Friday, January 23, 2009

Illuminati Orders Obama to Poison Babies

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator
with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. —That to secure these rights,
Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —That whenever any Form of
Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their
Safety and Happiness

Obama announced that he would continue the maiming of babies, worldwide, when he released his policy statement on autism. Of course, he can not come out and state this overtly. You have to know the truth about how George H W Bush began ratcheting up the design to decrease intelligence for the great unwashed. Autism and other neurological disabilities are just an unfortunate offshoot for about 1 out of 6 children who are most susceptible to having mercury and aluminum shot into them via vaccines.

In the Illuminati's grand scheme, they are following an old maxim of war, burn the books and bury the scholars. They write the books and they control the media so they have that part covered. It's easier to make the population stupid than it is to kill them so that's what they are doing through poisons in vaccines.

Vaccines have been laced with thimerosal since 1931, a preservative that contains mercury and aluminum. It seems that it wasn't until the 1970's that any scientists figured out that thimerosal was the cause of neurological problems. I have talked with scientists who worked for vaccine manufacturers and reported these findings to superiors, only to have their concerns ignored. This is about the time that ADD appeared in children making it very difficult for them to pay attention and learn their lessons in school.

Autism also began a slow increase in the 1970's coupled with an increase in vaccines. As vaccines increased in the 1980's, autism and ADD increased slowly. Then, in 1991, while George HW Bush was president, the onslaught really began to maim every baby's brain that was born. That's when they started using the needless HepB shot on the day of birth to intentionally cause brain damage for everyone. Since babies don't develop a blood brain barrier that helps filter out the mercury and aluminum until they are about a month old, delivering the poison to them when they are first born is the most effective way to kill brain cells for most and cause grave damage for about one percent like SIDS and autism. Here is an explanation of why some are seriously affected and why most don't show obvious damage.

It wasn't until 1999 that the CDC told us that thimerosal was the cause of this brain damage. Then in 2000, a group of drug company and government scientists met at Simpsonwood Retreat in Norcross, Georgia and decided to try to cover all of this information up. So, we see that Clinton, George W Bush and now Obama are continuing this coverup.

In 2000, Dr Amy Holmes did a study on chelation, a method to remove mercury and other toxic metals from the brains of autistic children to see if it would improve their conditions. Autism had always been considered incurable. Holmes was right. Others continued her work and we began curing autistic children for the first time by removing mercury from their brains and addressing the residual damage.

These are things that are never reported by the media. The Illuminati will not allow it. They have allowed ex Playboy Centerfold Jenny McCarthy to go on TV and talk about her autistic son but they always put up a message from the CDC advising the public that vaccines do not cause autism to discredit her. Sometimes, they let her go on a TV program opposite a doctor or two so the public sees doctors versus a centerfold and she is immediately ignored by most of the general public. This is done by design to help discredit everyone like me who knows the truth. I have partially recovered a severely autistic son by chelation. I was told to stick him in an asylum when he was only three years old. Now, he's twelve, still at home and functions well enough that he should be able to live outside an asylum with some assistance. And, he keeps improving.

That's the background. Obama knows that he should end the use of thimerosal. He knows it is causing all of this damage. Every politician in Washington DC knows this. People like me have been bugging the hell out of all of them for ten years now to ask them to stop poisoning our babies. They simply refuse to stop it.

Obama's statement on autism never mentions thimerosal. It is still in the vaccines, even though the public has been led to believe otherwise. The most dangerous vaccine is the flu shot that is given to pregnant women. As with the HepB shot, this puts the mercury and aluminum in the brain of the fetus while it is defenseless and causes more damage than giving it to an older baby. Obama is well aware of this, as are all politicians. The fact that he did not act to stop this child abuse immeidately proves he is following orders from above. No person who is aware of how thimerosal causes brain damage could allow business as usual to poison babies.

Any sane and decent person would ban thimerosal and inform the public how to reverse the brain damage as soon as they took office. This poisoning can only be by design. The only way to stop it is to spread the word that all parents have to avoid vaccines for their children until politicians can be pressured to tell the whole truth.

Another problem here is that the handful of parents who know the facts are being led astray by an author named David Kirby who keeps insisting that they wait for more studies to be done to prove what we already know. Kirby wrote a book called Evidence of Harm that reported a lot of the facts about how thimerosal causes autism. Then he became a spokesman for the cause and used weasel words to make it look like he didn't know what he was talking about when he made public appearances. Lots of young parents fell for his act and saw him as a savior while he continues to make them look like idiots by pretending we don't have the proof that thimerosal caused the brain damage.

I can only hope that those who understand the insidious nature of the Illuminati can help spread this story so that everyone understands it and learns that they must refuse vaccines. For extra credit, this study shows plans for future lies that will convince parents to abort healthy babies.


Anonymous said...

About 3 weeks ago i was sat at my PC and for some unknown reason Robbie Williams popped into my head. I could'nt understand how someone who was a multi millionaire and had the world in his hands just started talking about aliens and just dissapeared off our screens!! Why? So i did a couple of google searches and came across a website on moon anomalies( an interesting site that is!! From there i read about a Milton William Cooper(Bill Cooper)who had worked for the US armed forces for some years. He spoke of a new world order,the illuminati,majority 12 or majestic 12.He had published a book called'Behold A Pale Horse'and traveled across the US doing organised talks about his life and what he knew. From there i came across a google video of a Dr Fred Bell and a Dr Bill Deagle( they really know what there talking about.They both worked on black projects in the US. I decided to check out Bill Deagles website ( found that autism and ADD ADHD and all sorts of other dissabilaties came from mercury in the brain due to vaccines and it was possible to treat these dissorders,maybe not totally defeat them but help. The irony of it all is my 11 yr old son has ADHD and my 8 yr old has autism and both had the MMR and had regressed.Pretty amazing how a pop star lead me to my children's dissabilaties and a chance of helping them. Coincidence you might say. I dont belive in coincidence! My wife and i now know our children were poisoned by the secret government but that will not get us down and we stay very POSITIVE and we will fight this poison.They need to stop poisoning people and come out of the shadows and grow a backbone.Let the world know what they know and we can all stand together as 1 and sort our planet out. Iam not going to tell you how hard our life is due to autism because you know the answer to that.I will finnish off by saying that my heart goes out to every human being who has a mercury and aspartame induced illness and me and my wife are with you all in spirit and always will be!

Foresam said...

This link is where people learn to cure autism from Dr Andy Cutler.

I think there's a lot of garbage "out there" about alien abductions, etc..

The fact that babies are intentionally being poisoned is all too real. People have to learn that they are being poisoned by vaccines. That's all I hope to accomplish, to spread that information.

Foresam said...

I left out a comment here that I agree with because I don't want the person who wrote it having his door broken down at 4:00AM.

Powered_by_Starbucks said...

Wow, now you've got my curiosity about that comment! Sounds juicy!

How is Sam doing compared to how he was doing at three? I'd love to know just how he has progressed; my daughter is pretty severely affected and we have been doing biomeds since July. I am beginning to have hope that even if I cannot completely recover her that she will be able to live on her own either at home with us or in a group home with some assistance. She is so much healthier and happier since we have started treating her biological issues.

I don't agree with every single thing on this blog, but I do agree with one thing - our kids are poisoned, this is NOT a "genetic" thing, and our government doesn't give a rat's ass. Oh, and neurodiversity is insane.

I guess that's four things I agree with you on! And that's why I enjoy reading here; it is refreshing and I get a kick out of your no-bullshit writing style.

Foresam said...

Thanks, Sam's no comparison to what he was before chelation. It's close to 5 years since we started. We did it about every other weekend for two years and sporadically since then. He was almost eight when we started so your chances are probably better starting at age three.

The comment I left out was just a logical solution to this whole problem. Any sane person will reach the same conclusion if they study this nonsense long enough.

Powered_by_Starbucks said...

I hear you John, about sane people. I never realized how few and far between those types of folks are anymore.@@

My daughter is not three, but almost six years old. She will have her birthday next month. We did have a porphyrin test done about five months ago that showed she had slightly elevated levels of both lead and mercury but of course we are doing the whole "clean up the gut first". I know you said that chelation fixed his gut problems so I am wondering if I shouldn't push to start it sooner. It gives me hope if you saw improvements with chelation at age eight. Also, from what I understand, boys are tougher to chelate because mercury is reactive to testosterone so maybe I'll have even more luck since I have a girl and that isn't a factor?

My daughter is a lot like what you described Sam in earlier blog posts - doesn't talk, isn't toilet-trained, has the cognitive functioning of a two-year-old, a very short attention span, etc. Thankfully we have never had issues with her self-injuring like you did with Sam but she did injure her baby brother a few months ago and landed him in the hospital. NOT fun.

I have to agree that anyone who doesn't think we should cure autism is insane. I wouldn't wish some of the crap we've been through in the last four years due to this stupid autism on my worst enemy.

Foresam said...

I really can't say what happened medically with Sam's gut becoming normal. Four years or so of constipation all of a sudden vanished and the mental improvements began without any GF/CF stuff. I don't think it was a factor for him, not saying it isn't for others.

I think Sam needs more than chelation to keep improving but, as long as our elected scoundrels won't fund the treatments, Sam is just out of luck. For that reason, I would love to see all politicians have autism in their families so they have to endure the same horror. Then they might do the right things.

Powered_by_Starbucks said...

I would too John. Can you imagine if every political family in Washington D.C. had a severely autistic child, a son, daughter, neice, or nephew suffering like our kids do? I can guarantee our kids would get the help they need then. Unless it gets to that point those people are not going to give a shit and it's going to be up to the parents to figure this out.

We are doing dietary interventions but the biggest improvements have been through supplementation and yeast treatments. She is still low-functioning but she is much happier and sleeps better at night. The puffy bags under her eyes disappeared in a few days of yeast treatment and she quit dragging her bottom on the ground like an itchy dog all the time too.

We are trying B-12 shots right now but it is too early to tell if they are going to help her or not as I just started last week. She's definitely had more hyperactivity since starting the shots, but that can be normal for awhile from detoxing, from what I have heard.

seshadri said...

My son is 6 now and we started at 3. Its night and day. He was like a retard then, 18 months later he was like a village idiot. Now he's the obsessive compulsive ADD, ADHD kid with a speech delay. Excellent speech but repetetive. Says the same thing 40 times, not just 1 time.
He got potty trained in just about 2 weeks, and held on to it in spite of 2 very stressful moves 6 months apart. I am almost sure chelation will cure him.
So far we did just 3 months of it total with a geier schedule. 1 on 1 off and its just 1 pill a day on the on days.

Dawn said...

Thank you for keeping up the fight. My family was poisoned too.

seshadri said...

Foresam said...
I left out a comment here that I agree with because I don't want the person who wrote it having his door broken down at 4:00AM.

Sat Jan 24, 11:20:00 PM EST

I think I resemble that remark. Hey, I'm from the old school where that sorta thing - well it doesn't happen because its still a non violent country on the whole, but we show that in movies, not the opposite like we do here.

Dawn said...

Hey John,

I guess these "freaks" at are pretty "freaked" about you and I. Apparently, they have blocked my IP address and I cannot post at all. Funny how it happened...I said that many have sold their souls to the devil and posted a package insert in the process. Whoops....

Foresam said...

I think most of the "scientists" at those blogs are heterophobes who are afraid of women and straight men. They're too stupid to be taken seriously.

dgdavis said...

Yes Dawn,
Post facts about the vaccines with the individual package inserts and they all suddenly clam up! I'm still waiting for my latest stalker, Phil what's his face, "Timelord" to post a new thread on the AS forum to refute the facts. He's too busy following me to AutismWeb and making a ridiculous pest of himself there. I wonder how long it will be before he's banned...

Anonymous said...

I can only but post

It looks atleast as accurate as anyone claiming a link between autism and mercury in vaccinations.

I'd also like to point out something that we'd lose if it wasn't for sufficient vaccinations. Losing that means kids will outright DIE in childhood at rates 10x to 100x more then do now...

Foresam said...

Extremely ignorant people like to complain about herd immunity, as though a case of the measles has any comparison to autism. All of those childhood diseases are good for children as they prepare their immune systems for fighting a lifelong battle against all sorts of disease.

All of this rhetoric is just propaganda designed to get negligent criminals from Pharma off the hook. Fuck you.