Wednesday, September 12, 2007

William Stillman Defames God

Here's another crock of shit from some conman claiming to have Asperger's named William Stillman. This son of a bitch is using God to lie to parents, touting autism as a gift from God. He uses the spooky music in his video while he tells people there is no cure for autism.

Autism was caused by Eli Lilly not bothering to test thimerosal properly in 1929. Put that in your books, your videos and your speaking engagements you scumbag!!! Stop selling your vicious lies to parents. If they are stupid enough to listen to your idiotic blasphemy, they won't learn that autism is curable. That makes you a child abuser for your role in this ridiculous nonsense.

Stillman's blog has his presentation schedule. He's booked up to May 2008. It would be nice if some people who know the truth showed up at all of his speaking engagements and passed out some literature so that no parents fall for any of this guy's crapola.


Anonymous said...

This is just more of the theory that autism is some kind of mystical or spiritual gift. Did you see the inarticulate people supporting the video? It will attract some wing nuts, who are normally wackos anyway.

watson said...

Posted here by William Stillman

"Do not be deceived: wise and wonderful teachers, like Amanda, walk among us in disguise as those who appear to be severely impaired."

Well there you go, John. When Amanda Baggs said she was in contact with the Others and getting messages from them, we mistakenly thought she was delusional. Quite obviously, she wasn't.

Stupid, stupid. people! Are they ever going to wake up?!

Anonymous said...

Yup, what a pile of crap. Where is the gift when even the highest functioning autistics need help with every day living and a majority of the highest functioning are unemployed and need social assistance just to live.

The only gift here is from tax paying NTs who support them all. I do not include the LFAs who desperately need our help, I'm talking about the ones who walk, talk, play with rocks and watch WWF and go on about what a gift it is to be 'on the spectrum.'

Who is paying these people to make these videos and write these books? There must be some motivation behind it all because I personally have never met an Aspie who puts anyones interests above their own, so someone somewhere is making it worth their while.

Fore Sam said...

It's interesting that Stillman says Baggs is disguised as a severely impaired person. They must have meetings to dream up different cons to fool the public.

lurker said...

I doubt the highest functioning autistics need government assistance or help with daily living. I heard of many HFA/aspies who enjoy independent and extra successful lives. I know there are some HFA who are unfortunate with their needs of such assistance, who likely haven't been given enough of a forum on the cure/anti-cure issue.

Those claiming autism is a gift are the privileged HFA who are trying to keep the autistics with disabilities down. I sense their greed and self-concerned attitudes. They don't got to deal with the indignity of public assistance. I am not surprised that God has been mentioned by an anti-cure person, as religion has many times been used to justify oppression and inequality.

Anonymous said...

Those claiming autism is a gift are the privileged HFA who are trying to keep the autistics with disabilities down.

Paranoid much?
Yes, everyone IS out to get you.

Anonymous said...

A majority of aspies, even those who are educated are unemployed because they cannot cope with the stresses of everyda life, cannot get to work on time and often dress and behave strangely. It is a sad fact that a majority are unemployed and have unsuccessful relationships. This is not a gift either for them or those who care for them. It is a disability no matter how you paint it.

lurker said...

I don't believe that that many HFA with big problems, would put down their own people who also somewhat have common interests in getting a better life. I hear of too many aspies who get married, and get great jobs, and I heard HFA being described as punctual. It doesn't seem that the elites are the ones in much need. Its also harder to get services the more higher functioning one is.

There are some in a slump cause of smaller difficulties, and some are getting out of it and know what potential they got. Acting and dressing strangely are irrelevant for the most part.

Its silly to get called paranoid every time someone comes to a conclusion about why things are going on after looking at the circumstances.

Joeker said...

Anonymous, Jesus makes him do it.

Lurker, there are Aspies who can't bear to work. They prefer to make archives of wrestling and footy cores, and pick fights with bloggers.

"Those claiming autism is a gift are the privileged HFA who are trying to keep the autistics with disabilities down."

That'll be the cue for one of them pretty quick, to be sure. Just watch, they'll be here and outraged before you know it.

Joeker said...

Oh yeah, since I have Aspergers, I guess I'm a holy being now. Do I get a free church?

Zardberg said...

I love it when two groups of nutjobs fight - this "messenger of god" thing's as ridiculous as chelation/anti-gluten cures.

Anonymous said...

HF Aspies can seem to function better than the actually do. To people who see them only during work or infrequently, the problems they suffer every day such as low tolerance for stress, meltdowns, exessive need for sleep, inappropriate emotional responses are often seen only by family when they go home and let go of the days stresses. Those who see them at work often never see this side of HF Asperger's and tend to see the person only as a little odd. It is the families who bear the brunt of this kind of behaviour, the spouses and children.

Another area of HF Asperger's not often talked about is the physical clumsiness and lack of awarenes of where they and others are in space. This too can appear not so obvious, but manifests as bad driving, accidents in the kitchen, being dangerous with power tools and often unintentionally dangerous around young children.

It is imposssible as far as I know to get any services such as physio etc for people who function at this level. Organizations like FAAAS are working tirelessly to get services for HF Aspies. I wish they were in other countries too and not just in the US.

Joeker said...

Hm... where can I get a hat like the pope? Maybe I can start blessing people? 100 bucks a pop, and they also get a Jesus mug and a T-Shirt saying "I got blessed!"
I guess this means I must be psychic too, huh?

Hey, don't look at me, I'm just a meesenger of God. They're out of Cheetos and Coke, and the Rapture is next tuesday.
(Note: If people seriously believe that I'm not being sarcastic, I tell you now, I'm being sarcastic.)

Anonymous said...

Much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, the First Amendment is still in force and the people of this great nation are still allowed to have any religion they want, even if they worship a doorknob. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

"Who is paying these people to make these videos and write these books?"

Why do people like you ALWAYS think that when someone Neurodiverse makes a video or writes a book supporting ND that they are paid actors? Well, I bet you think that Aliens run the Whitehouse- no wait- this isn't the REAL earth! We're trapped in the matrix!!!!

"There must be some motivation behind it all"


"because I personally have never met an Aspie who puts anyones interests above their own, so someone somewhere is making it worth their while."

Yes, and I guess by your logic that all black people love rap music and own guns, All Australians own at least one kangaroo that they ride to work in and everyone who works in Broadway has at least 5 STD's.

Any more stereotypes?

Anonymous said...

Any more sterotypes?

No, because I never suggested any in the first place.

Australians are all individuals, so are blacks and any other ethnic group you care to name. However, Asperger's is a neurological disorder and because it is a disorder, equivalent to brain damage, it has certain symptoms. One of those symptoms is lack of theory of mind, or, an inability to see another persons point of view, resulting in a very self involved and egocentric person. In other words, selfishness.

I'm not saying that aspies can help being selfish, just that they are.

Another major problem with Aspies is naievety. They tend to believe people who are lying to them, ie, NDers.

These are not sterotypes, they are symptoms of a disease and those taking advantage of Aspies ought to be ashamed.

nitwit#1 said...

It was once believe that people with epilepsy were witches and demons (some actually still believe this). Many were burned at the stake in old Salem.

Today, we have people who think autism is brain damage, that true autistic people can't speak or write. And can't possibly self advocate, therefore they must be some sort of pharma shill. It's called reactionism. People are reacting to something they don't understand and can't quite grasp their mind around, so they push back and say lies, damn lies. Culturally, we as a people still have a long ways to go before we stop looking at people and putting them in a box.

The reverse argument could be "I think those promoting bio-med are secret shills of the supplement industry."

It's all a circle jerk of paranoia.

Fore Sam said...

You keep proving that I named you correctly. Autism IS brain damage. To earn a diagnosis of autism, your brain must not be working properly.

Most autistics can not speak and can not advocate for themselves. Droopy is one notable exception. She can't speak but she can write. There are all sorts of people who diagnosed themselves with Asperger's who claim to speak for autistics. Most of these Aspies are simply screwed up people who jumped on the diagnosis as an excuse for their social ineptitude and stupidity. Phil Gluyas and David Andrews are excellent examples of both. These simpletons do not speak for any child with autism.

Anonymous said...

"These are not sterotypes, they are symptoms of a disease and those taking advantage of Aspies ought to be ashamed."

I know the difference between a stereotype and a symptom of autism and by saying "it's not like I'm saying that aspies can help it" is even more demeaning and insulting.

You yourself have no theory of mind so before you say that about aspies, just read back at your own messages and realise what a monster you are.

Joeker said...

The most shameful part of the whole debacle is how the Aspies are taking advantage of the LFAs.

Phil, a self important Aspie Advocate who considers his government and several sports organizations as enemies, is a good example. Forever is he harping about Fore insulting Autistics, and trying to find power in forums like AFF and on blogs, in the name of Autistic rights, yet...
He names all those diagnosed LFA as "inherently unintelligent," makes a foe of anyone who doesn't follow him like a sheep, and of course, tries to ruin people's life in the real world; calling out social services, trying to have Fore's son taken from him, trying to have ISPs drop their clients, and seeking to have mental health authorites place people he hates in institutions.

And have you seen his wiki?

braindamagedNitwit#1 said...

Foresam, love the name. From now on I'm BrainDamagedNitwit#1

Droopy said...

T William Stillman(et al) as posted on a coment to his movie:

Why are no real autistics ever invited to participate in these shenanigans?

You hold up your faked versions (Amanda Baggs at the forefront) to exploit and glorify people like me, yet on all your 'autism advocacy' webpages and organizations yet you shun those of us who are actually severely autistic and with something to say about the truth of the situation, those not playing your political and propaganda games.

Here's a bit of religion while you're all at it:

Beware of false prophets.

Droopy said...

Hoping all Catholics, Protestants, Lutherans etc and most of all G-D may forgive me for the following (and believing He understands why I've written this and He will deal with the false prophets that inspired this):

If severity of autism is the ticket to sainthood, then why wasn't I invited?

I'll take my statue as accurate for my height (5'0") please, with a nice shiny placard underneath reading simply:

St. Droopy,
Patron Saint of Autistic Truth

I'd also like a bead dedicated to me and a prayer to go with it, perhaps one that goes something like this:

"Our Autism, which art in Braincells,
Hallowed be thy Autistics.
Thy Exploiters come.
Thy Won't be done,
in earth as it is in Propoganda.

Give us this day our daily truth.
And forgive us our Autism,
As we forgive them that fake Autism against us.
And lead us not into BS;
But deliver us from Amanda Baggs.

[For thine is the Braincells, The Autism, and The disability]

I also want a very pointy hat to call my very own, and there's a place all the frauds and exploiters certainly can kiss on me (and I'll give you a clue: it ain't a ring and it isn't on my finger!)

Dunse Bilge said...

I am glad you have presented such a vast array of research to support your claims about autism and the sinister connection to mercury poisoning.. I look forward to more well-thought-out doggerel from you.