Saturday, January 03, 2009

Video of Neuropsychopath at

Here is a nice video of a Neuropsychopath on So far, it is possible to leave comments without them being deleted. This is a good opportunity to expose these anti-cure scumbags for what they are, abusers of autistic children.

Below is the comment I left under ne'eman's video. It might be deleted there but, not here.

Ari Ne'eman is a blatant liar. He refers to himself as autistic when, in fact, he has Asperger's. He was diagnosed so late in life that I question the Asperger's too.

If Ne'eman was trying to be honest, he would call his organization the Asperger's self advocacy network. By using the word "autism" in the title and ranting against a cure, Ne'eman pretends to speak for autistic children who smear feces all over themselves, bite themselves into bloody messes, bash their heads on concrete, never learn to read or write and eventually spend their adult lives locked up in asylums.

We have already cured many of these children who used to be thought of as hopeless cases. So, using Ne'eman's logic, we can assume he would like to reinject the mercury into them that we removed so they could go back to enjoying smearing feces all over themselves.

Ne'eman has been schooled by a deranged group of psychopaths known as Neurodiversity (Neuroinsanity to me) who are on a propaganda mission to prevent people from learning how to cure autism.

These psychopaths could not stop me from curing my son and the world needs to know that there is no truth in what they say, starting with calling themselves "autistic".

Posted by John Best on 01/03/2009 @ 04:33AM PST

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