Monday, January 05, 2009

Ari Ne'eman, Thief Steals from Autistic People

Ari Ne'eman has set up a sham charity called the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. The page on where he tries to steal money that's meant to help autistic people says this: "The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) is a non-profit organization run by and for autistic people. ASAN's supporters include autistic adults and youth, those with other distinct neurological ty...Read More" So far, this young thief has only misappropriated $305 from the 121 mental cases who joined his cause but the money is not the big issue here.

Ne'eman has become the spokesmodel for Neurodiversity, which is an arm of Quackbusters, an arm of Pharma. His ASAN is an offshoot of Neurodiversity. ASAN is not run by any autistic people. It is run by people with Asperger's. People with autism could no more run a charity than they could swim across the Pacific. Most of them can't even write their names.

ASAN is simply a cover that claims to support people when the fact is that it is trying to abuse people with autism. Giving money to ASAN to help autistic people is like giving money to the Red Sox and being told it will be used to help the Yankees.

ASAN took credit for waging a battle of propaganda to force NYU to end an ad campaign last year that was designed to raise autism awareneess. NYU had some billboards that described the true horror of autism, something ASAN is trying to hide. Unfortunately, so many psychopaths associated with ASAN bombarded NYU with disingenuous letters that NYU was stupid enough to buckle to this apparent pressure from the autism community and remove the ads.

The fact of the matter was that the autism community liked the ads. The letters that were sent to NYU came from people who are trying to prevent anyone from curing autism. These psychopaths only claim to be autistic. They aren't. Some of them, like Ne'eman have the Asperger's diagnosis which basically means that they are a little bit screwy but can function like anyone else. People with autism have had their brains turned to mush by vaccines and most of them can't even tie their shoes, use a toilet, read, write or be left alone for a minute without someone watching them.

Ne'eman and his group are trying to fool the public by presenting a false image of autism. The aim seems to be to make people believe that those with low functioning autism don't even exist. That's why they try to blur that distinction between the autism and Asperger's diagnosis. They think that it is acceptable to call themselves autistic because Asperger's is on what is known as the Autism Spectrum. So they bastardize "Autism Spectrum" into "autistic" which is the proper name for those completely helpless people that I described. This can only be intentional deception for no person with Asperger's would ever put "autistic" on a job application to conjure up images of the boss having to change their diapers 5 times a day.

The ultimate reason for this deception can only be to make the Vaccine Industry look good at the expense of those low-functioning autistic people. For, if ASAN and their psychopaths can raise enough money to advance more campaigns to spread their propaganda to the general public, the unwitting public will easily be misled.

One of the overt goals of ASAN is to spread the deranged notion that nobody with autism should be cured. These sadists include those low functioning kids who smear feces all over themselves in that group that they claim does not want to be cured. Of course, the non-verbal autistic people can not speak for themselves and anyone who challenges these sadists and their deranged rhetoric is immediately accused of hate speech. Yes, parents who try to speak for low functioning autistic kids are routinely accused of hating everyone with autism for trying to cure them.

None of this makes any sense once you look at all of it but the media has been happy to allow Ne'eman to go on TV and spread this insane propaganda. They don't allow parents of the actual autistic kids the chance to refute this insaniity. So, the public buys it and, pretty soon, these psychopaths could have a sizeable warchest to finance their campaign to misinform the world about autism. They have Ne'eman to present to the world, who looks just strange enough with his eye abnormalities that the world just might buy it.

Where does this leave those autistic kids who are in dire need of being cured, a cure that already exists for some? The bogus publicity that Ne'eman might gain could prevent parents of those kids from learning the truth.

This nonsense has gone on long enough. We need some legal talent to put an end to it. Intentionally blurring that distincttion between autism and Asperger's has to stop. It is being used for evil purposes.

Here's the video of Ne'eman and Kristina Chew again. Watch closely when they interview Ne'eman. Watch how fast his eyes blink while he's trying to answer questions. It's obvious he's lying. Watch the sneer on his face at 0:54 seconds when the subject of trying to cure the low functioning autistics comes up. He has an answer already figured out. He says anti-cure doesn't mean anti progress.

If you read some of Ne'eman's propaganda, you'll see that he has wonderful things to say about how autistics need education, services, etc but he will not admit that kids have already been cured. He will not tell you that these low functioning kids like mine are so pathetic and helpless that no education does them a bit of good. Medical treatments that cure some of the autism is the only thing that helps these kids at all. Without those treatments to address the damage the vaccines did to their brains, those kids like mine have no chance. That's exactly what Ne'eman wants, for those kids to remain "vegetables" their entire lives.

Somebody please tell me how to report this sham charity?


Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments completely. Aspergers and severe autism are far apart. My son deparately needs medical help to have any true quality of life. He cannot speak or write his own name without assistance.

Meagan said...

"Here's the video of Ne'eman and Kristina Chew again. Watch closely when they interview Ne'eman. Watch how fast his eyes blink while he's trying to answer questions."

Hello. I was wondering if you have ever been on a TV set? (Lights.) I sneeze at bright lights (everywhere-indoors/outdoors.) I am an Aspergers parent with two AS boys. My family has the whole spectrum (hx's of ASD/and Aspergers)

I am wondering why you have to be so hateful, although I agree that the spectrum is very wide and needs to be split up a bit. I, for one, am tired of the fighting. It gets our kids **NOTHING**.

I am an ASAN "idiot." I managed to get married and make more little aspies. (Thanks to Prozac.) I also stay out of the hospital and advocate for our kids (thanks to Prozac.) I didn't know my dx at the time- I was labeled and hospitilized with many ugly names from the age of 14.

I have worked PT, but get overwhelmed (meltdowns) when I try to push myself more, to be "cured" and "normal." I advocate heavily in my state for the WHOLE spectrum. I am even bringing an ABA provider to a meeting next week, to help the "lower functioning pathetically damaged kids" that you are so vividly describing to the world. People with ASD's can HEAR what you say.

I agree Big Pharma sucks. I have no health insurance (locked out after my diagnosis and a divorce.) I understand your pain, my child stopped walking (severe OCD/Conversion Disorder due to school trauma/bullying.)There was *no* Neuro or physical reason except trauma. I wanted him CURED. He is 'recovered' now (of the trauma/severe OCD.) BUt you know what? He is STILL Aspergers, still OCD.

THis world is sucky enought without fighting about things we need to come together on. PLEASE consider your tone. I listen to all sides and try to learn everything I can.

Have a sucky day, you seem to like that.

Foresam said...

You are brave to comment here where Mr Ne'eman is afraid to tread. With the misinformation you have been fed, I don't blame you for your parting shot at me.

Yes, I have been on stages with bright lights. I'm well aware of how bright lights can cause sneezing. I do it intentionally all the time when I need to sneeze and the sneeze is not forthcoming quick enough for me. I learned to look at the sun to get the sneeze out quickly when I was on putting greens so I would not disturb opponents by sneezing during their backswing.

Bright lights do not cause blinking (or sneering) to increase in correlation with the difficulty of the questions you are being asked. They may cause squinting. But, making that claim to help your depraved leader is admirable.

Bringing an ABA person to help low functioning kids is probably a waste of time but your heart is in the right place. Low functioning kids have their brains so scrambled by mercury that you could waterboard them, put them on the rack, beat them with a whip and they would still pay no attention to you. They will not respond to anything until you remove the mercury.

I do not begrudge you or Ari Ne'eman anything that helps improve the lives of anyone on the spectrum. That is not what Mr Ne'eman is doing though. Mr Ne'eman is trying to usurp the rights of low functioning autistics by obfuscating the fact that they even exist. He is a depraved, evil monster and he must be stopped.

Thugnificance said...

I respect your concerns, but I think maybe you're missing the point of this movement. Ari Ne'eman and his ilk aren't ignoring or diminishing the difficulties faced by autistic people and their families. They're saying that, like any disability, this difficulty is socially created (whether or not Ne'eman's charity is legit isn't really relevant to the argument -- this idea is at the root of the progressive disability politics and discourse, and far from new.) The explanatory cliche is that a paraplegic man isn't disabled by his legs, his spine or his wheelchair -- he's disabled by the stairs. Many resist it exactly because it makes us all collectively responsible for rooting out ableist privilege and creating a culture in which real diversity exists -- rather than just shaking our heads at the sad misfortune of those with disabilities and trying to help them be more like ourselves.

To put it another way, ask yourself this: why should anyone have a poor quality of life because they can't use words, write their names, or act the way everyone else acts? If you said "It'll be impossible for them to get a job, have friends, live an independent life..." congratulations, you're talking about social issues, not medical ones. Cure society's unfair privilege and oppression, not people who are so different as to inconvenience the normative majority. It might not be as easy as sweeping those who don't fit the norm under the carpet, but the important stuff is usually not the easy stuff.

Wanting to help the autistic by eliminating autism is like wanting to fix racism by making everyone white... and I'm sure you'd be angrily insisting that anyone who resisted was working for the ethnic hair care product companies.

Foresam said...

Hello Thugidiot,
Why don't you sit still while some autistic kids smear you with feces so you can see how you look with dark colored skin?
Then you can make your inane racial analogy from the proper perspective.

Foresam said...

Tara J Marshall,
Go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

Darian here. A little story and then a question.

When my brother was born, or should I say not long after, he had a pretty violent reaction to his shots. We are talking full body spasms, the works! It was nearly fatal. Since then however, he has been pretty normal, other than having a trigger temper.

Due to his reaction, my mom spread out my vaccine schedule. I did not get my first shot till just before Kindergarten. The only things I remember was being terrified, having to be held down by several people and screaming bloody murder, and feeling light headed afterward, I don't remember feeling sick though.

The question. I wonder why autism affects some far more than others. I mean don't get me wrong, what I have is a disability! Anyone who says different is an idiot!

For example, I rely so rigidly on my routines that if one little thing goes wrong with them, it because almost impossible to fuction for the rest of the day.

Also, even though I feel emotion, it doesn't naturally appear in my face or in my body languages. In order to show others how I feel, I litterally have to think about and act out the emotions I am feeling on the inside. Otherwise, I would look like a blank slate regardless on what I was feeling on the inside.

But that is no where NEAR what others experience! I've always wondered what is it that causes autism to affect those like me so mildly, and others more severly? I asked the same question on Age of Autism, though I have no idea whether or not they will print it.

As you tend to be rather "infamous" due to being so out spoken, I was wondering about what you think.

Foresam said...

Not showing emotion comes in handy if you want to play poker. If you show too much emotion, people might think you're gay for acting too feminine. So, don't worry about it.
If my golf routine is disturbed when I'm setting up for a shot, I back away and start all over. Having routines does not mean you have autism.

Having the APO-E4 protein and not being able to excrete any mercury means you have a great chance of having autism, and Alzheimer's.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your answering me. Unfortunately, I do indeed have Asperger's, I have the self injurous behavior, the full body siezures, etc. I have no DAN! practictioner in my region, and no one in my family will take me, and I have no car. I don't like being what I am!! I don't like going off and destroying my own body, the entire room I'm in, and anyone in said room!! (durring meltdown) But no one will help me!! What has this world come too!! I am female by the way, I probably should have stated that.


Foresam said...

Why don't you go here and find out how to help yourself?

There are also groups for adults where you can exchange info with others going through chelation and getting better. It's cheap, worth considering.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. This guy is a major scamster. This is precisely why I started posting videos of my severely autistic son on YouTUBE. He's under autism & self injury or under my account name: kgaccount on youTUBE. These people are driven by some kind of strange counterfeit spirit that compels them to create chaos and confusion into the autism spectrum as to TAKE away from the real supports and needs of real autistic persons. We need to keep exposing this. Sadly, the media is largely ignorant about autism and simply believes whatever the person says, without even checking historical backgrounds of doing cross analytical investigations of the autism cures, diagnosis, recovery, etc...totally out of control.