Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Corruption, Maxim Healthcare and New Hampshire's HHS

Maxim Health Systems is a division of Maxim Healthcare. Maxim Healthcare is a thoroughly disreputable agency who sends aides to homes to help care for autistic children.

Maxim Health Systems advertised at flu clinics in New Hampshire in 2008 with a deceptive ploy that misinformed the public about the presence of mercury in flu shots. So we see they have no conscience when they fooled the public into accepting flu shots filled with mercury. Their deceptive advertising did not tell the people the truth. As a result, it's highly likely that pregnant women who received flu shots at any of these clinics run by Maxim could have harmed their fetuses by unknowingly injecting them with mercury.

Maxim Healthcare recently sent an aide to my home who could not speak or understand the spoken English language. This useless person could not possibly follow the instructions I tried to give him about how to care for my son because he could not understand any English. This is standard procedure for Maxim who had sent a plethora of aides to me who simply could not understand English. I asked Maxim not to send this person back to my house but they persisted in sending him anyhow.

The action that led to me being forced out of my house happened when this Maxim aide who couldn't understand English decided to perform a massage on my son without asking my permission. I later learned that this aide did not have a license which, by law, means that Maxim is guilty of a misdemeanor. When I tried to have NH HHS enforce this law and apply the penalties to Maxim for committing this crime against my son, HHS refused to take any action. So, we see that this criminal agency who lies to the public is protected by corrupt bureaucrats within NH HHS.

When this unlicensed refugee began the illegal massage on my son, I ordered him three times to stop. Since he couldn't understand English, I then had no choice but to knock his arm away from my sons' face to stop the massage that he was performing improperly and which was aggravating my son. The next day, Maxim Healthcare decided that they would not send any employees to my house if I was home. They did not discipline this employee for the illegal act. So, to comply with this criminal agency's insane demand, my wife decided to lie to a judge and get a restraining order against me instead of simply firing this agency so an aide would be at my house to help with my son.

While I was calling HHS and asking the corrupt bureaucrats there to take action action against Maxim for their criminal act against my son, Maxim was calling DCYF to accuse me of abusing their employee and my child. Maxim, aided by HHS, thus conspired withg HHS to railroad me and turn my wife and I against each other to set this whole thing in motion. With my wife in a frazzled state, DCYF convinced her to lie to a judge to gain an ex parte order against me after I had the original restraining order revoked. They also talked her into filing for divorce. Then, DCYF showed up in court to tell the judge I was dangerous to my children even though I had never broken any law and have never even been accused of any crime. This action by DCYF prevented me from giving my autistic son seven weeks of medical treatment that is essential to reverse the brain damage that was caused by the mercury in his vaccines. The judge who ruled on my case faces a legislative hearing for judicial misconduct in a week or two. I probably shouldn't comment on that bit of the equation.

This is what parents of autistic kids can expect when they hire the criminals from Maxim Healthcare. Maxim causes brain damage to fetuses and children by not advising them that mercury is being injected into them via their flu shots. Then they send people who can't understand English to your house to commit criminal acts against your children while they increase profits. Then they cover for their lousy employees while the bureaucrats who are supposed to oversee them at NH HHS cover up their crimes against disabled children.

Almost forgot to mention Dr Jose Montero. He's the doctor from NH HHS who has been consistently lying to the public for years by claiming that all of the mercury has been removed from vaccines. This is simply not true. Flu shots still contain the full amount of mercury.

Judge Lucinda Sadler ruled against me, thus denying my son essential medical treatment. It was only through a reconciliation with my wife that I was allowed to go back home after I had been forced out of my house for seven weeks by DCYF. DCYF led my wife to lie to the court and almost destroyed our marriage, all to help a corrupt healthcare agency who has friends within HHS.


Anonymous said...

Re: Maxim and the many other organizations in bed with the bureaucrats.

Create the problem and then ride in like the hero to fix it.

Discovered today that they were giving my great grandma methyl-B12 shots to help cognitive function in her end days. Strange thing is she was sharp as a tack until they starting "protecting" her with regular flu shots.

I watched my grandaughter being driven to the brink today. Stupid childless moron didn't find it acceptable that she said "cookie." Nope, she was supposed to say "me want." Eventually had to break up the pathetic display. WTF???

I thought the goal was to have the kid be able to communicate. Last I checked "cookie" meant I want the f*cking cookie.

Getting real tired of this shock the monkey approach.


Anonymous said...

Quiet in here... where is everybody?

Silence is golden...

Methyl-B12 shots working fabulously...

Little Julia recited the alphabet yesterday...

Oh, and to the therapists that are trying to turn her into a trained seal... go fuck yourselves...

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Foresam said...

Feel free to list my site. If you show me a copy of your publication that explains how to cure autism with ALA chelation, I'll return the favor.