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Where is Courtney Zietzke?

Here is the book that parents should have embraced and the author who should be speaking for us instead of David Kirby. I think David Kirby hijacked the truth about autism so he could lead us all down the wrong path.

Here is part of the author's note from Evidence of Harm:
"In no way do I endorse the biomedical treatment for autism described in this book, nor could I. ...There is not enough evidence....Only through double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trials will we know if these treatments provide any real benefit."

This sounds like something that could have been written by Dr David Gorski (Orac) or Kevin Leitch (dirtbag). This was written after some children had already been cured. Who better than a gay guy to con a bunch of parents who are predominantly women. Women trust gay guys easier than they trust straight guys since the sexual tension doesn't come into play. Whoever told Kirby to write this book knew something about psychological warfare.

Courtney Zietzke's phone number is not the same now. His email also does not reach him. I'd love to know how Mr Zietzke feels about Kirby's leadership. I think Zietzke's book was published about a year before Kirby's. Draw your own conclusions.

Mercury : The Winged Messenger by Courtney L. Zietzke
Format ISBN Price
Electronic Book 1414026447 $4.95
Paperback (5x8) 1418437816 $11.50

About the Book

This book will begin to answer questions about what many will eventually call the worst medical tragedy in modern medical history. The corrupt political system that has tried to protect and cover up the facts about this atrocity has only begun to show its evil face. This book tries to answer questions about why "Autism" has exploded into a national epidemic.

This national tragedy could have and should have been avoided.

These afflicted children need help.

The establishment(s) that caused this tragedy have been unsympethic, evasive and full of legal denials.

This book deals with the truth and will anger many people as a result.

Mercury is one of natures most toxic poisons.

Why was this poison intentionally injected into our children--.?

About the Author

Mr Courtney Zietzke is a 42 year old financial accountant from Seattle, WA. Over the last three years Mr. Zietzke has done extensive research into the causes of what many call "Autism." His opinions in this book are substantiated with proven facts and direct uncontested evidence. Mr. Zietzke like thousands of concerned parents wanted answers into what went wrong and most importantly why did this national tragedy have to happen.

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As a parent of an Autistic child, it is difficult to describe the pain and resentment that is felt by having a perfect baby and then having that baby snatched from you at about 16 months old.The brain damage that my child received should not have happened. The industry is the best in the World. There are safeguards and redundancies built into the system. However, in this case, the system failed and failed badly.

My child and countless others were injected with a substance known as Thimerosal. Thimerosal is an additive to baby vaccines that contains 49.6% Mercury. This substance was banned by the pet vaccination industry over ten years ago because of known health risks. The pharmaceutical industry kept this additive in the baby vaccines, knowing full well the risks to our children's health.

According to my child's weight and the amount of vaccines he received that contained this additive, my child and thousands of other children have received over 40 times the legal safety limit for mercury exposure as established by the Environmental Protection Agency.

I speak for literarily thousands of concerned and angry parents who basically got burned by a system that has been perverted by Greed, Politics, and Corruption.

In the last several years, the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ), the Centers of Disease Control ( CDC ) and the National Institutes of Health ( NIH ) have granted hundreds of waivers of the conflict of interest rule in favor of the drug giants and their "paid consultants". Has the U.S. health care system been unduly influenced? Thousands of children have suffered the consequences of these people's greed and short sightedness.

My child was born perfectly healthy, full of life. He had the potential to achieve anything in life that he would have chosen to do. Because of a short sighted medical system that failed, my child is now a semi vegetative little boy who is lost in his own tortured world of mercury induced autism.

This book talks about the cause and the arrogant atmosphere that abounds in the vaccine community that has caused this tragedy. If you look at an autistic child, you will notice fear and profound sadness on their little faces. They are imprisoned in a world where they desperately want to escape, but can't. The frustration that these children feel and their cries for help have been ignored by the very system that caused this atrocity.

When I look upon other healthy six year old children who are playing, communicating and living normal lives, I wonder what might have been with my little boy. I am sure I am not alone in my thoughts. This is a painful and very tragic occurrence.

Instead of concern, sympathy and needed help, the Pharmaceutical industry and the "system" that caused this tragedy has been for the most part un sympathetic, evasive and full of legal denials. This book will anger many people, which is precisely what it is intended to do.

My desire is to light a fire under the bureaucrats, politicians and the medical community to get off their asses and do something to help these children. These children did not deserve what they got. The parents of these brain damaged children have suffered terrible pain and financial hardship as a result of the greed and political corruption from the very segment of our society that was supposed to invoke trust and medical excellence.

Is this book critical? You bet it is. I know I speak for thousands of people who, like myself want answers. The tragic truth is that every time a question is asked, all that is given in return is deception, distorted truths and out right lies from the very people we trusted the most.

Lastly, it is my hope that this book will at least get people asking the questions of



zietzke said...

AUTISM - A POLITICAL BOMBSHELL " NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND"? President Bush unwilling to address this National Tragedy. Parents are outraged.

Autism has hit epidemic levels with no end in sight. The President has failed to address this National Tragedy....WHY ? There are 25 facts that will leave the American people asking questions. New Book Titled, Mercury: The Winged Messenger presents these 25 facts and others...


Fact # 1 Mercury is one of the most poisonous substances known to medical science.

Fact # 2 Thimerosal, is a chemical that was used as a preservative in children's vaccines that was intentionally added to the vaccines to increase profits by way of multi dose bottles that were given to millions of our children.

Fact # 3 Thimerosal is 49.6% MERCURY, a proven and deadly neuro-toxin that causes permanent brain damage. The Material Safety Data Sheet (M.S.D.S.) confirms toxicity fears.

Fact # 4 Hundreds of Thousands of children received as much as 40 times the safe level for mercury exposure as established by the Environmental Protection Agency ( E.P.A.) from the thimerosal that was used in the vaccines.

Fact # 5 The pharmaceutical industry stocks exploded in value from 1986 to 1999. This was the direct result of federal mandates requiring vaccines for all school children.

Fact # 6 There has been over 700 waivers of the conflict of interest rule by the F.D.A., C.D.C., and the N.I.H regarding paid consultancy from the drug industry. Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana has called this a "VIOLATION OF THE PUBLICS TRUST".

Fact # 7 Former President Bush (41) was appointed to the Eli Lilly board of directors and lobbied for additional tax breaks until the Supreme Court itself told him to stop.

Fact # 8 Former Vice President Quayle's family controlled Eli Lilly during that time frame. As a result of Bush's appointment to the Eli Lilly Board of Directors, it is suspected that Dan Quayle was selected as the Vice Presidential Candidate.

Fact # 9 Present and former Eli Lilly executives are now employed with the current Bush Administration.

Fact # 10 The Current Administration has tried to insert an eleventh hour Eli Lilly Rider provision in the Homeland Security Bill, that illegally protected the drug industry at the expense of thousands of mercury poisoned children.

Fact # 11 The current administration tried to "SEAL" CDC documents that proved the danger to children from the thimerosal additive used in the vaccines.

Fact # 12 The CDC tried to bury documented reports on thimerosal. They deliberately marked public documents with the phrase "DO NOT COPY OR RELEASE" This violated most consumer protection laws.

Fact # 13 The drug industry has paid consultants that tried to disprove the relationship between autism and mercury poisoning from the multi doses of thimerosal that was given to our children.

Fact # 14 The symptoms of mercury poisoning and that of autism are IDENTICAL.

Fact # 15 The onset of "Autism" has exploded in the last 15 years to epidemic levels.

Fact # 16 This onset occurred when the multi dose vaccines containing the thimerosal was given to our children on multiple occasions during the first two years of a childs life.

Fact # 17 The U.S. Government and state governments require ALL children to have
21 mandated vaccines before being admitted to schools. Most of these vaccines contained the Thimerosal / Mercury up to the year 2001. The current flu vaccine still contains thimerosal.

Fact # 18 The pet vaccine industry took thimerosal out of pet vaccines over ten years
ago because of known risks to animals.

Fact # 19 Eli Lilly Company distorted information on the dangers of thimerosal as early as 1930. This has been proven by internal Eli Lilly documents and Congressional investigations by
Congressman Burton's committee on Government Reform.

Fact # 20 The U.S. Government has a three year statute of limitation vaccine court of law, that has illegally protected the drug industry by way of violating the U.S. Constitution. This court has and will dismiss law suits because of this illegal three year statute.....This in essence is obstruction of justice and violates the Constitutional rights of these vaccine injured children.

Fact # 21 Eli Lilly and other drug giants have contributed large sums of money to the Republican political process.

Fact # 22 The drug industry never disclosed that their baby vaccine products contained this dangerous mercury additive. Parents were never warned or notified.

Fact # 23 Congressman Burton of Indiana has proposed bringing criminal charges against those who are responsible for this national tragedy.

Fact # 24 There have been over 120,000 documented cases of "AUTISM" - Mercury poisoning to our children. Another 250,000 cases are suspected.

These children will require care and support for the rest of their lives. The costs to the parents will exceed $ 2 million dollars per injured child. These are crimes against humanity. Children's lives have been destroyed.

Fact # 25 Majority leader Bill Frist has proposed a new law that again illegally protects The pharmaceutical industry by way of violating the Constitutional Rights of over 120,000 vaccine injured children. Title ll of this proposed law is an atrocity. The rights of these children and that of their parents MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS.

These 25 facts and others are presented in detail in the Book Titled, MERCURY: THE WINGED MESSENGER...A MUST READ BOOK FOR EVERY PARENT.

The American people deserve the TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, John. I hadn't heard about this book. I'll buy a copy.

~ Watson

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I see there are some excellent reviews at Amazon..

~ Watson