Friday, July 24, 2009

Andrew Moulden Awareness Society

Facebook has a fan club for "Dr" Andrew Moulden that is run by Moulden and they threw me out of it today. All I did to get kicked out was to ask why Moulden has different variations of his name on all of his alleged degrees. I also asked why he used the name Drew Jeffrey Andrew Moulden on a site that lists Canadian Physicians' license information and why that name only showed up there after his license had already expired.

One would think there would be a simple explanation for this name changing if the nitwit in question was really an MD. I mean, I could understand if he was trying to avoid palimony suits from a gay lover or something and didn't want to be found. Perhaps he took offense when I suggested that all of this name changing was usually an indication of criminal behavior. Some people are overly sensitive to things like that and I may have upset poor "Dr" Moulden. Nevertheless, deleting my comment instead of answering it doesn't say much for his credibility.

Innocent people normally defend themselves instead of hiding like weasels so I have to conclude that this jackass is probably guilty.

What is he guilty of? Who knows for sure? For one though, we have the email from McMaster University that told me he did not earn an MD there as he claimed. We have the opinion of the man who invented the cure for autism telling us that Moulden is nuts. We see that Moulden runs around the country giving speeches at $5 a head like a travelling sideshow with this group, although he is not on their current schedule of speaking engagements. Check out Gary Tunsky, one of the associates. He also works with Mary Tocco. Watch her video and judge for yourself whether she's a con artist or not.

I've written enough other stuff about this alleged doctor since last October when I first heard of him that it's not worth rehashing it. But, one thing that stands out is Moulden trying to tell me he had some special imaging device through which he could measure the damage caused by vaccines when, it seems, all he does is look at pictures.

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Anonymous said...

There are plenty of people on that page using the wall to question Moulden's credentials etc. Not sure why you were ousted. Did you check the bottom of the page, "Concerns about Moulden?"