Thursday, January 22, 2009

David Kirby Agrees with Obama, Keep Poisoning Babies

"How could anyone, on any side of the autism argument, be unhappy with this?" David Kirby

This is a comment I saw from David Kirby regarding Obama's autism plan.

Wake the fuck up Kirby! How many more kids have already been poisoned since this bastard took office. Open your fucking mouth, demand the truth or stop getting in the way of solving the problem!

Kirby pretends he can't see the obfuscation of the truth that I noted in my previous blog entry. The right question to ask is how can anyone be stupid enough to agree with Obama's bullshit. Any idiot, even Kirby, can see that Obama's plan is to just waste more time and do nothing.

Why don't you question why Obama won't ban all thimerosal, Kirby? Whose fucking side are you on here? Will you tell the mothers of the fetuses who were poisoned in the last two days by Obama that they should be happy? You fucking asshole!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe this shit is actually happening. Thank god I don't have kids yet. And until I know 100% that my kids are being poisoned by the fucking illuminati and the obama puppet, I won't be having kids. They need to get their shit together. I can't wait till March 15th! Look up the Zeitgeist if you haven't already for those of you reading this!