Thursday, July 23, 2009

Katie Wright Respects Propaganda

The italicized quote below is from Katie Wright at Age of Autism. For some strange reason Wright has the wherewithal to question doctors and bureaucrats who insist that vaccines do not cause autism but she can not see the deception by Katie Miller, an operative from the covert side of our government.

Wright chooses to affirm Miller's deception by using the word autism when Miller herself, only claims to have Asperger's. If it had been Paul Offit deciding to call himself autistic, Wright would probably be jumping down his throat. That deception would be obvious when it was being perpetrated by a known child abuser and baby killer. But, since Katie Miller appears to be a semi-intelligent young artist, Wright thinks this lying little bitch is worthy of some respect.

There seems to be a growing acceptance of this deception amongst mothers who accept the fact that vaccines cause autism. Have these women lost their minds so that they can see through overt lies from doctors but throw their brains out the window when it comes to looking at propaganda from Neurodiversity?

Have these mothers not realized that the young and innocent looking Katie Miller's and Ari Ne'emen's were created by Frank Klein, Autism Diva and Kathleen Seidel with their propaganda and brainwashing? Has it dawned on these mothers that young Aspies are likely to have read deceptive books by phoney autistics like Jim Sinclair and Donna Williams that encourage people to call themselves autistic who have nothing wrong with them?

Neurodiversity practices some major deception. They have normal people pretend to have Asperger's and they always use the word autism to describe themselves. They have people with actual Asperger's claim they do not want to be cured and they refer to themselves as autistic. They invented people like Amanda Baggs who claim to have low functioning autism to claim they do not want to be cured.

Neurodiversity has brainwashed a lot of young people so that they seem innocent and genuine to mothers who will not look critically at them. Why aren't these mothers asking where these young nutjobs came from who do not want to be cured of mental illness? Can't Katie Wright see something wrong with anyone who wants to celebrate having brain damage? It would be nice if Wright could look through the facade to see the total of the beliefs she claims to respect. When she respects Katie Miller, she is asking us to respect Autism Diva.

By respecting Katie Miller, Wright is agreeing with the sadists from Neurodiversity who do not want her to help her child. I hope Mrs Wright can see the big picture here.

Katie Miller is certainly a briliant young woman who passionately believes her autism is not a disability but a difference. I respect her beliefs as they apply to her. I agree with Katie that much more money should be directed towards augmentative communication devices. Communication is a human right. I also agree that that for far to long services for young adults has been sorely neglected leading to ASD teens being shuffled around through foster care and all too often abused. ASD people deserve an appropriate education a nuturing home environment. Why isn't this a priority?
I also think informed consent for medical procedures is a basic human right. We had no idea that our family history of autoimmune disorders could trigger immune dysfunction via simultaneous multiple vaccines. In fact I was assured that it was "perfectly safe" for my 18 month old to receive 7 vaccines at once. When my son screamed, went stiff and had 104 degree fever for 12 hours afterwards I was assured "this was fine." It wasn't. My son had a basic human right to a pediatrican who would "do no harm."
My son and all the children like him have a basic human right not to be harmed by physicians or medical mandates. My son has a basic human right to his health and the cognitive functioning of the brain he was born with. Katie Miller may feel autism enriched her life but autism has robbed my son of everything he once possessed leaving pain, sadness, fear and frustration.
Christain had a basic human right not to develop ulcertative colitis. Christian has a basic human right to health care- something that is regularly denied to sick kids with autism. Christian has a basic human right to sleep through the night without pain. Christian has the basic human right not to be injected with with heavy metals. Christian has the right to a medical cure for all these conditions.
And families everywhere have the right to answers. We all, especially, have the right to be better represented and served via IACC.
Posted by: Katie Wright
July 22, 2009 at 04:42 PM


Anonymous said...

Katie Miller wasn't diagnosed with "autism" until she was about 20, I believe. She's so "autistic" that you can't even tell anything is wrong with her, attended college full-time and graduated summa cum laude, studied art in Italy and travels the country promoting her artwork, has friends and a boyfriend. Yet, at the same time, she claims she needs "support" in order to "function" and claims to be "disabled."

She also seems to have every AS stereotype that borderline-AS[Ses] like to claim they have after they are diagnosed, such as prosopagnosia.

Katie claiming to have prosopagnosis is very amusing because she almost exclusively paints portraiture. How could she do that if she was "face-blind" as she claims?

I just don't understand these people...

Anonymous said...

A complete joke. The attitude by Katie Wright and many others who write for AOA is "if we show respect they will listen to us." HAHAHAHA! Yeah, I see how far that is getting them. Katie Wright herself just wrote a post for AOA stating how appalled she was that a parent and their autistic child were excluded from the recent IACC meeting. No one in Washington takes them seriously. Not the scum Offit, not the CDC, not the NIH, they are just laughed at so I can not understand why Katie Wright and others continue to kiss the ass of people like this. It's getting them NOWHERE.

Anonymous said...

All you parents of LF kids should show up at these meetings where idiots like Baggs and Neiman and other ND fools go, take your kids and let them run riot all the over the show. That would show those people what vaccine damage really looks like.

Powered_by_Starbucks said...

Ditto all that.

I am a regular AoA reader so yeah, the "respect propaganda" party line is getting old. I'll be the first to admit I have no respect for these self-diagnosed adults who claim severely autistic children should not be cured.

Foresam said...

Ari Ne'eman is scheduled to speak at UNH next month. I'd gladly go if they'd give me 15 minutes to refute what he says and would let me bring Sam onstage with me. However, I would not pay their fee to contribute to Ne'eman's dishonesty.

lurker said...

Well, ND can't be negotiated with or approached with respect. They won't stop fighting dirty and have no intentions of letting anyone change their verminous agenda. The last thing AOA needs to be doing is being gentle with the enemies.

I wonder how much more reluctant authorities would be in giving out services, if they see non-disabled liars like Katie Miller claiming to be disabled and in need of services. So she shouldn't even be recognized as a genuine advocate for services/supports.

Foresam said...

Hi Lurker,
I tried to explain about ND to K Stagliano at AOA a couple of years ago but it was like banging my head against cement. She thinks the ND's are real people and even thinks of some of them as her friends. With her moderating the comments over there, you can see why it's such a fucked up blog.

Powered_by_Starbucks said...

I don't see any reason ND should be treated with respect. They are rude as hell to anyone who doesn't share their viewpoint.

Did you see the Big Fat Weeble's response to Roger on her blog? Boy, for claiming to speak for autistics these nitwits are certainly nasty to the ones who refuse to spout their bullshit. Sounds like they are for the all the rights of autistic adults EXCEPT the right to not want to be autistic.

Foresam said...

Yup, the ND's have never had good manners in my discussions with them. I can see that my ettiquette has slipped over the years of debating with them.

lurker said...

Yeah John, when I hear about the tactics of those like Stagliano, I worry about what passes for leadership over there. They should pay attention to their allies about what is really going on and should take seriously how ridiculous and destructive enemies like ND are.

Anonymous said...

In a recent interview Ari Neiman ended up apologising to Tony Attwood. Attwood supports FAAAS and Neiman said FAAAS (Families of Adults Affected by Asperger's) organization is equivalent to the KKK because they support family members who are suffering because they have Asperger family members.

FAAAS is a wonderful organization who acknowledges the difficulties inherent in a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome and offer support to the families. It seems this makes them the same as KKK members.

Neiman apologised to Attwood when Attwood took exception to the remark.

Neiman was obnoxious, loud and rude during the entire interview. He constantly interrupted, repeated himself, and persevered on a couple of minor issues, In other words, typical Aspie behaviour. The guy needs major ABA and detox, NOW!

Anonymous said...

This is why Aspies should never pretend to be Martin Luther Kings.

CharlesR said...

FAAAS started as Families of Adults AFFLICTED by Asperger Syndrome and in its early days their website indeed was comparable to the KKK in its condemnations of AS. I do see that it has changed its name to the more acceptable "affected" and they have toned down the condemnations. They had recommended that women divorce their AS husbands and I don't know if that still holds true. As an AS man I don't trust them.

Anonymous said...


As an AS adult you would have no real access to the site, at least not the message board, as it is private and is strictly for those women and men who have adult AS partners and children.

Even before FAAAS changed afflicted to affected, they bore no malice at all towards AS adults and only tried to help them.

Asperger's IS an affliction. And if you are so obsessed with one word then I feel sorry for you. Typical aspie perseveration.

How dare you suggest that FAAAS is comparable to an organization that went about hanging and burning people up because of the colour of their skin. FAAAS helps the spouses and parents of adult aspies to better cope with their AS family members.

ND could more realistically be compared to the KKK because they DO NOT want everyone to be treated with compassion. ND opposes curing a horrible disorder. ND act like children who want to have their cake and eat it.

If you are an intelligent adult then it is ND you should not trust.

Finally FAAAS has never, ever suggested any woman or man divoce their AS spouse. The founder of FAAAS remains married to her husband, taking great care of him as he ages and suffers non AS related ilnesses.

You know nothing! Keep to subjects you understand and stay away from ND and Ari Neiman. He is a nut!!!

Foresam said...

Thanks, it sounds like you understand how neuroinsanity is trying to destroy everyone with autism by PRETENDING to help them.
Since we know that ND is actually Pharma disguised as humans, we see how they think like criminals who know that they have to kill all of the witnesses.
It's like an armed robber who shoots a store clerk while robbing the place. They can't let him live to identify them so, if he's only wounded, they have to shoot him in the head and kill him.

sophie said...

"ND could more realistically be compared to the KKK because they DO NOT want everyone to be treated with compassion. ND opposes curing a horrible disorder. ND act like children who want to have their cake and eat it"

I've always thought that "want to have their cake and eat it' is such a ridiculous statement. Why have cake if you're not going to eat it?
btw ND is a *philosophy*, PEOPLE are diverse and quite capable of compassion, and they oppose going to any lengths, like electric shocks and/or killing kids to 'cure' autism.

It's always highly amusing to read what people who don't know anything about ND have to say about it. Like the above, and also this totally tantalizing but misguided morsel:
"Since we know that ND is actually Pharma disguised as humans"..

Good for a laugh, though!