Monday, March 01, 2010

Generation Rescue's Fraud Exposed

This helps show what I've been stating for the last year or so, that Generation Rescue is psychological warfare designed to discredit everyone who tells the truth about how thimerosal causes autism. GR jumped into the game when they learned about Desiree Jennings and "cured" her, using a doctor who was infamous for shooting urine into people and calling it medicine. Now, when this fraud is exposed, it adds to the publicity that shows GR to be a fraudulent operation.

This does not mean that all of the decent parents who were conned by GR to act as Rescue Angels and help others to cure autism are doing anything fraudulent. They aren't. I used to be one of them until I saw the corruption within GR. I still advise people how to cure autism.

When Generation Rescue is caught being a participant in this sort of fraud, it makes everyone who's associated with them also look like frauds. It plays to the media so they can use this fraud to discredit all of the decent and honest parents who tell the truth about how thimerosal in vaccines causes autism. It can be used by the media to make it look like everyone who really does cure autism is part of a giant hoax.

One would have to be extremely naive to believe that this whole hoax was not set up by Generation Rescue themselves. If you want to destroy an organization, the best way to do it is by taking over the organization. Let the people within the group believe they have solid leadership. Then, sell them out and discredit everything they stand for. That's exactly what JB Handley and David Kirby have done. I believe they used Jenny McCarthy because they knew they didn't need any help in making her look like an idiot. She could do that all by herself.

The question nobody thinks to ask here is: How come Desiree forgot that Dr Buttar had cured her and she had no need to pretend she was still affected by the damage from the flu shot? We can surmise that Desiree got nervous when the reporter confronted her and forgot that detail of the acting job she had performed some months earlier. So, we can safely conclude that the whole thing was a fraud and the big losers are those parents who tout Generation Rescue and Dr Buttar as curers of autism. Now, more people will see GR as a bunch of loonies, just as it seems JB Handley wanted.


Anonymous said...

Foreign accent syndrome has been shown to be caused by a virus damaging parts of the brain.

Why don't the same people who are sceptical of this woman do they same hidden camera footage and have the same doctors looking at Amanda Baggs. If ever there was a case of fraud, she's it.

Now Temple Grandin, who is entirely dysfunctional, is on CNN going on about autism being a gift and naming historical figure who she is claiming were autistic. Just the usual suspect ND is always naming, Einstein etc. She must be Gupta's latest favourite autistic.

There is something very sinister in this renaming of a disease, ASDs, as a gift. I am sure a government agency is behind it to stop people from claiming agaist the drug companies for vaccine damage.

Jacqueline from Canada

Anonymous said...

Foreign language syndrome is caused by a stroke or head injury not a virus. Her accent was too inconsistent to be Foreign language syndrome.

You also cherry picked out what Grandin has said. She is one of the most successful agricultural scientists in the country.
She believes heavily in intervention and yes autism is a gift to anyone who has had as much intervention as she has had.

Paul said...

John, what do you think of this:

There is a hierarchy no one is acknowledging, with different needs to each tier.

So the lowest functioners need support, and cures and treatments may make things worse (feel okay about injecting your child with drugs to 'improve' their minds? That means changing brain chemistry you know. Will the cures of the future always be 100% safe and reliable? Will they actually exist?)

But families need support, and people with Autism who self harm and have no bowel control, recognizable consciousness, they need appropriate support. FUNDED BY THE STATE.

People who are better functioning but have social skills problems, cannot relate to people and have obsessions, sensory issues etc. ARE A DIFFERENT RACE. Same as the Lower functioner's but they can handle things differently to the point that they can matriculate, drive cars, talk etc!


Finally you have my level, and beyond. I'm married to someone with a diagnosis, same age, ex science teacher, several degrees and doing a Phd now.

So what's going on? PEOPLE ARE SEEING EVERYONE AS IF THEY WERE ALL THE SAME. They are not, there are different needs for different levels of functionality.

Simple enough to me. Ari has made mistakes in his defence/championing of the highest functioners, he's only 22 now. Parents are going mad out there, some people with Autism are suicidal and some do it.

So, different levels of support, different perspectives. Lets get things right.


Infighting is getting us all nowhere. We need to work together to get global support for families affected, and people with the condition?

What do you reckon John?

Foresam said...

Myself and one other person seem to be the only ones who completely understand the fraud and propaganda that infects the autism community.
You can make of that statement what you will.
I've already described all of the fraud that I've come across. If you disagree with anything I've written, you should ask for clarification so you may understand it the way I do.

KateGladstone said...

So you "advise people how to cure autism."

Who has been cured by taking your advice?