Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beat the Brainwashing, Make Your Vote Count

In the USA, we have been conditioned through television to believe that we have to waste our votes by giving them to one of two options. Even in the primaries, we see polls flashed all over the media to tell us who has a chance to win. Instead of voting for candidates who we believe will look out for our interests, we consistently make our choices based on what is presented to us by the media, a media that is controlled by the same people who give our money to bankers and poison our children with mercury in vaccines.

Only candidates who are controlled by these interests can gain the media exposure necessary to win. Our Presidential election is a con game where the public chooses what they believe to be the lesser of two evils. Candidates who tell the truth about corruption in government are excluded from the debates. The corrupt corporations who provide the cash for campaign advertising smother us with commercials to make us believe that we have no choice but to vote for one of their candidates. It makes no difference to them which one wins since the banks and large corporations control both of them. Either way, they keep control of the USA.

All of the money that is spent on television advertising winds up right back in the pockets of the people who control the media. The banks and corporations are part of the media. They own it. The net result is that the $3 that you check off on your tax return for campaign funds goes to the people we have to defeat to stop the destruction of our economy and our lives. Most of the campaign contributions from corporations comes back to them through the media since they own the media. So, the millions that is spent on election advertising is actually free to the companies who make those donations.

The internet gives WE THE PEOPLE a media source that is free so we can use it to compete with the ultra rich and counter their brainwashing. Average citizens can connect with each other and we can give ourselves a real choice so one of us can win the next election instead of electing another corrupt stooge who is only concerned with satisfying the bankers desires to steal as much money from us as they can get away with.

We can end the dumbing down of our children that is accomplished by shooting mercury into them to kill their brain cells and, in some cases, turn their brains to mush. All it takes is honesty, something we will never find in any candidate who has the money to blanket the media with mind numbing commercials that delude us into thinking we only have two choices. We can spread the truth amongst ourselves on the internet without spending a dime. We can use volunteers to print campaign literature and pass it out to the public at minimal cost and we can take the USA back from the large corporations and bankers. We have to do this before the USA is completely destroyed by these sadistic psychopaths who are spitting on our Constitution.

Let's start looking out for our own interests by electing one of WE THE PEOPLE. I'm running to do what's best for our country and I'm not going to take any crap from any corporations or bankers. Instead, I'll lock them up for their crimes against all of us. I'll force Congress to impeach corrupt members and we'll replace them with honest citizens. I'll ban the lobbyists so everyone will have an equal voice, the way it was meant to be. Please support me on Facebook and help me campaign against the corruption that is now business as usual in our government.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you're right. I would really like to elaborate on the subject but I want to wolf down a bunch of Big Macs (supersized) and watch Dancing With the Stars. [sarcasm off].

I agree with all your talking points. Too late to fix. The tipping point was hit years ago.

It's all about votes and the freaks in DC will stop at nothing to acquire them. Fuck the future, fuck our kids and their kids, it's all about the votes..


Foresam said...

Yup, it's all a circus. The candidates we see on TV all have the same boss so it never matters who wins.