Monday, August 04, 2008

Let's Help Paul Offit Help Autistic Children

I read about Every Child By Two on the Age of Autism site and had an idea how we can help Paul Offit. This organization offers to work with us for community immunization events so I emailed them to ask for help with an event. Perhaps others in the autism commuinity will agree this is a good idea.

Here's the email I sent:

I'd like to plan a community immunization event and wonder if Paul Offit would help. As he has boasted that it would be safe to have 100,000 vaccines at once, I'd like to give parents of autistic children an opportunity to stick the needles into him.

I thought it would be nice if we could arrange this needle sticking in front of an open grave in a cemetery in case Offit is wrong. Then we could just nudge him into the grave and save ourselves the trouble of having to drag his carcass someplace.

I hope Dr Offit wouldn't mind if we made a sport out of this and painted a target on his chest so we could use blow guns to shoot the needles into him. I think we could raise some money to help cure autism by having a pool for whoever could get the most needles into the bull's eye.

As I'm certain Dr Offit is a man of his word and would love to prove those of us wrong who know that vaccines caused our childrens' autism, I'm sure he'll want to participate. Please let me know what date is open on his schedule so we can publicize the event.

Thank you,
John Best
Londonderry, NH


Anonymous said...

Why don't you stick them in yourself? You might learn something.
(emphasis on might.)

Anonymous said...

OMG that is amazing! Since he thinks kids can get 10,00 vaccines at one time he should definitely be the guinea pig for the efficacy of this.

I smell a CSI episode.

dgdavis64 said...

This reminds me of my favorite scene in the movie "Thank You for Smoking," anyone seen this? It was hysterical when the main character of the movie (a big tobacco publicist who was excellent at "spin") was kidnapped and his captors placed hundreds of nicotine patches all over his body and nearly killed him! Hahaha! I recommend watching this movie while imagining this guy is really Paul Proffit and the patches are really vaccines. Very theraputic. Just let me know the time and place John, I'll be happy to assist....

Anonymous said...

perhaps we can get Lilly to bring the adult equivalent dose of mercury the children had and inject Pauly profitt since it is so safe.

Anonymous said...

Paul Proffit deserves more than a needle getting stuck into him. Bend over!!!!!!!!!!! NOW THAT WOULD BE JUSTICE!!!!!!

Foresam said...

"Bend over!!!!!!!!!!! "
I'll bet we could even find a neurodiverse volunteer who would enjoy that.

Anonymous said...

Most likely Diva or Margie the stripper

Anonymous said...

Maybe Amanda "Hasbeen" Peet would do the honors - since her career is washed up.

The Cult of Recovery said...

There is a "Vaccinate Your Baby" campaign going on in New York tomorrow and Paul Offit is speaking. So is Amanda Peet.

Encouraging new moms to get those vaccinations.

Anonymous said...

Suppose you do inject him, and nothing bad happens. Then what?

Foresam said...

100,000 vaccines would have 2.5 million micrograms of thimerosal. Do you really think nothing would happen to him?

Anonymous said...

And how much is in ONE vaccine again??

Anonymous said...

I am an autistic person.
You people are sick. Mentally ill.
A cure? A cure for being me?
Oh, wait - you mean reprogramming!
Yes, because everybody knows mercury causes autism! Why, even those autistic people who've never had shots know such! Of course!

Please, would you mind bringing proof of your claims to the table? Proof that is not based on a theory from the 1990's that has been refuted time and time again?

There is no "cure" - it's a genetic mutation. It's been around for fifteen hundred years.

But, perhaps, what you claim has some merit - perhaps. But, who are you? I've had to struggly through my life to interact with others; I am now a scientist. What are you?

A coward hiding behind a computer.
What is your profession, hm?
Garbage worker? Postman? Grocery boy?

Oh, I know! Village idiot!
The lot of you. Stop licking post-paid "doctors" asses for offering you more ways to abuse your children, and stop bitching about "big pharm".

Oh, and yes, I know - you're going to say I'm a fraud because I seem Asperger not a severe autistic? My brother is though. You mind telling him he's not real? Go on; I'm SURE he won't be mad...

Foresam said...

I guess being a scientist explains why you can't write.

You want to know my profession? My profession is on hold while I deal with autism. So, now I work relentlessly to cure the autism, not just for my kid but, for every asshole like you too who tries to tell us autism is no big deal.

You want proof at the table? Arrange a meeting. I'll be there. Bring 1,000 MD's with you to defend their points. I'll shove all they have to say right down their throats.

You want proof, show up face to face, in public, and I'll give it to you, where you can't hide behind your anonymous crap.

Ishmael said...

Let me get this straight...
Oh, hi - it's me, the Asperger anon, by the way. No longer anon though, eh?

You say now, you want to shove proof down the throats of one thousand medical professionals?
So, you claim to indeed have proof!
...but you neglect to mention it...

You, sir, are admittedly an amatuer at this! You believe you have anything of value or merit? Laughable. Most laughable. Mercury cannot cause Autism. It can cause other diseases in large enough amounts; but it cannot cause Autism. You've been repeatedly given proof; and yet you reject it as "big pharm propaganda", and refuse to hand up your supposed proof! You aren't even an autistic person yourself - that's another notch against your credibility!

Please; go back to sweeping floors, picking up garbage or whatever the devil it is you did for a living, and leave the scientific work to - now, this might surprise some of you - scientists! Yes! That's right!

BTW. Don't call me an asshole. I'm not saying Autism is no big deal - it is! BUT you are going about it in the wrong way! There's a little thing called progress, please, figure it out!

jonsmum said...

Paul Offit is a danger to our children. A sick bastard who deserves having his tougue cut out before he spews anymore of his crap.
He urgently needs locking up for the benefit and safety of our children, and society in general.

When he states,

"it would be safe to have 100,000 vaccines at once"

he should be held accountable for his words.
If he really believes this amount of vaccines would be safe for a child, then he should have no objection to proving his 'OPINION', by accepting to be injected with the same amount and dose of adult equivalent vaccines.

Foresam said...

Moby Dickhead,
Do you think I'm going to write all the proof on a blog comment thst shows mercury to be the cause of autism?

For brevity, the fact that the standard treatment for curing autism involves removing the mercury is all you need to know. That's actually all anyone needs to know.

Your medical professionals injected the mercury but parents like me have to remove it ourselves to reverse their malpractice. I don't think you can find even one MD would dare face me in any public forum.

Anonymous said...

What is your profession, hm?


Ishmael said...

Probably because they don't take you seriously.

So, you say - I can cure my Autism?
Gee, how did I - being autistic - not know that!

Perhaps because it's bullshit?
IT DOESN'T WORK!! It's psuedo-science, and every real scientist and MD knows it! I know it!


I know you - or, know of you.
A parent, frustrated with their childs isolation and differences, the lack of support - so you reach out for help. Lo and behold, you find aid in the form of hope.
Hope you can alter your child into being just like any other kid.
You religously hold onto that hope - refusing to acknowledge anything that threatens that hope.
You even attack people who don't share your opinions - I note, "Moby Dickhead" - and seek to affirm the misguided notions of those uneducated saps also looking for hope. But it is false hope.
You are wrong - all people are, at some point. The nature of science is such; to learn from mistakes. Scientists did consider mercury; it has since been refuted. I am a scientist; I am telling you - a normal person - such. If you truly don't believe me - work and research for years, CONDUCT THE TESTS YOURSELF INSTEAD OF JUST GOOGLING THEM, and maybe you can find something to prove me wrong. Maybe. In all probability, you won't.
You are wrong - this information you present is wrong, outdated.
I offer you this; you still have the option of changing your opinion.
I believe you may - indvertantly - harm your own children if you continue along this path. These "medical techniques" practiced by those you idolise are extremely harmful if in the wrong hands; which would be the fly-by-night barely qualified quacks who apply such. You still have time to change - don't get so emotionally caught up that you ignore the better interests of the broader autistic community - not just those of autistic's parents.

Think about it.

StarMommy77 said...

Dear Anon Aspergers,

It is unfortunate that you and your brother have Autism. That being said, why would you not support other children being protected from regressive Autism? I can't imagine 'wanting' children to be challanged or vaccine damaged, because you are functioning. What happens to those children who are severly Autisic? Who will care for them when Mom and Dad die. For the Amount of Autisic children, we need to be building facilities NOW. My child has Cerebral Palsy, I know if her condition turns out to be severe, I will have build a trust for her expenses after I am gone. I cannot trust the Goverment or Medicaid to treat her well, not can I saddle my son with the burden of paying for her care.

In 1982 1 out of 10,000 children has Autism

In 1995 1 out of 500 children had Autism

In 2008 1 out of 150 children has Autism, if you are male, 1 out of 58.

By 2017 all children in the USA will have some form of Autism.

There has been a 6,000% increase in Autism since 1982. If I caused a 6,000% increase in 26 years, you bet your ass I'd be trying to cover it up too.

I think we should be asking Amanda Peet is her child is current on all vaccines. Perhaps of her child becomes vaccine injured, she will do more research that speaking to a patent holder of a rotavirus vaccines, Dr. Offit.
Yup, an unbiased source. Of course.

Foresam said...

Moby Dickhead,
You have a lot to say, typical of liars trying to overstate their case.

All I have to do to show you up is bring a chelated and cured child onstage next to an unchelated "vegetable" that I can find in any institution in the country. That's all the proof any sane person needs to see.

Anonymous said...

"I've had to struggly through my life to interact with others; I am now a scientist. What are you?"

A person who can spell struggle.

Anonymous said...

"Scientists did consider mercury; it has since been refuted."

So how was it refuted, Captain Science? Epidemiological studies do not count, either. Even the CDC admitted that a few weeks ago.

dgdavis64 said...

The FDA and CDC are shitting their pants right now cause they know that with the "reduction" of thimerosal from vaccines and now that the uptake of these vaccines will surely drop (since every parent who has EYES can SEE that our babies are being poisoned by the overdose of toxins,) and with that drop will come a drop in the rates of autism. We will see this happen eventually unless they rally to make sure parents stay "misinformed." Honestly, if there were any "real" concern over parents being informed, all drs need to do is provide a copy of the vaccine package inserts before any vaccine is administered to babies. Simple enough. I can't wait to see how many lies these folks repeat, especially Mr. Proffit.

Dude, Check out the vaccine junk science at the FDA website. Open your EYES. 187 mcgs of thimerosal by 6 months is not enough to poison a baby? Please share your studies on thimerosal to verify this. What? There are none? Only studies on on methyl mercury? That's not very "scientific" is it? Did thimerosal go through any FDA "approval" process? No? And they've been using it how long now???
Next someone will be telling us how "safe" Vioxx is....

Craig said...

John, props to you man. I fell out of my chair laughing. Bravo!

We should all work on our aim with our blow-guns.

jonsmum said...


You have asked for proof that Mercury causes autism.

Scroll down this page to the post;

"Irrefutable Proof That Vaccines Kill Babies and Cause Multiple Diseases"

Click on the links underneath this title.

Here you will find video, audio, and written evidence proving that mercury does cause autism.
Not genetic autism, such as fragile X or Retts syndome, but regressive autism that stops happy, typically developing children in their tracks.

Watch the video, listen to the audio and read the wealth of evidence that not only proves the fact that mercury causes autism, but also that vaccines are killing thousands of children every year, in the USA alone.

Try to keep an open mind, if you can. And then come back to us with YOUR PROOF that, "Mercury cannot cause Autism."

What with you being a "scientist", you should have no problem in gathering evidence and "bringing proof of your claims to the table?"

"StarMommy77" has provided you with some excellent information regarding rising autism rates. These are well know researched and pulicized and accepted FACTS that are not in dispute.

How do propose to explain the a 6,000% increase in 26 years?
Genetic mutation/evolution occurs over thousands/millions of years, so that cause can be ruled out.

What science do you specialize in Ishmael? My husband is a scientist specializing in analytical chemistry. Big deal!
Do you think that telling us you're a scientist gives you any kudos and adds credence to your argument?

Read Dan Olsteds article;

The Age of Autism: 'A pretty big secret"

Here, he quotes the findings of Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, of Homefirst Health Services.
Read and learn, Ishmael.

"We have a fairly large practice. We have about 30,000 or 35,000 children that we've taken care of over the years, and I don't think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines," said Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, Homefirst's medical director who founded the practice in 1973. Homefirst doctors have delivered more than 15,000 babies at home, and thousands of them have never been vaccinated.

The few autistic children Homefirst sees were vaccinated before their families became patients, Eisenstein said. "I can think of two or three autistic children who we've delivered their mother's next baby, and we aren't really totally taking care of that child -- they have special care needs. But they bring the younger children to us. I don't have a single case that I can think of that wasn't vaccinated."


StarMommy77 has told you that Paul Offit is "a patent holder of a rotavirus vaccines, Dr. Offit.
Yup, an unbiased source. Of course."
He has a personal vested bias in presenting vaccines as 'squeaky clean', and he lies to protect his own interests.

Think about it.

And finaly, you said this;

"But, perhaps, what you claim has some merit - perhaps. But, who are you? I've had to struggly through my life to interact with others; I am now a scientist. What are you?

A coward hiding behind a computer.
What is your profession, hm?
Garbage worker? Postman? Grocery boy?

Oh, I know! Village idiot!"

No Ishmael, you uppity little shit.

John's "profession" here, is in saving lives.

Craig said...

I have a comment to add to yours concerning Ishmael's following argument:

"A coward hiding behind a computer.
What is your profession, hm?
Garbage worker? Postman? Grocery boy?"

A coward hiding behind a computer? Like you, Ishmael? How do we know you're a scientist? Got any proof? Foresam and jonsmum have both proviced you with ample evidence, but it shows how close minded you are to consider it junk science simply because it disagrees with your assessment. You can never prove that vaccines don't cause autism. It's impossible to prove it because you can't prove a negative. We have proof that vaccines DO cause autism, but idiot scientists like you claim to be refuse to see it because it doesn't fit in their little paradigm.

jonsmum said...


I am working on a voodoo doll of Paul Offit to use as a pin cushion.

I could stick pins in his brain and his heart if he had either of them.

Ishmael said...

Hahahahahahahaha! Haha! No way!
I can't believe I thought to take you people seriously!
You quote those sources? Really?
REALLY? Unbelievable!
Your children should be removed immediatly from your care!

My only concern is that more gullible morons don't buy into your nonsense and poison their children with "chelation".


How many times do I have to say it?
You use the increased numbers of Autistic people as proof? That's just because people breed, that would be simple multiplication, and that AWARENESS IS GROWING.

You cannot change an Autistic child into a "normal" child with magic "chelation" crap.


All I'm saying is: You are parents of Autistic people. You are not Autistic people. THIS IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM! BUTT OUT!!!!!

You try to question that I may be a scientist? Really? Yet; all I've seen you do is quote quacks.


I DON'T need uneducated people calling ME frankenstein. I'm a man-made monster, by your reckoning.

You people are laughable, and not particularly bright, but an unfortunate majority... BUT YOU ARE NOT AUTISTIC!

Stay out of OUR problems, please!

You have NO IDEA what it means to live in a world having to hear people like you talking about people like me the way you do... it's extremely harmful, though you don't even realise it. Please, try and educate yourselves in an UNBAISED fashion - instead of just calling out anybody who denies the mercury myth you spread.
You're worse than Autism Speaks, who's idea of "help" is to coerce abortions of Autistic babies.

Foresam said...

Moby Dickhead,
You aren't autistic either but you are mentally ill.

Ishmael said...

Foreskin, you prick.
What did you just say? I'm not autistic? Okay, delivery-boy, you think you're an expert, now?
Why not show me another Google quote?

YOU falsely claim to be a member of the "autistic community".

Fine, you want web-links by people personally unaffiliated with myself - much as you are doing here, you got 'em.

Have fun with that.
Oh, and DON'T suggest I'm not Autistic. You ever had to struggle to control your own body? You have difficulty with speech? Do you walk into doors because your hand isn't properly connected to your brain? What? You don't? Why, here, with the way you were commenting, I could have SWORN you had first hand experience!


Anonymous said...

"All I'm saying is: You are parents of Autistic people. You are not Autistic people. THIS IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM! BUTT OUT!!!!!"

Amazing...and sad.

You will be very happy to learn about the AAP deciding to concede that 3% (they take the lowest estimate so far) of kids have the "defect" that allows them to be damaged by vaccines and get autism. Something tells me you are part of that 3%. No shame in that, as everyone working at Microsoft is part of it also.

Now, how does one go about helping the 3% of kids recover.. Just check out what Dr. Poling (the whole reason the AAP is conceding anything) is doing... the same things that DAN doctors are doing... hmmm.

Do some research on CURRENT events before you switch places with Ahab and go down tied to the whale.

Timelord said...

"In 1982 1 out of 10,000 children has Autism

In 1995 1 out of 500 children had Autism

In 2008 1 out of 150 children has Autism, if you are male, 1 out of 58.

By 2017 all children in the USA will have some form of Autism."

Star Mommy, those stats are misleading. The 1982 stat was a lot closer to the 1995 stat than that. It wasn't noticed because no one knew about Aspergers Syndrome until later in 1980's and it was added to the DSM in 1994.

It will not progress beyond 1 in 150. In fact it will drop back when the fake ADHD's are sorted out, and we have a proper grip on the mitochondrial issue which may be producing more incorrect DX's (that's what we don't know yet).

Reality is - there has NOT been a 6000% percent increase in prevalence. It's a 6000% increase in diagnosis. In other words, an adjustment to reality rather than something new or different.

*bets $X on Foresam not letting this through*

Foresam said...

Moby Dickhead,
My son, who can't write or talk, has no problem using his hands to open doors. Since his autism is much worse than your alleged version of it, I have to conclude that the doors you walk into must be smarter than you and are playing mean tricks on you. You sound almost as stupid as Phil Gluyas, who also posts here from Melbourne, Australia.

Foresam said...

Phil Gluyas(Timelord),
We knew about Asperger's since 1944. Nobody worried about it because most of these people were just nerds and not dangerous.

Now we have people with Asperger's going on killing sprees. More mercury has addled their brains so they're much crazier than they used to be. They also have much lower intelligence, as evidenced by yourself. We really have to cure all of these people too before they all go berserk and more of them start shooting indiscriminately.

dgdavis64 said...

You really should have a child with ASD before you go making statements to parents like, "Butt out!!" I wish sometimes I could "butt out" but the love of my kids is more powerful than any of the emotions about autism. Your ignorant comments are exactly how this world and the neglected kids in it have reached the sad state we're in! Too many parents are "butting out" when they should be parenting the children that they created. Whether they happen to be ASD or not. In any case, you certainly are not in a position to tell parents what they should do regarding their ASD kids just because you have a dx. Is yours official or did you diagnose yourself? Many parents are faced with the reality that their children will not be able to function in society independently as adults.
What advice do you have for these parents? Butt out? Put them somewhere and butt out? Let them become some perverts next victim? Let them be killed by some low paid angry abuser?
I hope you realize now how ridiculous and offensive YOUR comments are to parents who are tirelessly dedicated to personally seeing to the wellbeing and constant care of the children they love more than their own life or their own happiness. I know, shame on them! So if you want still want someone to "butt out," I nominate YOU.

jonsmum said...


Very well said!
If you haven't done so already, please do not visit "Ischael's" blog. He sounds very like "Phil Gluyas", or one of his friends.







Presence of four or more of the following:

* Lack of desire for, or enjoyment of close relationships.

* Almost exclusive preference for solitude.

* Little interest in sex with others.

* Few if any pleasures.

* Lack of friends.

* Indiference to praise or criticism from others.

*Flat affect, emotional detatchment.

My apologies to others who have this disorder. I am sympathetic and understanding of sufferers of mental health problems and psychiactric illnesses, but Phil Gluyas, AKA "Timelord" should carry a warning sign above his head.


He has threatened that if he could get hold of my 'information' he would get my child taken from me.

He has also contacted John's local authourity to try and get Sam taken from him, and he has persecuted a young man with AS, who was initially his friend, but after a disagreement, phoned his then "enemies" (he has a list of these) local authories with his 'concerns' regarding this young man's mental health, in an effort to get him sectioned/committed "for his own good".

jonsmum said...

BTW, Phil has no children of his own and has stated that he has no intention of having any children, because he would be unable to parent them properly.

But he claims to know how we should parent our own autistic cildren?

Craig said...

Hey Ishmael, you said

Prove it! That's all we're asking. And don't give us all of these studies, like the Denmark and the California study, because they are crap. Even the CDC says so. They are just epidemiological data...number crunching. They do NOTHING to prove that mercury is safe. Prove to us that Mercury is safe to inject into a baby.

I won't hold my breath.

jonsmum said...


You said:

"You quote those sources? Really?
REALLY? Unbelievable!
Your children should be removed immediatly from your care!"

Sound familiar to you Phil?
Still bent on getting children removed from their parents?

"How many times do I have to say it?
You use the increased numbers of Autistic people as proof? That's just because people breed, that would be simple multiplication, and that AWARENESS IS GROWING."

If this were the case, then why haven't we seen a 6,000% increase in other genetic conditions, disease and illness?
If we are breeding so prolifically to cause a 6,000% rise in autism, then the incidence of sexually transmitted disease should be going through the roof!

Are you really this stupid?

Anonymous said...

"BTW, Phil has no children of his own and has stated that he has no intention of having any children,"

There is a God!

Anonymous said...

I think Phil means there is a 6000% increase in his sock puppet names and personalities, correspoding to the huge increase in harrassment of teenagers online.

Foresam said...

Maybe Offit would give Phil a job. He could probably use a crazed idiot with Asperger's on his staff who claims he likes having brain damage.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Phil can sub in for Offit - he can wear a wrestling outfit (hell, I'll even throw in my kid's Halloween cape). BE A MAN PHIL -- VACCINATE 100,000 times. I'd pay good $$$ to see this.

Anonymous said...

Phil say the "Every Child by Two" group and wanted to join until he found out they weren't handing out two kids for every applicant. Now he has to stick to the internet to find his underage victims.

Curious George said...

Alright. If you're so convinced that 187mg of Thimerosal is perfectly safe, let's see you go out and get that injected. If it's safe as you whine and cry that it is then you've nothing to fear.

But you're going to come up with an excuse to weasel out of it. Because you're a cowardly liar.

Ishmael, that which is asserted without evidence can be denied without evidence. If you were to say "I'm 6'11", broadshoulered, and handsome" there's no evidence you are. There's no evidence you're a short fat ugly guy, but there is evidence that you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

"BE A MAN PHIL -- VACCINATE 100,000times. I'd pay good $$$ to see this."

I think Phil already did, which would exlain his insanity. The guy is barking!

Barry said...

Jonsmum, your comment about Timelord was awesome!

John, do you have her email address? Invite her to my forum!

"Loony Lord."

Droopy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Foresam said...

Cube demon,
Your comment was on the wrong post so I put it here. No, I wouldn't accept you as a replacement simpleton for Offit.

CubeDemon said...
Dear Mr. Best

This is cubedemon here. I have been recently diagnoised with aspergers syndrome after 29 years of living on this earth. You make the claim that all forms of autism is really mercury poisioning. I am going to give you a chance to prove what you say. You have made a challenge to Paul Offit in your post on your blog I am sure Paul Offit is willing to take you up on your challenge but I'm sure he has better things to do. Instead of him taking the challenge I will offer to take you up on your challenge under certain conditions. Here are the conditions.

1. The test has to be conducted under double-blind conditions

2. The test has to be conducted and administered by a third party who has no stake in this autism debate and who is an expert at conducting it double-blind.

3. Magicians need to be there at this test to make sure neither I nor you are pulling any kind of sleight of hand trick.

4. You will write up exactly what you are testing for which will be approved or denied by the person conducting and adminstering the test and which will be approved or denied .

5. You will write up the protocols of this test which will be approved or denied by the person conducting and adminstering the test.

6. You and a person I will choose will decide who will be the conductor and the administrator of this test.

7. I choose, if he chooses to accept this role, David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) to decide with you who will be the conductor and the administrator.

Now Mr. John Best, these are the terms of the test and if you fail to prove your claim.

1. You will submit your website, hating autism, to the different hate watch groups.
a. klanwatch
b. hatewatch
c. ADL(Anti-Defemation league)
d. all other famous hate watch sites

2. You will provide us with your military service history

3. You will never ever mention Neurodiversity in a negative connotation again.

4. You will go to a psychologist or psychiatrist to determine if you have any psychological problems

5. You will get the help Little Sam needs which is psychological and psychiatric help and will accept Little Sam for who he is and step into his world. John Best,

You decide the consequences if you succeed this test.

I'm willing to put my life on the line Mr. Best, now are you going to put up or shut up?


Mon Dec 15, 09:57:00 PM EST

CubeDemon said...

Mr. John Best

What are you afraid of Mr. Best? Are you afraid that you might be wrong in what you believe?

I know you love to gamble and play poker Mr. Best. You dealt the hand Mr. Best and I made my move and called you out. So, are you going to make your play or are going to fold?

Mr. Best, I am not only an aspie but I am from a jewish background. You want all autistic children euthanized. I am a part of two cultures, the jewish culture and the autistic culture. I consider this a threat not only against aspies and auties I consider this a threat against us jews as well.

Mr. Best you speak glowingly of Joesph Gobbels, the propaganda minister of nazi germany. In fact, you had one of your favorite books as mein kampf written by Adolf Hitler.

I think you are a nazi sympathizer and you have wanted to run for the U.S. presidency.

This is why I consider this to be a threat against us jews and I will speak out against you.

If I am wrong and all you really want to do is cure your son then let's cut the bullshit and accept my challenge.

You have dealt the cards, I've made my play, what is your next move?


Foresam said...

Demon, Phil or whoever you are,
You're too fucked up mentally for me to take you seriously. Get help.

CubeDemon said...

Mr. John Best

I see your comeback is an ad-hominem attack. The challenge I proposed could easily resolve this whole mercury debate either way. You really do have control issues Mr. Best. Since I challenged you and provided the conditions which took away your absolute power and control of the challenge you proposed to Offit, you cannot handle it. Mr. Best you do not like to relinquish control at all. Mr. Best you are more insecure than you let on.

Mr. Best if you truly want to help your son than you will accept my challenge and relinquish this craving for absolute power and control.


Foresam said...

Wackos Anonymous is recruiting, please enlist.