Monday, February 15, 2010

Andrew Wakefield Used by Illuminati In Propaganda War

In all the stuff that I've seen written about the Wakefield inquisition, I haven't noticed that anyone wrote the truth. Perhaps I'm the only one who noticed it. I have never wanted to say anything about the MMR vaccine since I knew it didn't cause my son's autism. My son was autistic before he had that vaccine.

The consensus within the autism community has always been that the MMR vaccine caused autism. I never thought so but I never knew for sure until now. Now I see why it has been such a media frenzy. The MMR contributed to symptoms and, as such, was accepted through the grapevine as a cause of the autism itself. Wakefield never said it was the cause, period.

The verdict on Wakefield was merely a propaganda ploy so the media could shout that vaccines do not cause autism. When they decided Wakefield was guilty, it was an acquittal of all vaccines. This is false but that's the way it was used in the propaganda battle.

Mercury is the only thing that can cause autism. Every other theory is just propaganda. All of the studies that make other claims as to the cause of autism can all be debunked by plain old common sense. Just think about them, and when you do, the key element is the fact that autism never existed before 1931 when mercury was first used in vaccines.

Those of us who watched our autistic kids improve by chelating mercury know the truth. Most of us can't be conned by the propaganda that's designed to brainwash us. People who purport to be advocating for autistic kids are going out of their way to show support for Dr Wakefield. That's fine. He deserves support. He found a problem associated with the MMR vaccine that shows up in a lot of kids who happen to have mercury poisoning misdiagnosed as autism. The problem needs to be solved to help those kids. Their "guts" need to be fixed but that won't fix their autism.

The only way to "fix" autism is to remove the mercury that caused it. People who support Wakefield without harping on the fact that we have to deal with mercury to solve the problem are doing a disservice to autistic people. These "advocates" have to start looking at the "big picture" and see what the propaganda is doing for the general public. Engaging in battles about Wakefiled really has nothing to do with autism. This media show makes it look like a bunch of nuts fighting against solid science, science that Dr Wakefield himself agrees with, that the MMR does not cause autism.

The autism "advocates" should be discussing the fact that mercury is the cause of all autism every time they join the fight to defend Wakefield. That's the point that the Illuminati, which is synonymous with Pharma, does not want to see in the media. The Illuminati, which is synonymous with the "media", is very happy to have this public furor that shows the MMR does not cause autism which they misconstrue to claim vaccines do not cause autism.

"False flag" seems to be the buzzword that describes this media circus. The Illuminati has people believing that Dr Wakefield was found to be at fault regarding the MMR which they perverted into meaning that no vaccines cause autism. The great thing about that perversion is that it's true, well, sort of. The vaccines never caused any autism until mercury was included in them. Vaccines with mercury still do cause autism, especially the flu shot to pregnant women. The propaganda claims that the mercury was removed while a little bit still remains in the DTP, HepB and Hib shots. The media constantly advertises this bogus claim without pointing out thee fact about the flu shot, or the largely forgotten tetanus shot by itself, which still contains the full dose of mercury.

The media never reminds us that the largest rise in autism was directly linked to giving the HepB shot on the day of birth. As one would figure if they were a good Illuminati propaganda wizard, the media never mentions how dangerous the flu shot is to one pound fetuses who do not have a blood brain barrier(BBB) to keep the mercury from going to the brain. They also never tell us how aluminum eats holes in the BBB which allows mercury to get in there. That aluminum helps the mercury from tuna sandwiches go to the brain when, with an intact BBB, the mercury would never enter the brain.

This is what must be discussed in defending Dr Wakefield. Autism "advocates" have to see the big propaganda picture if they want to beat the Illuminati and stop them from poisoning our children.


a name , any name, in the box said...

One has to wonder how many parents have no idea, were lied to in regards to their infant or young toddler's inexplicable deaths, just how many go unnoticed by anyone that actually correlate the very same way to these who survived as autistic.

isn't one of the goals of the Illuminati to 'decrease the surface population'?

How many autistic children were actually slated for death but instead survived to create this 'epidemic'?

Has anyone considered that the surviving autistic children are actually(albeit even if still rather effective) collateral damage towards this greater goal?

when you consider that you have
Neurodiversity et al with these these notably non autistic individuals, all with their collected cry of the alleged risk of 'genocide' etc from the acts of treatment and prevention of Autism in these survivors

the sick irony of the protest of 'you'll kill the autistic within' becomes even more evident

indeed it rather puts a chilling new meaning to the phrase 'Autistic advocate'

Rest in peace you the unnamed, the children who didn't survive at all.

You are not forgotten.

ME AGAIN said...

"The autism "advocates" should be discussing the fact that mercury is the cause of all autism"
Of *all* autism?
What about Fragile X? For one..
You need to stop making sweeping statements that are **clearly** not true, John. Who will take anything else you say seriously?

Foresam said...

Fragile X is not autism, it's fragile X.
Autism is mercury poisoning.

ME AGAIN said...

"Fragile X syndrome can cause a child to have autism or an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) though not all children with fragile X syndrome have autism or an ASD.

FACT: For between 2% and 6% of all children diagnosed with autism, the cause is the Fragile X gene mutation.
FACT: Approximately one-third of all children diagnosed with fragile X syndrome also have some degree of autism.
FACT: Fragile X syndrome is the most common known single gene cause of autism"

Foresam said...

You can claim fragile X is autism as loudly as you like and it won't make it true. Some symptoms are similar but fragile x can't be cured. Autism can.

That means it's not the same. It belongs in its own category, along with every other genetic mutation that has a name of its own.

I suppose you'll add Down Syndrome in with autism next.