Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New England Center for Children, Autistic Abusing Maggots

I see that people from NECC are looking at this. When are you assholes going to stop abusing autistic children and start giving them the medical treatment they need to remove the mercury from their brains? Do any of you pieces of shit have the brains to answer that?

Here's a nice appraisal of the New England Center for Children (NECC), from a recent comment on a post I wrote early in 2008. NECC is typical of all institutions that house autistic people, drug them, beat them, shock them, subdue them any way they can until they can give them the knockout pills to make them sleep at night. Then do the same thing every day for the rest of their lives, never bothering to consider any medical treatment that we now know can help give them their lives back.

The reason that this insanity persists is because people who are aware of it refuse to take any positive action to pressure these profiteers into updating their knowledge and implementing new treatments. Pressure can be brought to bear on these autistic abusing "caregivers". If anyone is interested in doing so, please email me at . If a fair number of people decide to become involved, we can break this perpetuation of abusing autistic people for a lifetime and we can force them to give them decent treatment.

Anonymous said...
One of the best descriptions of NECC that I have ever seen. What a hell hole:

I have to pipe in about NECC as well.

From what I've seen over the past four years as a resident of Massachusetts with two effected children, NECC seems to be the enemy. It seems to be the kind of place where some families can feel they're having a benign, even helpful experience while horror is going on just down the hall. The use of drugs, restraint and food reinforcements known to be toxic to our kids is part of it, but it's also the fact that NECC emits a distinctly malevolent "political" and ideological influence on autism services in the state. Here's a sample of NECC's research newsletter entries:

Note the number of anti-biomed/vaccines-really-really-don't-cause-autism articles, and the one I particularly like for it's "sophisticated ironic play" on David Kirby's book, an entry entitled "Evidence of Harm"-- to describe the child who died from chelation. This is not the publication of an open minded, non-politicized organization that will ever change its mind or its tact on cause and treatment of autism. Stick a fork in NECC, they're cooked and the world would be better off without it.

We've had to fire more than one private ABA therapist because the anti-biomed brainwashing they received at NECC made them literally dangerous to our kids. In one situation, the BCBA deliberately wore clothes soaked in fabric softener to follow up her written protest against our request that therapists not wear strong perfume because of our kids' serious reactions to synthetics. One therapist received such a scary brow beating from the NECC-trained director of the service over our children's biomedical issues (the director was yelling that our kids "have no medical issues") that she had to quit and decided to return to school so she could get out of ABA altogether.

Though I've met parents who have their children at the school who opt out of drug treatment, NECC pushes and prescribes antipsychotics and other drugs routinely. And when the children don't improve from the Skittles reinforcements and Risperdal regimen, the center has referred the failures to the Judge Rotenberg "shock" Center (page 3 of JRC's own "executive summary" on some of NECC's referrals: ; then go to page 7 for details of NECC students being drugged and restrained up to 70 times per week ).

JRC is the repository for children so drug damaged that they'd die if they took another pill but who's behavior has become so problematic that no other institution will take them. I view places like NECC as a kind of "feeding tube" for places like JRC, both because NECC exerts its considerable influence in preventing further research on environmental cause and because of its practices. So much for NECC's "positives only" philosophy if they drug and restrain to this degree and if the end result is landing at JRC. Positives only is a mischaracterization.

NECC is funded in part by Dunkin' Donuts, so I seriously doubt they'll ever change their credo on GF/CF and biomed. I would run steer clear of anything that NECC was intrinsically involved in. I don't particularly care how "great" they are at providing ABA (and I question this because of little things like the fact the school would rely on antipsychotics and would *RESTRAIN A CHILD UP TO 70 TIMES A WEEK BEFORE IT WOULD EVER TRY GF/CF*-- sheesh)considering the other drawbacks in their philosopy and approach.

Posted by: Mass protest November 24, 2009 at 12:25 PM

This post has been up for a few days now and, as usual, not one person wants to take any action to put an end to this abuse of our children. I'd love to grab a machine gun and go down to NECC and force them to treat our kids decently but I'd probably be killed by a SWAT team in the process. So, as always, the only option to solving this crime being perpetrated against our children is to ask people who read about these atrocities to respond and help gather a mob of righteously angry citizens to plot out a course of action to solve the problem. Anyone reading this who will not take this simple action is giving tacit approval to this abusive treatment of poisoned children and adults.

Since JB Handley, David Kirby, Kim Stagliano, Wendy Fournier and all of the other imbeciles who consider themselves autism activists will not say one word about this or engage in positive action to resolve the problem, we can be certain that all of those people are useless pices of dung who will never do one thing to end this nightmare. But, they will keep their mouths yapping to make people think they are doing something useful by bitching amongst themselves and emailing Congress so Congress can delete their messages and ignore them.

Once again, I register my disgust with parents of autistic children who have no guts.


Watching in Washington said...

Things must be really different on the East Coast than they are out here in the West. Granted things are not really that great ANYWHERE, but I have never had the experience with our private ABA therapist that the anon commenter had. I don't know what our child's therapist thinks about biomed, but he has always been respectful of our wishes that our child not be given anything that is off the diet regimen and his supervisor flat out admitted to me about a week ago during a visit that he has seen chelation work.

This blogger here

has a child who is in the NECC. I remember awhile back I found her blog and was horrified to read about how this child attacks her mother. She was doing better for awhile but now it is looking like they are having to start restraining her. So sad. God, my heart breaks for all these kids who are living with this; it really does. And that people care more about political bullshit than they do about REALLY improving their lives.

Am I the only person who can see just how unhealthy these children always seem to look compared to the biomed children? The allergic shiners, the weird rashes they often have around their mouths in photographs; is everyone else just plain blind? That isn't genetics people, that's a medically sick kid.

Anonymous said...

Here's their board too. Full of dirty pigs turning a blind eye to vaccine damage. You have to scratch your head at the Dunkin' Donuts connection and the fat shit representing them. Is that meant to further rub parents' faces in "we believe in no biomed at NECC?" SCUMBAGS!

Foresam said...

Behaviorists who I've encountered, which includes all teachers, are basically braindead.
None want to learn the facts about autism being mercury poisoning. They think they know it all, so they persist with their ignorance in spite of attempts to reach them. Plus, they'd all lose their jobs if we cured all of the kids with autism.

Anonymous said...

Watching in Washington-you are correct. No where except in Mass. do you find the kind of hacks and dirty politics going on in the ABA field and NECC is the leader of the pack (The May Institute is not far off) by completely controlling the kids 100% right down to their diet and the beliefs the parents may be permitted to have. It's like communist Russia in that place. NECC must be so insecure to feel they have to exhibit mind control over the kids and their parents. It is a truly, truly pathetic place.

Regarding Holly Collins that you mention (Fearless Folks), she dumped her daughter in NECC residential and the child is like a wild animal, but mom needs a break to lay her lazy ass around all day so NECC can do whatever they want including restraints and drugging. Guess who she looks up to? Susan Senator.

Mass. is made up of a lot of morons, trust me.

-An Insider

Foresam said...

Mass keeps electing Barney Frank, a known child rapist, so what can you expect politically?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Vinnie Strully doesn't have Barney Frank on his Board Of Directors. I'm sure it's not far off.

Vinnie Strully has, what his staff calls, "short man syndrome." Insecure and a true ASS from what I am told. All the therapists get their Master's and get the hell out. I have NEVER heard one of them say a good thing about that place once they leave and I have met many coming out of there.

Watching in Washington said...

I think there are some teachers who actually do care about these kids and will at least admit that they do not know everything. I did have to give my child's new school a bit of an education on special diets and why my child CAN NOT have an infraction and MUST eat separate from the other kids as she does not understand cause and effect yet (i.e., if I eat this forbidden food, I suffer later). They did come around and take me seriously after about a week when I called them and told them I did NOT want to clean poop off the carpet again (my kid completely loses the ability to use the toilet with dietary infractions and starts smearing poop).

Some teachers care but are simply ignorant, others are like you said, don't really give a shit and would rather keep these kids miserable so that they have a job and wouldn't learn anything useful about autism, diets, chelation, what-have-you if you smacked them with a clue-by-four. From looking at NECC's website, they are the latter. Shame on them.

Do the Pharma companies give money to these residential facilities? Where do they get most of their funding (besides Dunkin Donuts)? That would be interesting to look at as their website reads like the average ND site.

Brandonsrecovery said...

Here's our wonderful state, Watching in Washington

Watching in Washington said...


I more meant that I had never run into any problems with the ABA providers in this state being militantly anti-biomed like some people I've talked to on the East Coast have.

Don't get me started on DSHS in this part of the country; they *DO* suck.

Anonymous said...

Smart parents in Mass. DON'T send their kids to NECC. Parents who want to dump their kids and let themselves be brainwashed by the cult of NECC and their vaccination stance love the place. Many are wise to this place and what it is and other parents just don't give a shit and will look the other way as long as they take their kid.

And if Vinnie Strully is reading this post (good!) here's a message for him and what he doesn't do for autistic kids (helping them recover through biomedical means):



Anonymous said...

Watching in Washington---I too have read the Fearless Folks blog and it appears the child has only gotten worse since being placed in NECC residential. Here's the latest:

Doing a great job there NECC! The girl is now shattering glasses and the mother seems to have no clue what to do with this child. Not only that, the mother herself writes in her own comments that she now is thinking about medicating her (no doubt being pushed by NECC to do so). Not one word from this mother about biomed or chelation. All she appears to be interested in doing is filling the kid with junk food when she comes home and I am sure NECC stuffs her full of it day and night. The ignorance will never end it seems.

--Sickened by places like NECC.

Watching in Washington said...

Anonymous, I just saw that a few days ago. Yeah, doesn't look like behavior modification has helped her much. And I suppose if medication doesn't help off she will go to that awful shock center (God that makes me sick just to type that).

I really do not understand the fear of chelation. I think at THAT point, if I were living in fear of my own child, I would certainly be willing to look into it. One thing I have noticed from reading different blogs is that people automatically think "IV chelation" when they think of chelation. They do not realize you can do it yourself at home using DMSA and ALA.

John, I am beginning to wonder if you are partly right about AoA; how the heck can people who read there every day not realize that there is such a thing as oral chelation, only IV? Makes you wonder. I thought most everyone out there knew that there were different kinds.

Anonymous said...

More horrible intervention at NECC. When will this mom (and NECC) ever realize they will never get her behaviors under control as long as they keep shooting her up with vaccines?? Maddening.

"The plain and ugly truth
Thursday, March 11, 2010 8:24 | Filled in Behavioral issues, Residential school1 Comment »I had trouble writing this post because it’s just tough to do.

I’ve mentioned this before, the plain and ugly truth, that Meghan has to have ‘Holds” at school. Holds are necessary for her safety and the safety of the other classmates when redirecting isn’t successful. (In case you don’t know, a hold is when they drop Meghan to the ground and hold her arms and legs until she calms down—anywhere from 3-10 minutes on average.)

I get weekly updates via a phone call from her assigned house teacher (who I love) and I get to hear if she had a perfect week or a Hold. And since she has come home with only ONE “perfect week” award (and that “one” we’ve posted on the fridge), then we can all conclude that she gets at least one hold per week. Not rocket science here, now is it? Ugh!

This past Thursday I was told that her teachers had to get special permission to give Meghan a hold in the van (their bus to and from school) since they can’t put her on the ground, they hold out her hands and legs and block the other kids. (STING). Again, this was necessary for the safety of the other kids, so I understand this, but it still stings.

I also understand that even though it’s their job, it has got to be tough with what these teachers have to deal with—getting attacked by the kids and keeping everyone safe. But if there is any sort of comfort for me, it’s knowing how organized and systematic the process is in making sure everyone stays safe. Kind of strange to identify that there is a comfort in this whole ugly truth. Am I a denial mommy??

But it’s tough to hear that she doesn’t have perfect weeks—obviously! But I already knew this, didn’t I? I can’t pretend that all is good just because she has a crew of skilled teachers around her at all times and that I don’t see her most of the time.

But it doesn’t stop me from asking the teacher when she does call: “how’s Meghan” and she knows this is one of the reasons why I ask—any Holds? But she always tells me that she was okay after the Hold and smiling or laughing or playing silly games… so it becomes less tough to take the news.

It’s just interesting how Meghan still has meltdowns to the point of needing a Hold. I foolishly thought that after the first Hold she would realize that they mean business. I thought that Meghan would get a rude-like awakening and realize that she (a 14 year old girl) was not the rule maker and it would be the end of Holds.

Foolish on my part, I guess, perhaps I’m just a dreamer.

But then I start thinking that maybe Meghan can’t control her meltdowns and a hold is just cruel and unusual punishment for her. But then I think I’m just trying to make myself crazy as a mother has a tendency to do.

I don’t know. I can’t control Meghan and that’s what makes it so tough."

Foresam said...

I left a comment for her. She'll probably delete it.

My son used to be placed in holds every day to keep him from biting himself. He bit a few teachers in the process. He also used to bash his head through walls.

He’s 13 now and he doesn’t do those things anymore. Nobody ever has to place him in holds. I solved the problem by removing the mercury from his brain with chelation, something the salesmen at NECC tell you won’t work. They lie to you about this because they would have no income if we chelated all of our children so they wouldn’t have to live in such horrible places.

I worked in one of these asylums. They’re all the same. When the kids have meltdowns, people tackle them and sit on their backs until they calm down. Then they give them seroquel or some other horrible anti-psychotic that eats their livers. All of this can be avoided by removing the mercury that caused the autism.

Please stop listening to the liars from NECC. They have killed other children in that place.

Anonymous said...

Here is the sad fact about NECC. They threaten parents all the time and tell them if they dare implement any biomedical or chelation the child will be kicked out. They even require parents to sign documents now stating they will NOT implement these treatments. Parents are stupid enough to sign since they are lazy and desperately want someone to babysity their kid 24/7. Parents like this one are just one of many gullible parents at NECC. Additionally, NECC pretty much just takes complete ownership of the child if they are in their residential unit like this particular child. They do whatever the hell they want and the parent has no say. There are lots of these dumb ass parents out there sadly and Strully takes advantage of that. The place is abusive IMO but parents there just don't seem to care. The kids are the real victims.

Anonymous said...

Of course she won't publish any comments asking her why the she allows this place to do what they do to her child but she sure is interested in the comments suggesting drugging her child. Dumb ASS mom. She wrote a post when the kid entered NECC about how Meghan needed all her shots and the mom was happy to get them so she could get her out of the house and into NECC. Surprised they haven't started drugging her as of yet. That will be next.

Foresam said...

I tried to tell this airhead how to cure autism years ago but she was just too stupid to pay attention.

Anonymous said...

She ignores ALL comments giving her common sense advice yet considers a woman (Tanya @ Teen Autism-whose son is barely on the spectrum) a "good friend" for saying that the restraints sound like sound advice. To say Holly is in denial is putting it mildly. As long as there are parents like her, Strully and others like him will make a fortune.