Sunday, March 07, 2010

Amanda Baggs, Autism Fraud

Anne Bevington has filed a frivolous copyright claim with Youtube to have this video removed. The owner of the picture in question has assured me that he did not authorize this dishonest lawyer to act on his behalf. So, we see that not only is Amanda Baggs a dishonest piece of dung but, once again her lawyer proves to be the same.

If the dishonest lawyer, Bevington, files the same dishonest claim with Blogger or Googgle to have the picture that remains here removed, I can only hope that they will check with me and I will show them the proof that this lawyer's claim is knowingly dishonest.

UPDATE: Blogger removed the videos that were here. The California Bar Association has received my complaint about Anne Bevington's unethical behavior and are investigating her actions.


CharlesR said...

I think the copyright claim is on the pictures from "Getting the Truth Out".

Foresam said...

The bullshit copyright claim isn't getting any truth out though, is it?