planet when it comes to curing autism.
They would direct you to the Autism Mercury group where you can learn how to cure autism and would not ask you to pin your hopes for recovering your child on that stupid GF/CF diet. They would tell you to trust Andy Cutler to give you the right information. JB Handley, Kirby, Stagliano, Fournier and TACA do not tell you this. It's not a matter of differing opinions about autism. It's a matter of these bastards lying to you.


Foresam said...

The comments were deleted because I'm sick of anonymous comments. Sometimes, I'll publish an anonymous one, but not for long

Anon Anon said...

Okay. I thought it might have had something to do with the Amanda Baggs comment. But, obviously not.

She is such a fraud.

Foresam said...

Nope, I'm always happy to see that people know Baggs is a fraud. I'd be happier if they understood how people with Age of Autism have tried to keep that information bottled up.

Watching in Washington said...

Hey John,

What is your opinion on Andrew Wakefield and the whole MMR thing? I don't think you've ever written what you think about that. From what I understand, the MMR never had thimerosal. Was that just more distraction to pull the focus off mercury? I am really curious now.

I do agree that there are lies on both sides and that asking the government nicely isn't going to get anyone anywhere. It never has

Anonymous said...

I think this is a perfect example of the danger of Amanda Baggs and her fraud. Here we have a mom who has a very severely vaccine damaged child, which is obvious from many of her past posts, and she appears to be pinning her hopes on the fact that "Amanda Baggs has done so wonderfully" so therefore maybe her daughter really will too. What a shame. Is this mom pursuing serious biomedical treaments? She should not be falling for the scam that IS Baggs. Worse than that are the pathetic autism mommies who do nothing in their comments but sugar coat autism and convince her that "love" will see her through. I wonder why not one of them has told this mom what a scam Baggs is. I want to vomit when I see this level if denial. Baggs should rot in hell for her deception and what she is doing to vulnerable children and their parents.


Foresam said...

The MMR stuff was proposed in 1998, a year before we learned about thimerosal. I knew it didn't apply to my son since he was autistic before he got the MMR.

I believe that I heard Wakefield state that he never said it causes autism, only that it caused bowel disease. Correct me if I'm wrong.

As with all other vaccines before 1931 that never caused autism, I'd tend to put the MMR in the same category.

Now, you may want to get into defining what autism is and isn't. That's a whole different ballgame.

Watching in Washington said...

One more question; I do not read Spectrum Magazine so I don't know what kind of articles they publish, but how do you know for certain that they were going to do an article about Baggs' fraud?

Just curious.

Foresam said...

Because I talked to the guy who was going to write it.

Foresam said...

Here's the first contact I had with Dave Gerardi in June of 2008 from Spectrum Magazine. Notice that the disclaimer at the bottom states that I can't publish this with Spectrum's consent. So, as long as they don't consent to it, I can publish it.

Mr. John Best,
Spectrum Magazine, a national publication for families of individuals
with autism, is doing some background research on a possible story
about Amanda Baggs. We came across your site in the course of this
research. One issue that we're trying to resolve is this issue of
whether or not she represents a LFA and/or whether or not her
condition 'regressed'. If you have any contacts that could speak to
these issues, I'd be very interested in discussing the matter with them.

Please feel free to email or call me next week. Or, if you prefer,
leave a time and number where I may call you.

Thanks and have a great weekend,

Dave Gerardi, deputy editor
Spectrum Publications
100 W. Nicholai St.
Hicksville, NY 11801
516-933-4050 x20

No part of this email may be published with the express consent of
Spectrum Publications.

Foresam said...

Then Chris Italia wrote a column
that was pure bullshit because Spectrum never bothered to check back with me, the original source for the story. Chris' column here is not about me. It was about someone else who wanted to assume the task of putting all of this information together.
All these people had to do was check with me and I could have given them all sorts of emails from the sources they claim wouldn't go on record. They never bothered to ask me.

Foresam said...

The link wouldn't print here so I hyperlinked it on the blogpost.

Watching in Washington said...

Thanks for your input.

I've been reading AoA for over a year and one thing that does strike me odd about them was that they rarely mention chelation, which is without a doubt the most controversial biomed intervention on all the different ND blogs, or when they do there are very few comments on it. I have also never seen an article about APO proteins on there that you have brought up. That and they are so all-over-the-place that it does make you wonder. I did have my child's ABA therapist's supervisor admit to me that he has seen chelation help kids before the other day. So why is this not brought up on AoA?

I have often thought that there has to be some kind of common thread in all these kids.

I don't know that all parents of autistic children are being morons, I just think some of them might be so shellshocked that they have lost their critical thinking skills to be able to sort out the bullshit on both sides.

I hope that makes sense.

Foresam said...

I don't think most parents are morons either but, by using that title, some more people might read to see why I said that.

sophie said...

"Andy Cutler is the most knowledgeable person on the planet when it comes to curing autism"
You have GOT to be kidding, yet knowing what I know about you, I know you are not. I suppose it's all a big cover up that he isn't winning some kind of Nobel Prize for "curing autism"?

You'd think SOME one anywhere would nominate him for that, or perhaps mention him in a mainstream paper or two, or at very least he'd be a household name, maybe on a plaque or calendar or something.
Yet, nothing. Most people have never heard of him. Certainly not as the 'most knowledgeable person on the planet when it comes to curing autism'

I get that you like the thimerosal causal idea, and ALA to fix it all. What if someone is autistic without being exposed to thimerosal?
Like you knew Sam was autistic very early, I knew my son was too. I expected it and if you remember correctly, I'm almost as smart as you. It's not that hard to figure out.
Autistic, Before any thimerosal..

So Why be so rigid about this? Can't you imagine some other causes? Other helpful treatments? Just thimerosal, and Andy Cutler? That's it?

I don't think you are a complete fool, John, but it's foolish to ignore any other causes of autism, and other types of proven -to- help treatments. Not just foolish, but wrong.

Foresam said...

The propaganda wizards who you support don't want anyone to know the truth about how mercury causes autism. If they told everyone about Dr Cutler, that knowledge be become common knowledge, something they and you don't want.

You can find mercury from many sources.

I'm rigid about mercury as the only cause of autism because it's the truth. Nobody has ever shown that anything else causes autism. Nobody has ever shown that anything else besides chelation can cure it.

Treatments that merely help some higher functioning people are not cures for mercury poisoning. The people who make their living providing those bogus treatments don't want to see their income vanish by curing these kids. They're just as dishonest as the politicians who are bribed to allow the poisoning of children to continue.

sophie said...

The propaganda wizards who you support don't want anyone to know the truth about how mercury causes autism. If they told everyone about Dr Cutler, that knowledge be become common knowledge, something they and you don't want"

It's not hard to google Cutler, and/or 'curing autism' and come up with all the not-hidden- away information about him, and all the other fantastic claims about mercury and autism made in cyberland. So I don't think the 'truth' is being 'covered up' by anyone.

I have no doubt that there may some autistic people who also have mercury or lead poisoning, but I don't believe that autism and metal toxicity are synonymous.

At (very) least Cutler advises oral instead of IV chelation, and doesn't believe in challenge tests so that's a (very) small plus in his favor.

Foresam said...

Do you believe that fact?
I don't care if you believe the fact that autism is caused by mercury. A fact is a fact.

sophie said...

There's only 1 comment that I can see (besides your reply to it) that addresses the OT according to your title here-most comments are about A. Baggs, or Wakefield and the MMR.
Or mercury, which you mention more than once in the post. Hence my posts about it.

Now, you are the boss, seeing as it's your blog 'n all, and thanks for the explanation re the post removal, but I don't think I'm any more off topic than anyone else is.
signed Sophie,
the nonmoronic parent

Foresam said...

Amanda Baggs is on topic anywhere on this blog because she's the biggest fraud in the world of autism and one of the most despicable people on the planet.

I'll give you one thing least you're not stupid enough to follow David Kirby. I pity those parents.