Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Andrew Moulden's MD Degree

I wrote To McMaster University to check on Andrew Moulden and his claim to having an MD degree from there. Here is their response, names removed.

Thank you for your email. Based upon the information that you have provided we are unable to confirm the degree information for a student by this name.(Jeffrey Andrew Moulden)


Assistant Registrar, Services
Office of the Registrar
McMaster University
Phone: 905-525-9140 x24599
Fax: 905-527-1105

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Sent: Friday, April 03, 2009 4:00 PM
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I believe this is something you would do? If I'm incorrect in my assumption, please let me know.

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Hi John,

Thank you for the email. I have copied , our Assistant
Registrar of Records on this email so she can respond to your enquiry.

Student Recruitment Office

On Fri, 3 Apr 2009 15:23:38 GMT
"" wrote:
> Hi,
> Can you tell me if you had a graduate from your Med school in 2000
> named Jeffrey Andrew Moulden or some variation of that name? I
> believe someone is using that name and claiming to be one of your
> graduates who is a con man.
> Thanks,
> John Best

Here's the other part of the act. Did I understand correctly that April is now married to Gary Tunsky? It seems that Tunsky and Moulden take turns going from town to town with April to give their lectures.

Here's another thing that's odd about "Dr" Moulden. I checked this site a couple of weeks ago to see if Moulden was registered as an MD and they had nobody by the name of Moulden on there. Now, all of a sudden, there his name is. His license was issued on June 30, 2008 (it claims) which is the same date Moulden had previously claimed that he let it expire. Very strange.


Jean Mercer said...

On the Ph.D. transcript on his web site, the name given appears to be Jeffrey-Andrew Drew, or I suppose it could be Drew Jeffrey-Andrew.

Web-weaver Janine Roberts said...

Hi - I have seen Dr Moulden's MD certificate - and a verification by McMaster's University that it is valid. Unfortunately the university had earlier replied to say they had no trace of an Andrew Moulden - but his real first name turns out to be Drew - with Andrew his third given name. The university has now confirmed that he is an MD.

John Best said...

Sorry Lady, you don't know what you're talking about.
Moulden told me in an email that his name was Jeffrey Andrew Moulden.
Use your head, will you! What parent would name their kid Drew and Andrew?
I asked McMaster if they had anyone with that name or a similar name and they said "No". End of story.

Web-weaver Janine Roberts said...

Foresam, I have a photocopy of his MD certificate - it was given to me by the Gary Null health radio show on which he has appeared -as have I. There is no doubt about this. His full name is Drew Jeffrey Andrew Moulden. This is also on his PhD.
McMasters university when checked with this name, took not one day to reply confirming his degree.
This does not mean that I personally agree with a substantial part of his theory - I have criticized it elsewhere.
The email from the university is copied below

Hello again.
I am glad that you provided the attachment [his MD certificate] because it shows his first name as Drew.
I was searching under the name of Andrew Moulden.
Anyway, he is listed as a grad on our database.

Anne Denneny Phone: (905) 525-9140, ext. 23900
Alumni Assistant Toll free: 1-888-217-6003
Office of Alumni Advancement Fax: (905) 524-1733
McMaster University e-mail:
Alumni House
Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4K1

Please check this yourself if you doubt it.

Janine Roberts
author of "Fear of the Invisible" on viruses and vaccines.

John Best said...

Moulden had different names on his degrees posted on his Facebook site. Anyone can use white-out on a diploma and make copies with different names.

This guy is a con artist. Who the hell would carry copies of their diplomas around with them to show to people?

Come on Janine, were you born yesterday?

Web-weaver Janine Roberts said...

Have you tried Googling him? Here is a thesis that seems to match very well with his claimed record

I also learnt that Drew is a nickname that he got early on - evidently from Andrew.
I originally shared some of your skeptism - for very much the same reasons. He does make a great deal out of his qualifications.

John Best said...

Yes, I googled him and found a horse by the same name. That's probably where whoever invented Moulden got the the name, while searching for a name for a horse's ass.

Moulden tried to tell me that autism is not caused by mercury, something that we have known is factual for ten years now. That proved to me that he was just a con artist who has no clue what he is talking about.

Web-weaver Janine Roberts said...

Yes, the important thing is not his qualification but his science.... He says macrophages can block blood vessels but does not explain why they don't then pass through the walls of these vessels as they normally do on the way to the site of a pathogen. Macrophages are reported to repair fine blood vessels.
I agree about mercury - and I know aluminum is also damaging - I am writing about this right now. Some of it is in my previous book. I also suspect the gross level of cellular degraded material, DNA fragments etc, that is in vaccines. Some pesticides also significantly increase the risk.
Could these elements also increase the risk of a stroke - I do not know as yet, but it is also possible.

John Best said...

Not being educated in science, I have no clue what a microphage is or how it might interact with cells. When I need answers about anything to do with autism, I check with the man who has had the most influence in curing the condition, Andy Cutler.
The way I see it, whoever has had the most success in curing it would be the person who knows more about it than anyone else.
This is what Andy Cutler had to say about Moulden and his nonsense: