Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Jenny McCarthy, White Propaganda, Psy Ops

Jenny McCarthy is on TV to discredit all of us. That's why the networks allow her to go on.

I forgot the name of her book, it doesn't matter. The message that the public has to learn is that the government admitted they were causing autism with vaccines ten years ago and that they decided to keep causing autism intentionally.

The message that we can cure autism works well as White Propaganda. It tells at least part of the story about how the government intentionally poisons babies all over the world and, people who are literate and well off financially can actually cure their children.

So, people see this bit of truth and think that supporting Jenny is a good thing.

What is it that Jenny is not allowed to say on TV, if it crossed her mind? Does Jenny say that every corrupt Congressman needs to be put in prison for allowing this horror to happen to our children? Does she suggest any method by which we can reclaim our country from a completely corrupt Congress who intentionally poisons babies? Does she point out how it is necessary to remove thimerosal from all vaccines, worldwide, to end the maiming of children?

Does her presence as an ex centerfold make it a simple matter for "spin doctors" to discredit her and maintain the status quo?

This is an excellent Psy ops because I believe that Jenny believes what she is saying. I don't see her as being at fault. She thinks she's doing the right thing.

Of the people that put her up to this, some are using her to intentionally discredit us. The fact that she is making money off of us makes her look like a profiteer. The indigo child stuff makes her look like an imbecile. The playboy bunny image makes her look like a dumb slut.

Whether parents of autistic children see Jenny in the same light is immaterial. What matters is what the general public sees.

The same applies to David Kirby. He presents the image of a sissy who will only state that, maybe, thimerosal causes autism. When he does that, the general public sees that as an alleged expert who actually disagrees with everyone who knows that thimerosal did, in fact, cause autism.

Kirby and Jenny were put in public positions to discredit all of us.

Th only way to end this is provoke a public outcry for the scalps of the Congressmen who refuse to stop this horror.

Kirby wants us to ask the government politely to help us. The government listens politely and agrees to waste our time. We have to demand that the government stop this. The time for asking should have been over a long time ago.


Powered_by_Starbucks said...

As a parent who is doing biomed I appreciate Jenny and Jim bringing this to the public's attention so that more people can find out how to treat their children, but I have to agree with you - I think they like to allow her on because they know they can discredit her because she is a former Playboy Bunny and the whole indigo child thing. They know that she is easy to discredit.

Clay said...

I would absolutely love to see YOU on Larry King Live! I'm sure you would be a far better representative of the mercury mob than that wuss Kirby, or that slut Jenny! Please John, call King's show and offer to set the world straight about thimerosal and - well, about everything!

Foresam said...

It would be fun if I brought my son on with me while you brought the neuroinsane nitwit of your choice to tell the world about the joy of celebrating autism.

Of course, I wouldn't go on unless they had no restrictions on me about using the words "thimerosal" and "chelation" as often as I felt like.

CJ Lovegood said...

Nice blog. I'm glad to see the truth is coming out despite Amanda's henchmen threatening people.

I also have a blog. Feel free to stop by and share your own experiences.

Foresam said...

What happened to your blog?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, I'm hoping that's your name, I found your blog a while ago, and I have been following it recently. I'm glad to see that you are trying hard to fight those that ignorantly refuse to admit even the slightest possibility that vaccines or mercury poisoning in general have anything to do with autism. They don't even take the time to do their own research. I'm also happy to see that you are giving people a friendly reminder that there is more to the media and government than meets the Eye.