Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What Will UMBC Do About Ari Ne'eman

UMBC responded. I guess Dr Hrabowski didn't feel like avoiding the issue himself so some guy namd David Gleason wrote me a letter. The nitwit Gleason wrote some BS and ended with this: "While you and others may disagree with Ari's point of view, his advocacy work is consistent with this framework and the freedom of speech that is a core value in the academy and in our nation."

Mr Gleason must have learned the comedy routine from the famous comedian with the same surname. Gleason pretends to not notice the fact that Ne'eman's advocacy is a blatant lie by pretending he also can not understand the difference between autism and Asperger's syndrome that I clearly spelled out in my letter below. David Gleason here tells me that UMBC approves of their students committing fraud that harms low functioning autistic children and tries to justify it by slinging "freedom of speech" at me.

Well Mr Gleason, I have the same freedom of speech to point out that your BS in this matter means that UMBC just doesn't give a damn about teaching their students anything about ethics. Your refusal to tame the monster you have created by ignoring his extremely unethical behavior means he will be free to harm more children like my severely disabled son with his blatant lies. I can only hope other parents see how UMBC encourages their students to abuse autistic children so they may send them to a more reputable college.

I sent this letter to Dr Freeman Hrabowski III, President of the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus to alert him to the deviant sophistry practiced by one of his students, Ari Ne'eman. It should be interesting to see his reply.

Dear Dr Hrabowski,
I notice that you have an interest in Civil Rights. One of your students, Ari Ne'eman,
is using some extremely devious sophistry to stomp on the Civil Rights of my son, a
severely autistic 12 year old boy who can't speak to speak for himself. Young Mr Ne'eman
is also abusing the Civil Rights of tens of thousands of other severely autistic people
who also do not have the ability to speak.
Your Mr Ne'eman even has the chutzpah to try to foist himself off as a civil rights
advocate himself while he tramples on the disabled children. Back in the 1960's, I
helped out the Black Panthers in a legitimate civil rights struggle. For Ne'eman to
claim that he is standing up for my son's civil rights would be akin to the Grand Dragon
of the Ku Klux Klan claiming to represent the Black Panthers.
Ari Ne'eman is an intelligent young man with Asperger's syndrome, a condition vastly
different from the autism my son suffers from. Mr Ne'eman has been engaging in a warped
brand of advocacy where he runs around claiming that severely disabled children like my
son should not be cured. When he engages in this warped advocacy, he tries to pawn
himself off as autistic. Ne'eman is cleverly deceiving many people by bastardizing the
true meaning of autism when he assigns that definition to himself, a man who is quite
capable intellectually and has nothing in common with a 12 year old who can't read,
write, or use a toilet.
My son is one of those extremely damaged boys who smears feces, Dr Hrabowski. I have
cleaned that feces off the walls of my house hundreds of times. For Mr Ne'eman to claim
that boys like my son, not only should not be cured but, that they do not want to be
cured themselves is some seriously depraved sophistry. Ne'eman has presented this
deranged version of autism to President elect Obama's team. Painting autism is the wrong
light will be damaging to all of those children like my son who would desperately love to
be able to speak, read, write and become adults who do not have to wear diapers.
Before Mr Ne'eman does any more damage to the public perception of how truly borrible
autism is, I respectfully request that you suspend his regular classes and do something
about teaching this young man the basics of ethical behavior. For UMBC to produce
monsters like Ne'eman who would abuse disabled children does not speak well for your
Thank you,
John Best
113 Old Derry Rd
Londonderry, NH 03053

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