Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Autism in Finland, Treatment Strategies, David Andrews

This is the Finnish psychologist David Andrews. Below is a discussion of how Mr Andrews treats autism.

Andrews threatened me with legal action so I took his picture down. The link shows him looking like a stumblebum in a Youtube video.

David Andrews is a psychologist with a Master's Degree from Oulu U. who might now be working someplace in the field of psychology. I don't know if he spends his days keeping statistics on rats or actually takes money for dealing with mentally ill people. I can only hope he is not allowed to see children professionally.

Andrews likes to contribute to a deranged cult of sadists who present false information about autism. These sadists get their jollies by making fun of autistic people and berating them whenever they need a laugh for themselves.

David Andrews happened to catch an autistic man trying to stand up for himself while commenting at a blog run by a mentally challenged woman who calls herself the Autistic Bitch from Hell. You can see the full exchange here. Below, the Finnish psychologist demonstrates how Oulu University taught him to treat people with autism who seek help for their disability. Andrews' remarks are bolded.

Oh dear, Jonny boy, what an ignorant assuming piece of shit you really are, eh?

"David, it does not matter whether i listened in my social psych classes or not."

Yes, it does. You'd know more about the influence of other people's prejudices and their effects on the everyday lives of those subjected to them. Dipshit.

"I am not an M.ED. pending or distinguished, but I have learned about autism from the inside out, the real world, unlike you, who just learned from books,"

Learned from real life, inside out. There sems to have been as suspicion of autism when I was younger, but not much was done about it. Very nearly ended up in a special school but - if you are a product of special education - I'm glad I didn't fucking go! LoL!

"knows nothing about autism was able to get married, never went to a special ed school and happened to diagnose themselves well into adulthood, only after they found out their daughter was autistic."

I know more about autism than you'll ever fucking know, tosspot! LoL And yes, I was able to get married... not all that rare, actually! And I was diagnosed by two psychiatrists in the UK as an adult back in 1997. Get your fucking facts straight, and contend with being an idiot. My god... this is why you only have a Bachelor's degree.

Now we know the REAL Jonathan Mitchell, don't we? Hates anyone on the spectrum who did a shitload better than he feels he did.

Self-sorrowing arsehole.

By David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction), at 12:57 AM


seshadri said...

He even looks like a jackass.

Foresam said...

That about sums it up with Andrews, jackass, not autistic.