Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This Pig has Autism, My Pig can Fly

Does anyone have an autistic child who has anything in common with this sorry excuse for a human being?

The video of this beast has been removed. Youtube must have stopped allowing gross fraud that insults disabled children.


British Bulldog said...

Personally I don't - but I have seen plenty who do. You should get out a lot more.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, thanks for posting that John.
She and gravity, ROFL. Imagine her suspended in thin air and falling on you.

She is sickening and full of it. She's not autistic and does not have a language problem, she loves talking about herself. She and Amanda are a disgrace. I feel sorry for their family members and understand why their not visible on the internet; they're ashamed.

Anonymous said...

You and Maxima and your followers truly know no bounds when it comes to hating. I hope you all die a terrible and miserable death.

Foresam said...

This disgusting sow has nothing in common with my autistic son. She should have an apple stuck in her mouth and be roasted on a spit for misrepresenting autism.

Anonymous said...

one can call into question anything they want. however, the manner in which you do it completely negates your argument. I suspect that your communication style is indicative of a possible ASD in yourself Mr. Best.

Here's to hoping you and your sock puppets like Maxima, Watson, etc. have an impending death so as to rid the world of your "vampire-like" presence.

Eddie said...

This disgusting sow has nothing in common with my autistic son.

So what? That doesn't mean she ain't Autistic! Get a clue and think outside the box for a change.

Foresam said...

Fuck you.

Irony said...

They know no bounds, and yet you wish them terrible and miserable deaths?

The manner he conducts himself negates his argument, yet you suspect he's got an ASD, and follow it up by hoping for their deaths?

You guys are really keeping me busy.

Anonymous said...

Who is the person in the video?

Anonymous said...

The person is Amanda Bagg's girlfriend. She's the master mind behind Amanda. She's the one that posted the fake autism pictures of Amanda on this website:

Honestly, how did she go from being a normal girl in a college for gifted students to what is posted on this website? Someone please explain this to me.

Call me what you want and wish death on me but I question these people and their motives. It doesn't look like the real thing to me. I know autistic people and have worked with them. None of them suddenly became autistic in their late teens and lost speech and ended up in diapers. All of them were born with autism or the onset was at a young age. There is no known documented autistic case where the person gets it in their late teens or late 30's like this Laura character.


Eddie said...

Fuck you.

I'll take that as a compliment from the biggest horse's ass ever.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Who is the person in the video?"

You are looking at the other half of the Amanda Baggs scam.

That is Laura "Muskie" Tsoncik. Amanda's cohort, sole owner and operator of "Autistics.org" and who plays a major part in the orchestration and assistance of Baggs, including having Baggs move across country to live down the hall from her in order fully facilitate Baggs' new life as a 'severely autistic.'

Tconsik herself originally started out with a diagnosis of 'borderline personality disorder' until she could badger and beleaguer a psychologist/therapist into giving her a much sought after dx of "Asperger's syndrome."

Which, as you see here, she has used as a springboard her way around to "PDD-NOS" and thusly, of course, calls herself "Autistic."

Pretty much anytime Amanda refers to an unnamed 'friend' on her blog, it is safe to assume she is referring to Tconsik.

It is believed that Laura Tsoncik co-authors or at very least contributes heavily to Baggs' blog.

She is also believed to be or has been identified as Baggs' 'lesbian lover.'

Apparently she may actually be suffering from some sort of scholiosis.

You are looking at her through a video of her posted by Baggs on Baggs own YouTube account

Foresam said...

I'd say anyone who believes that these two pigs are autistic is more qualified as a horse's ass.

The Informer said...

Nah, John, Eddie would give the horse's arse a bad name!

Off topic - nice work with your two new blogs. I didn't know you were multi-lingual! Or how did you do that? What languages are they? I'd guess Spanish and Chinese but I just wanted to make sure.

Anonymous said...

Maxima wrote:

"I feel sorry for their family members and understand why their not visible on the internet; they're ashamed."

And I might add:
Rightfully so!

Anonymous said...

I wish my autistic son can one day be as verbal & eloquent as this fake.

Val said...

Either way, I don't feel that the cruelty behind your words is doing much to solve much.

Irony said...

"Fuck You" as a compliment now? Geez, you must have some relly poor self-esteem to consider "Fuck you" to be complimentary.

C'mon, give me a break here. You're tiring me out. If I quit, Satire will take over, and then you'll be in for it. She scares the hell outta me.

jonathan said...

this is also the person who authored that inflammatory cartoon on autistics.org implying that research into the genetics of autism and people who fund it (particularly CAN) are only doing it because they want to deliberately abort autistic fetuses!!! Neurodiversity is so bankrupt in providing any logical argument for curing autism that they have to stoop to these shenanigans.

Foresam said...

You'd think Neuroinsanity would find a good looking spokesmodel to do this instead of presenting this horrible lazy beast who nobody is going to take seriously.

Ender said...

The answer is, we do, you just don't listen to them because they are nowhere near as easy (or fun) to make fun of. I still so wish you would take a shot at Tony Attwood, would just be funny for you to try. Beyond that I wish you would shut up, but thats never going to happen. And are you really trying to tell me fat people can't be autistic?

P.S. What is another reason for an autism prenatal test other then abortions. Look at any other condition with such a test, spina bfida, Williams, Downs, etc, and see how often they are aborted.

Foresam said...

If Atwood disagrees with me, he's welcome to show up here so I can educate him.
You do...what? Do you have good looking spokesmodels? Who?

Anonymous said...

Jabba the Butt!!!!!! Seriously, just look at that thing. BARF!!!!

laurentius rex said...

Whatever you have to say about anyones claims to be autistic or speak for autism, that you are free to say in the spirit of free speech and debate but I think that to attack an individuals ideas and claims by attacking there physical makeup is not only insulting to them, and destroys your own credibility, but it is insulting to people who cannot help a physical condition of excess weight.

You may or may not have heard of Prader Willi syndrome, this one is definately known to be genetic, you can't blame it on mercury, lead or anything else (cosmic rays maybe) and it results in compulsive overeating.

Many parents struggle to bring up kids with Prader Willi, just as parents struggle to bring up kids with Autism. Some kids with Prader Willi show autistic traits too.

If you have any respect for those parents and there children you would not be making such childish insults on the basis of your targets appearance, that has nothing whatever to do with there beliefs, ideas or actions.

Foresam said...

Mr Rex,
I think my target knows she is not autistic. I think she's just a fat, lazy, useless, pig but if she shut up, I wouldn't have any comment about her.

Anonymous said...

Laura Whatsit does not have Prader Willi, don't give her any more ammo!

Yes PW is genetic, it also causes retardation, poor impulse control and a host of other comorbids.

Laura is fat because she gets no exercise (wheelchair just to go across the hall to visit Amanda) and eats too much due to lack of a real life.

She also has absolutely no problem with speech despite her claims that she used to.

If she and Amanda looked like they do and were kind, dear people who contributed to the world their sad appearance would not matter.

But the fact is they are ugly inside and out. They are a couple of grasping, greedy, manipulative liars. One of them is bad enough. Together they are toxic.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who would listen to this woman and actually believe that she was autistic has some serious problems themselves.

Foresam said...

I think they'd have to be dumber than Phil.

Casdok said...

I agree with Laurentius Rex.

Anonymous said...

Casdok agrees with Mr. Rex yet Mr. Rex is rambling on about Prader Willi syndrome, something this person in the video clip clearly does not have. Pretty pitiful Casdok. Get your own mind-it might help.

Casdok said...

It was the sentiment i was refering to!

laurentius rex said...

I think that my point has been missed.

Disparaging a person's physical appearance has no part in the debate about what they have to say because it has no impact on that.

Would Musky be more credible to you if she were a beauty queen?

If not then why the personal insults, they have no place precisely because what you are saying is that in this world if you are ugly then you deserve to be bullied.

The point I am making is what message does that send to the parents of children with Prader Willi Syndrome. What message does it send the people living with that syndrome if you judge by appearance.

It makes no difference to them whether Muskie is a fake autistic or a genuine one, all they are going to see is your hatred of disability altogether.

Foresam said...

Since you thought so little of your son to institutionalize him at 4 Years af age, I'm sure you don't give a damn that some sweating swine is misperesenting the problems he has. Decent parents don't like disgusting sows giving the world bad information about how truly horrible autism is.

Foresam said...

If she was a beauty queen, she'd still be stupid.
Do you honestly think anyone would hire this beast to be a spokesperson for anything? Her hair looks like it hasn't been washed in a month. Do you have an excuse for her for that?

True, I hate disability. That's why I try to cure it rather than enable it like your fat idiotic friend. Sorry Larry, there's no excuse for the lack of self respect and pure laziness that this pig exhibits. She has no business calling herself autistic. How many people with autistic kids do you think would like piss on her?

Anonymous said...

I don't care what she looks like-she seems to be nothing but a scam. People who fall for her are truly gullible. Hey Rex and Casdok, could she sell you the Brooklyn Bridge too? I wouldn't be surprised at all.

laurentius rex said...

I don't need another Brooklyn Bridge I already have one:)

Trouble is they won't give me the export licence, some nonsence about it being needed to cross a river.

Maybe someone would like to buy it off me...

Anonymous said...

Maybe Casdok will buy it from you.

mrs. spock said...

2 things about this:

1. She said: "I wasn't eating regularly." Um... LOL, OK.

2. For someone with "central auditory processing disorder", she seems to be speaking quite well.

I am really sick of these fake autistics. Really, really sick of it.

Anonymous said...

If there is anything Laura and Amanda have no trouble with it is eating and talking, probably at the same time. Imagine feeding time at Casa Insanity? Not a pretty picture.

Anonymous said...

As science closes in on what Autism is and isn't and what causes it,

I think I see two pigs who'd really do well to STFU and hurry on to another disability to ride coattail on,

because I think I see two heads I'd really like to see bearing apples in their mouths, on platters.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! What is that? It scared the crap out of me. What an ugly lying bitch