Sunday, August 23, 2009

Priceless! Dr Rima Laibow

"Please note that no posts will be approved by the moderators which advocate the violent overthrow of any government, nor any other illegal activity.Yours in health and freedom,Dr. Rima"
This comes from Dr Laibow's No Forced Vaccines Group. This woman is married to an ex Major General whose duty it was to do exactly what Dr Laibow will not allow to be discussed. Every soldier swears an oath to defend the Constitution from Domestic Enemies, exactly the kind of enemies who are allegedly ready to force flu vaccines on us, contrary to the spirit of the Constitution, the same vaccines Dr Laibow is telling everyone to hide from.
It's an outright lie for her to suggest that overthrowing the United States government is an illegal activity when all citizens are, in fact, required by law, per statutes pertaining to militias to fight these corrupt politicians who are trying to usurp our rights. The Constitution requires us to fight, just as we did in 1776, and for similar reasons today if any of the crap that's predicted does manifest itself.
So, as usual, Dr Laibow is engaging in anti-American propaganda, telling people to hide like scared sheep and suggesting that fighting for ourselves against corruption is illegal. In other words, she's saying the opposite of what she preaches, since by not overthrowing tyrants she is advocating for us to succumb to their wishes.
Why does anyone listen to this disinformation agent?

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Droopy said...

I didn't know where to put this so its going here.

None of the people in the following video are identified as Autistic:

Watch this movie

and then ask yourselves the following:

Should people with, say, acid reflux, or maybe general all purpose belly-aches etc coin a phrase of, oh... "Physical-Diversity' and then set about speaking on behalf of the people seen in this video?

Should people with minimal and self-diagnosed minor maladies be entitled to speak for and dismiss the issues of the people seen here?

Would anyone in their right mind even do that?

Who would deny these people treatment and say that they should just instead rejoice in their 'Physical Diversity"?

Do you think given such an opportunity that insurance companies wouldn't happily accept this with open arms, embracing promoting funding enabling and heartily endorsing such a thing?

imagine the situation if the vast majority of people represented in this video were unable to speak for themselves to defend themselves from such an attack.

Oh wait, you don't have to imagine, do you?

(Welcome back to the unfortunate reality that is the world of the "Autism Community")