Sunday, April 18, 2010

Description of My Son

This is a pretty good description of what my son has faced. His mother, a judge who ruled that I can't cure him and a couple of twerps from DCYF think this is just fine. They don't give a damn that my son will never have a friend, never be able to speak, will never read, write, use a toilet, get laid, live on his own, or ever be able to enjoy his life.

The "never quit" attitude here has always been the attitude that I have embraced. But, how do you beat a judge who decides your son should remain autistic for the rest of his life when you don't have the money to pay a lawyer? If my wife was a decent human being who cared about her son, she could see the error of her ways and apologize to the court for lying about the whole thing.

Is there an organization that can take action against DCYF when DCYF is the agency causing the neglect of an autistic child? Is there someone who oversees judges who can fire them for making decisions that cause such neglect? These are probably stupid questions. We can be certain our country is completely corrupt when judges can rule against disabled children by preventing them from being cured. This is what happens to autistic people when they have to be placed in asylums (group homes). This is the choice my wife has made for my son.


Anonymous said...

Being forced into early retirement I had the pleasure of witnessing my grandaughter's ABA therapy today.

A thirty six year old Pamela Lee Anderson look alike who spent 10 minutes with my grandaugher and the other 50 minutes talking about her life. Apparently, she lost custody of her own son, who happens to be autistic.

The real kicker is that her other job is a waitress at Crackerbarrel.

The only therapy that is worth its salt is the speech. Combined with the methyl-B12 I see a greater chance of success.


Amanda said...

It's so sad. I wish you the best of luck and hope that your son can get the help that he needs.

Emily said...


Wait, so your wife wants him to be in a group home? If you have any options at all, please please please do all you can to prevent that. I have seen group homes and IMO many of them are just depressing, soul sucking places. They use ABA and rewards systems and do other things which make little sense. Also, if your son ends up in one with staff who are patronizing and infantilizing - again, I've seen it happen - your son really won't grow emotionally and that worst case you mentioned will happen. :( He may grow up believing he can never do more and is somehow "less than," and that is a horrible and self-defeating thing. If you can talk to your wife and explain this to her, please do. Sometimes group homes actually have made kids worse. Please talk to your son, wife, and DCYF counselor. The state should NOT have the right to take or send your child away because that is wrong and it sets a dangerous precedent. And opens up the slippery slope. I hate to sound paranoid here but if this is allowed to happen I can see the gov't trying to take more control of parenting, not less, and that is a frightening thing.