Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Greatest Crime in History

Why did Bush order 9/11? Was it to start a war? Did it have something to do with oil? Was it about money? Was it about power? Was it a distraction that is still going on?

Let's look at the timeline for how the Bush family began to poison babies with mercury and aluminum in vaccines to dumb down the whole world.

On 1991, George Bush allowed the Pharmaceutical industry to begin shooting thimerosal (mercury and aluminum) into babies on the day they were born via the HepB vaccine. The HepB vaccine is completely useless as HepB is only transmitted via sexual contact or sharing needles. There was no valid reason to give it to newborn infants. In 1993, there was hardly any autism in the United States, two states had no autism at all. In 1994, three years after the HepB vaccine was introduced, numbers for autism skyrocketed. The numbers continued to increase so that instead of having 1 in 10,000 kids diagnosed with this nightmare called autism, all of a sudden 1 in 150 children had been turned into zombies.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) had never existed prior to the 70's or 80's. I don't know what the statistics show but now, ADD affects 1 out of 6 children. The kids who show no obviously ill effects of this poisoning are far less intelligent overall than previous generations. IQ points have been lost especially among males. Just look at the teenagers in the fast food joints. They can't make change. They get your order wrong more often than not and they usually have a blank look in their eyes with their mouths open in a stupid expression to match the jewelry pierced into their faces.

George Bush sat on the board of Eli Lilly, the company that held the patent on thimerosal, the preservative used in the vaccines. Dan Quayle's family owned Eli Lilly. Thimerosal had been invented in 1929 and was never tested for safety. It was first used in vaccines in 1931 and the first cases of autism were seen and diagnosed in 1943 among children born after the introduction of thimerosal. Prior to that, autism did not exist.

When Bush was replaced by Clinton, Mrs Clinton made it her mission to bring vaccines to the whole world. She made a big push for "helping" the impovershed kids in the third world receive these poisoned vaccines. Bill Gates was sucked into donating millions to this bogus cause.

In 1999, we learned that it was the thimerosal in vaccines that had caused the increase in autism, ADD, etc. It was a CDC employee named Thomas Verstraetren who published the first paper alerting us to this fact. In 2000, a team of 51 government and drug company scientists met at Simpsonwood, a retreat in Georgia to discuss that paper. They agreed with the findings, that thimerosal had caused this brain damage known as autism. They also agreed to cover this up and keep poisoning babies.

Im 2000, we learned how to remove mercury from autistic childrens' brains to cure them of autism. This earth shattering information has never been publicized in the media. Autism was always (and still is) described as incurable). The process known as chelation also cures ADD but doctors refuse to tell us about this.

In 2001, Bush 43 took over and ordered 9/11. With this information that was still being figured out about how babies were routinely poisoned at birth gaining momentum among affected parents of brain damaged children, Bush steadfastly refused to meet with anyone in Congress who tried to make an issue out of this information.

In 2003, Doctor and Senator Bill Frist added a rider to the Patriot Act that was going to protect us from Bush's bogus terrorists to protect the vaccine manufacturers from being sued by anyone who had their kid poisoned into autism. So, it was legal for Eli Lilly to poison babies with thimerosal and nobody could sue them for the childrens' brain damage.

Also in 2003, thimerosal had now been removed from most vaccines (so they claimed). So, they added the flu shot with thimerosal to the vaccine schedule for six month old babies and pregnant women. After they learned of their success at causing brain damage with the HepB vaccine on the day of birth, they knew that the timing of shooting the mercury into the babies was a key factor in intentionally damaging their brains. Babies do not develop a Blood Brain Barrier until they are about a month old and there is nothing to hinder mercury from going directly to the brain without it. The effect of using only the flu vaccine to cause brain damage after most people thought the thimerosal had been removed was that the public would believe that something else must be causing the autism, ADD, speech delays, lowered IQ's, etc.. It worked.

In 2004, a parent of an autistic child, Courtney Zietzke, wrote a book that described all of this called "Mercury, the Winged Messenger". In 2005, another author named David Kirby wrote a similar book called "Evidence of Harm". Kirby's book would only say that thimerosal might havee been a problem and the book was carefully wordsmithed to paint all of the people who were curing autism as a bunch of liars. That book was embraced by the parents of autistic children and Kirby became a spokesman for the cause. Today, after thousands of children have been cured of autism by removing mercury from their brains, this disinformation agent, Kirby, is still asking for more studies to waste our time when we already know the answers.

In 2005, about the same time Kirby's book came out, a propaganda movement sprung up that claimed to be the voice of adults who had autism. In fact, there were virtually no adult autistics and the ones who did exist were all stuck in asylums because their brains were so damaged that they would smear feces on themselves, couldn't learn to read or write, and were basically helpless. These propaganda agents started a crusade to tell people that curing autism was akin to killing the autistic person within to convince parents not to even try to cure their severely damaged kids. They now have an organization dedicated to this insanity with a seemingly direct line to Obama. They are trying to have an act passed that will pretend to help autistic children that is ingeniously wordsmithed to exclude medical treatments that will actually reverse the brain damage.

David Kirby, the alleged representative of all these damaged children, will not say one word about this propaganda and associates with others who sit on a government committee that pretends they can't see the hazard in this propaganda organization. So, the propaganda that allegedly comes from autistic adults and is designed to prevent anyone from curing autism, ADD or other damage caused by vaccines is thus supported by Kirby with his silence.

In October of 2008, Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital did a study on Alzheimer's that I describe here. You have to extrapolate the danger from this bogus study to see how it can be used to convince parents to abort perfectly normal fetuses. Through the bogus results that were claimed in this study about Alzheimer's, the same mechanism that was purposely misidentified can misdentify the mysterious, long searched for and mythical genetic component for autism that can be used to significantly reduce the population by murdering normal ifetuses who might never become autistic.

Aside from the USA, the UK, Canada and a few other wealthy nations, thimerosal is still used in the full dose throughout the world in vaccines. In Africa, they still treat autism with witch doctors and exorcisms. In China, they blame the parents for being lousy parents. The information we have in the USA does not get through to these places. I have no doubt a lot of these brain damaged kids are either killed or allowed to starve to death. They are impossible to care for unless you have a lot of help.

I hope you can see how poisoning every baby on Earth with thimerosal to make the next generations incredibly stupid may have been the real reason for 9/11. The coverup about this goes merrily along.


Anonymous said...

There are many people who do not know 9/11 truth. They say it is conspiracy. There are many videos posted in the web. Which video do you recommend to watch to make people to think again.

Foresam said...

I think people should look at the damage that was done to our children, and continues unabated, and become aware of the most pervasive damage. That damage was caused by the Bush family which is the only explanation I need to point to them as the perpetrators of the BIG distraction.

None of those videos mention the intentional poisoning of babies.

Anonymous said...

Watch Zietgeist or loose change.
A warning though the first part of Zeitgeist focuses on religion and may be disturbing to thoughs of Christian faith but the rest of the movie has very convincing evidence supporting the theory that 911 was a hoax. Loose Change was good to. Thanks to the host of this blog I've been aware of the Iluminate for awhile now but you are opening my eyes to this element of there betrayl, very frustrating but the truth is the only thing that will set us free.