Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Straightening Out David Kirby

Thank you Dr King. David Kirby does not speak for me. I'm sick of Kirby's weasel-worded approach to talking about autism and thimerosal. I think it's time for him to shut up since he, obviously doesn't have a clue what he is talking about. That's right David, shut up and let some people who understand this do the talking.

I've had about all I can take of watching Kirby using the word "maybe" while discussing autism and thimerosal. I'm starting to agree with those who say Kirby is only in this for the money he's made off of his book and speaking engagements. If you had ever watched an autistic child improve by leaps and bounds by removing that damn mercury from his brain like I have Mr Kirby, you would stand up like a man and state in no uncertain terms that thimerosal caused this autism epidemic. If you want to speak for my son and make money off his back, then have the balls to stop saying "maybe".

The following from Dr Paul King:

David Kirby,

I read your recent Huffington Post article,
'The Autism-Vaccine Debate: Anything But Over'
with interest and found that, while it made
many sound points, it is materially incorrect
when you stated:

>Finally, to all those who are going to
>post comments about the autism rates in
>California not coming down, following
>the removal of thimerosal from most
>vaccines: You are right. The most likely
>explanation is that thimerosal was not
>responsible for the autism epidemic.
>But that does not mean that it never
>harmed a single child.

Having NOT heard from you after my private
e-mail to you, your silence has compelled me
to publish the following rebuttal to your
inaccurate remarks in the article in

Factually, the issue is NOT the removal of
Thimerosal from most vaccines BUT rather
the reduction in the maximum total dose
of Thimerosal that a child receives from
CONCEPTION to age 18 from what it is TODAY,
(900+ micrograms of Thimerosal [450+ micrograms
of mercury]) to ZERO micrograms of Thimerosal
("0" added micrograms of mercury) BY BANNING
Thimerosal from ALL vaccines AND other drugs
(e.g., nasal sprays, eye and ear drops, serums,
monoclonal-antibody drugs, testosterone solutions)
that CAN legally be given to children as was

Second, California ONLY reports autism cases
- NOT autism rates (cases per 1,000 children
in California in each birth year) and
California is estimated to be currently having
a 4+% growth in the population of children
(a developing-country rate).

Since the preceding realities are the case,
then, why do speak of "autism rates"?

Moreover, IF California does NOT, as it did
last year, WAIVE the prohibition against
giving Thimerosal-preserved flu shots to
pregnant women and young children for 6 weeks,
the 2007 - 2008 flu will be the FIRST flu
season where some children developing in
utero and some young children will NOT be
mercury poisoned in California by being
indirectly (when in utero) and directly
(post partum) injected with Thimerosal-
preserved flu shots.

Since, in California, there was no EFFECTIVE
restriction on injecting pregnant women at
any stage in pregnancy UNTIL perhaps this
year, the unborn children were being mercury
poisoned by an additional 50 micrograms of
Thimerosl (25 micrograms of mercury) at a
time when the developing child MAY weigh less
than a kilogram (2.2 pounds) and, in many
cases MAY weigh less than 100 grams (0.1
kilogram [kg]).

If you believe that the EPA's 0.1 microgram
per kg per day limit is "safe," then the
level the developing child MAY receive
exceeds that "safe" level by 250 times
(for the 1-kg fetus), 2500 times (for the
0.1-kg fetus), or, when the fetus weighs
less, more.

This egregious assault on the unborn child
is compounded by the FACT that Thimerosal
CARCINOGEN at levels below 1 microgram per

Given the preceding, you, like the majority
of the public, apparently have been taken
in by the CDC's misdirection that focuses
on the number of vaccines from which
Thimerosal has been removed RATHER THAN,
as you should, FOCUSING on the MAXIMUM TOTAL
DOSE of Thimerosal that an American child
can still receive as well as the documented
TOXICITIES of Thimerosal -- that are more
than just that it is highly poisonous and
that it breaks down in the human body into a
form of "tissue-bound 'inorganic' (inorganic
in name only) mercury" that has a proven
half-life in the HUMAN brain of about 2

Hopefully, after reading this, you will
CEASE your uninformed pontification and
soothsaying about Thimerosal in vaccines
and other drugs and its link to autism
and confine your remarks to the factual
realities that you do UNDERSTAND.

FACTUALLY, UNTIL all uses of any mercury
compound have been BANNED and ALL Thimerosal-
containing and other added-mercury-containing
drugs (including those in which the presence
of added Thimerosal may have been concealed
from the general public) have been recalled
and destroyed AND at least 5 years have
elapsed, THEN no one should be predicting
when the RATES of "autism" will return to
their pre-vaccine level of about 1 in 10,000
in the U.S.

Moreover, UNTIL Thimerosal is replaced by a
safer preservative in all multi-dose
containers of vaccine worldwide, the autism
epidemic will, as it is now doing, continue
unabated in those nations who "cannot afford"
no-preservative single-dose vaccines (but
apparently can afford the costs of caring
for all the mercury-poisoned children to
which the use of Thimerosal will lead?).

Hopefully, after reading this e-mail, all
readers will understand what is factually
the case regarding the CONTINUING presence
of Thimerosal in vaccines and the perfidy
of injecting Thimerosal-containing flu
vaccines into pregnant women.

*The information provided in this email *
*and any attachment thereto is just that *
* -- information. *
* *
*It is not medical advice and it does not *
*require any specific action or actions. *
* *
*While the information is thought to be *
*accurate, no representation is made as *
*to the accuracy of the information posted*
*other than it is my best understanding of*
*the facts on the date that this email and*
*any attachments thereto are posted. *
* *
*Everyone should verify the accuracy of *
*the information provided for themselves *
*before acting on it. *


Dr. King

PS: Until all use of mercury in dentistry
is banned and all mercury-amalgam
fillings in women of childbearing age
are replaced, there will still be some
newborns who will develop mercury-induced
neurodevelopmental disorders from in
utero exposures to the mercury those
amalgam filings emit each day coupled
with the mother's daily dietary intake.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Paul King is an amazing man. He's helped many parents in the struggle to heal their children, I'm one of them.

Bones said...

Ahhhh, NOW he's the anti-christ, however, when he was shilling his tabloid of a book he was the second coming. You people are so very sad.

Foresam said...

It looks like Kirby fell into a trap of believing bullshit. He should have checked with some of us who knew better and would have told him the right things to say.

Anonymous said...

Kirby was pawned by Neurodiversity!

Anonymous said...

More likely Big Pharma threatened to sue him if he didn't moderate his language.

Does this mean the EOH Group is finished, John?

0mercury said...

I totally agree. We just did a very intense work up on my son. He is loaded with Mercury. Off the charts........ Damn medical community. They take healthy children and they harm them. There are no maybe's . We are poisoning our children and this silent holocaust has to stop.

Foresam said...

Nice video on the flu shot on your blog!

0mercury said...

Thank you foresam!! I like the video too. It was made by a Canadian show, called, Air Canada. Sure wish American TV shows, such as SNL would do skits like that!!!

Anonymous said...

I followed the link to your blog and wanted to thank you for standing up and telling the truth, not just about auism and mercury, but about vaccines in general and how they are poisoning children and adults alike. I could not find anywhere to post on your blog so I put it here and hope Foresam does not mind.
Good on you,

Anonymous said...

How long did it take you to figure out Kirby is an idiot?

Foresam said...

I don't think Kirby is an idiot. I read his book to check it for accuracy and he did a good job. He just doesn't have the guts to stand up and say what he needs to say.