Thursday, May 06, 2010

Arrest the Rothschilds

The Rothschild crime family is known by many names. New World Order, Illuminati, Federal Reserve Bank, Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations and United States Congress are the most well known. They control the central banks of every country on the planet with the exception of Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan and Libya, all countries who have been labelled rogue nations or otherwise denigrated throughout the media which is primarily owned by the Rothschilds.

The video below is worth watching because it suggests part of the solution. The whole solution should be obvious to anyone who thinks about it.

We have been led to believe that change, liberty, fair play and common sense can be gained by bringing problems to the attention of our leaders...politicians, judges, industry leaders and assorted influential people including the media. The ex CIA guy in the video above thinks that provoking great numbers of people to spread the truth about corruption amongst our leaders will help solve the problem and that this influence on public opinion will be instrumental in ridding our Congress of corrupt individuals.

While this tactic could produce some ousters of elected criminals through the vote, the problem remains that the Rothschild crime family can still buy every election through their control of the media and continue placing their stooges in office to do their bidding.

The only way to oust the Rothschild family, which includes the Rockefellers, is to use our numbers to elect honest, common people starting with the Presidency of the United States. WE THE PEOPLE must take the presidency back from the control of the Rothschild crime family. As it stands, the Rothschilds decide who will represent both the Democrats and the Republicans. They provide these two candidates with as much money and media exposure as they need to obliterate any true candidates who might take action against the Rothschilds and put an end to their legalized theft that they gained in 1913 through the illegal Federal Reserve Act.

The Rothschilds arranged to conduct these propaganda campaigns to fool the American public for free by virtue of the political contributions that we can check off when we file our tax returns. These matching funds go right back to the Rothschild family since they control all of the major media and all of the money that is spent on political commercials goes right onto their pockets. There are enough fools who contribute money to these corrupt candidates to cover their expenses for whatever small amount is spent in places that are not directly owned by the Rothschild family and their associates. It's a great racket that an unwitting American public continues to fall for.

So, how can the public beat this control of the media? As our friend in the video here advises us, we have to spread the truth about the Rothschilds. We can do this via the internet by using Youtube, Facebook and other sites to reach the hoodwinked public.

It's not enough for seemingly honest politicians to demand that we audit the Federal Reserve. We have to seize it back from the Rothschild family and lock them up for the crimes they have been committing against us since 1913. That means we can take back all of the money they stole from us and we can do it legally. All of the interest that we have paid on the national debt has gone to the Rothschilds, owners of the Fed, and it has gone to them illegally. Since they control the USA by owning all of the top politicians and judges, they will never allow this to happen. So, we will have to use the military and the police to root out all of the corrupt politicians and lock them up too. This should be pretty simple since it is now obvious to a lot of people how these criminals operated since 1913. Any politician who claims to be honest will have to agree to prosecute the Rothschilds or they will be admitting to all of us that they are themselves corrupt.

Everything we see in the media regarding the economy is Rothschild propaganda. It's all based on the lie that we are required to pay the Rothschilds and ther bankers interest. We aren't. It's that simple. We do not have to pay interest to the Federal Reserve since the whole thing is illegal. We do not have to pay interest to banks who have their money loaned to them by the Federal Reserve since the money that the Fed loans to those banks has been printed illegally. It's all counterfeit and our corrupt politicians in Congress know this. That's why the Rothschilds keep them in office, to protect their criminal activity that was designed to steal money from every person on the planet.

When we seize the Fed and lock up the Rothschilds and their associates, we can loan ourselves money without paying any interest on it to anyone. This should be a simple concept to grasp since that is exactly what the Rothschilds have been doing with the Fed since 1913. All loans for mortgages, credit cards, student loans, etc can be granted with interest rates of one percent or less by simply getting rid of the Rothschilds. By taking the presidency under the control of American citizens, we can regulate the Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, etc and put an end to their legalized theft of all of us. We can prevent them from charging us whatever they want to loan us our own money so that they can earn billions from us every year. They have been doing this in collusion with each other forever and making us think that we are getting a good deal when we save a quarter point on our mortgage rates. Nonsense. We don't have to keep putting up with this crap and we can change all of this criminal activity against us by simply voting them out of office.

To accomplish this, we all have to have the attitude that WE THE PEOPLE give orders to our politicians and not the other way around. We have the power to govern ourselves and the politicians are there to serve us. We have become a nation that is scared of our government instead of our government being scared of us. We don't have to take any crap from our government and if every citizen understands that, we can end the corruption. All it takes is your vote.

Once we put an end to this mass robbery of all of us, we can solve all of the other problems that the Rothschilds created like sending our jobs to Asia, poisoning us with vaccines, etc..

Vote for me in 2012 and help me spread this message that we are not taking any more crap from the Rothschilds or the corrupt politicians who they control.

John Best for President in 2012


Socrates said...

John, you might just get further to the White House than you might think.

Although capturing the liberal-Jewish vote is going to be tough.

I voted for the vegetarian dope-smoking party here. They've jumped in to bed with a bunch of coke snorting, peasant beating toffs and now we're going back to the Middle Ages.

Larry slapped an Elf today.

KateGladstone said...

Does your presidential campaign have a web-site?

Foresam said...

Anonymous said...

Like car salesmen and realtors their very livelihood depends on the ignorance of those they pretend to serve. I speak of the therapists who attempt to treat Julia.

Come on... give me a break. I can yell "wake up" to a napping child that just endured two hours of brutal therapy in the morning and that wouldn't entitle me to lifelong pension and health benefits. I can also say “cat” fifty times but I still wouldn’t be entitled to the aforementioned.

Really sick of a bunch of 22 year old college grads that majored in French cooking trying to play horse whisperer to my granddaughter. They are consistently late with no regard for the child’s sleeping and eating schedule. Wonder how you would feel if every time you wanted to eat, or sleep, some pathetic character was yelling at you to perform for them. Then they blame the child’s lousy attitude on autism. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!!! Not to mention tormenting the child by refusing to give her food because she doesn’t say the “magic” word. I hope you therapists all suffer long years in nursing homes dealing with nurses’ aides that treat you the same way.

Further, the alleged group leader doesn't have a fucking clue. Looking like a reject from Hooters, her cues and commands to the child are completely inconsistent. However, she has to clock forty hours per week and needs to get paid by the State so fuck the kid. Same goes for the speech therapist that sits there and says "cat" for forty fucking minutes. Real tough moron.

Then they sit there and say, “Gee, the child is avoiding eye contact.” Listen sisters, I would avoid eye contact with you fools too… it’s not avoidance…it is fear of you morons. How’s that for social cues?

This is a farce and I'm smart enough to know that. These simpletons cannot coordinate their activities. Its constant rescheduling, off hours, tardiness and bullshit. To top it all off they require bogus group meetings so that they can figure out what the other hand is doing. Notebooks, chalkboards, binders…all busy work to validate jobs.

I am normally a very patient person but this is a bunch of BS. Thanks to the methyl-B12 shots and other bio-medical treatments that I administer on a daily basis, consistency with word cues, a serene and calm environment, plenty of outdoor activity, fresh air and time to just be kid...she is doing great.

More to come…