Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kim Stagliano, Neurodiverse Nitwit

Here's an interesting piece about poetic justice that Kim Stagliano wrote in March of 2008. Someone linked to it on Facebook and I just saw it for the first time today.

You really have to laugh at Kim claiming to be in favor of seeking cures for autism here. Kim is one who likes to support Neurodiversity, the rabid, degenerate, sadistic scum of the Earth who abuse all autistic children with their dishonest rhetoric. Of course, Kim is right in it with them when she claims we need to seek cures that already exist. It's one of those little deceptions that Age of Autism is so good at.

Do you think we parents of kids with autism are loud and unruly now? Are you tired of us raising Cain about our kids' plight and seeking cures and treatments with a fervor that borders on obsession? Want us to please be quiet and just go away? Wait until we die, and leave you to care for our precious kids. It's coming. I can see the future. Kim Stagliano

Advising people to seek cures is the same as saying that there is no cure. We all know this is false since kids have been cured of autism starting in 2000. But, Kim makes it sound like she's gung ho to help these kids. That's not an easy thing to pull off when you're lying like a neurodiverse psychopath about the facts concerning a cure for autism. The only truthful thing Kim says here is that she's planning to leave her kids care to the state. Typical neurodiverse nitwit, just a different kind of lying than we're used to from Neurodiversity. It's a shame these girls have such a rotten mother who tries to make people believe she's on the side of helping autistic children while she stabs her own kids in the back by supporting Kristina Chew and her pack of child abusers.

If memory serves correctly, Kim wrote this shortly before two of her associates from Age of Autism, Olmsted and Kirby, went public in supporting Kathleen Seidel, Neurodiversity's top remaining propaganda expert, against Mark Geier. And, when I tried to question Olmsted about that, Kim sent me a quaint little reply about not wanting to mention Seidel.

Trusting Age of Autism is hazardous to autistic children. I hope the decent parents who have been conned by these scumbags will see the truth soon.


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Foresam said...

Thank you, there are many corrupt people like Mrs Stagliano in our midst. They have fooled people for a number of years so it will take time for the victims to see how they've been conned.

Anonymous said...

Looking at her blog today I see she is now in bed with Autism Speaks and the uselss people who run it. Really, can you say spinning their wheels-- which they will all still be doing twenty years from now.

-they are all about promotion

Anonymous said...

You should do an entire post on the dirtbag that is Peter Bell of Autism Speaks. Collects thousands in a salary, makes sure to tell people to donate all sorts of money for Autism Speaks and all for what? What an A-hole.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to provide the link to her blog. "Tell the Congressman how autism has affected you and your family. " Oh please...another uselss sit down of pissing in the wind. And what will Peter Bell say? Well, it's so difficult on a salary of $240,000, which is made off the backs of ignorant parents, to make ends meet with autism. What a complete farce. How can she even be in the same room with people like this and not get sick from the fake atmosphere?