Monday, July 13, 2009

Amanda Baggs, The Facts of Her Fraud

Here's another blog that details the facts about Amanda Baggs' fraud.


Roger Kulp said...

This blog is very helpful,because it shows her actual USENET postings.God bless Google for archiving this stuff.Being able to prove your sources adds a lot more credibility to your story.

Now where can I lean more about her supposed lesbian affair with Laura Tisoncik ?

Stephanie Lynn Keil said...

Much of it is here, on Hating Autism. I've read through most of the posts/comments on here about the controversy. It makes for VERY interesting reading. You just can't keep from scrolling down the screen.

Anonymous said...

This information about Baggs has been around for a long time yet nothing has been done to stop the fraud. Why not? Will this new blog make any difference?

Foresam said...

Send the link to the blog to some writers.I and others tried a bunch of places to have someone publish the story but nobody wants to publish it.
Or, just put the link to the blog all over the place and maybe someone will see it who feels like publishing it. I'm pretty burned out on putting time into this.

Foresam said...

1st Anon,
One thing was done from this story being presented for the last two years. Baggs lost her job as the Neuroinsanity spokesmodel to Ari Ne'eman.

Anonymous said...

It will be published. Good things are to come.

Anonymous said...

She has made maybe 2 posts this year on her blog. I still think she is "reinventing" herself. The mental illness advocacy/activism thing is taking off, especially with gender issues. I bet $5o she'll soon be a "transgender" person and back to having bipolar/schizoaffective and blame all the social "difficulties" on being uncomfortable being a woman instead of "autistic."

Or she's about to be TLC's next 650lb virgin.

Except, oh yeah, she was sexually active with men in college. Hmmmm... Guess girl just can't decide what she is.

Powered_by_Starbucks said...

Cool! Let's hope it is published.

I knew she was fake when I found this blog and read all the posts about her and viewed that Youtube video of her taking four hours to boil water.

If she is a fraud I want it widely publicized so that neurodiversity can lose their credibility. These nutcases hurt children like my daughter with the crap that they spew. I would love to see the "don't cure autism; it's beautiful" crowd come undone.

Anonymous said...

Great posts!

PBS, could not agree more. I too want to see the ejits at ND exposed for the fools they are. ND is a fad and it will pass.

Anon, hilarious, and sadly so true. I have been wondering what Baggs would reinvent herself as this time. I never even thought about transgender but someone has to beat Chaz Bono at her own game. Leave it to Amanda Baggs. She has been through all the various mental disorders before she hit on autistic. She was straight and now she's queer. Trans is the next step.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Baggs photos childhood & teen.

Foresam said...

These links don't work. Send them to me in an email, please.

Anonymous said...

I did them just now and they work. Highlight each link separately, maybe this will work.

Anonymous said...

Photos of Amanda at the top from 1995 and 2007

TOI said...

Some photo links ta avoid da photo-copyright prob.

Anonymous said...

Contrast the truth against the lie,

("Getting The Truth Out" has gone offline and had to be retrieved from archives).

Anonymous said...

Baggs and "What I'm Really About"

Baggs never says just which she chose
-- and the reader here is ill-advised against 'filling in' to make the rather led-to 'naturally expected' assumption most of us might make ourselves as to which choice she's made.

Almost as if in open answer to her own question, is another (a song written and sang by her own) openly mocking her followers for following on the basis of her "autism" and chastising them for failing to appreciate her writings based soley on its merits) on the same page.

It is titled:
"Because You Are Not One of Us"

(the two movies as well as others at her LiveVideo channel can be seen together here):

(Do you wonder if this gifted paranoid schizophrenic simply figured this would be a coy way to express her real views and intent, one perhaps the 'lowly cockroaches' would be sure to miss?)

She was very nearly right (at least in so far as having very nearly gotten away with it).

Scary stuff.

Scarier still when you realize that a good percentage of her Neurodiversity followers have been keenly aware of the truth behind Baggs right along and in so fervently enabling and supporting this in every means possible one can only conclude must also subscribe to the same belief/delusion system.

Horrifyingly terrifying is that these very same people (with Baggs at the forefront) wish to speak on behalf of and pass as advocates for what is easily perhaps the very most vulnerable population of people on the planet.