Saturday, June 09, 2007

Neurodiversity, The Return of the Nitwit

A neurodiverse nitwit ponders the vaccine trial.

from Kevin Leitch:
Thirdly, the vaccine connection. If anybody truly thinks that the vaccine/autism bullshit is anything other than the most important issue facing autism and autistic people right now then they need to pull their heads out the sand.

Right now, this week, a trial will begin that will effectively determine whether vaccines can legally cause autism. The outcome can potentially change the way the whole world views autism. The quacks lose and we can scale back a bit and move focus elsewhere. The quacks win….well, what happens then? Who knows, because as far as autism goes, all bets will be off.

Are you autistic? You’ll be considered first and foremost vaccine-injured. If you refuse treatment – what then? Will your ‘diversity’ be respected? Or will you be the new schizophrenics? Condemned to be held down and chelated much as schizophrenics were once held down and given ECT. Will you still be eligible for the help you get? Housing? Social? Monetary benefits…do you think you’ll still get them?

We see that Kev is concerned if vaccines can legally cause autism. He doesn't give a damn if they actually cause autism, only legally. And, this bonehead allegedly has an autistic daughter.

As far as doing what's best for your child, who gives a damn about any legal definition of anything? It won't change the treatment I give my son if one set of lawyers beats another set of lawyers. Legal wranglings are all about guilty parties escaping responsibility. They are not about helping damaged children. We've already proved that Eli Lilly is guilty beyond a shadow of any doubt. We've done that by curing autistic children, by removing Eli Lilly's poison from their brains.

Look at Neurodiversity's concern regarding this. They are concerned that they might be held down and chelated which could cause them to lose free money from the government. This pretty much sums up the ethics of Neurodiversity. It also shows how one of their leaders caters to the crux of the matter. The leaders of Neuroinsanity have snowed a bunch of people who collect disability payments and convinced them to blog against themselves. They pounced on their naivete to spur them on to become vocal in favor of negligent companies who ruined their lives. The fact that any of the Asperger's bloggers who fell for this did so willingly shows how easy it is for professional propagandists to con mentally disabled people.

What would any sane leader of autistic people tell those people? He would say as forcefully as possible: You were poisoned by Eli Lilly. You should get hair tests and porphyrin tests done and sue the balls off of the companies who poisoned you. Then you should chelate yourselves so you won't be hoodwinked by assholes like Neurodiversity.

No decent person who wanted to help autistic people would advise them to remain disabled and eke out an existence on government handouts. He would tell those mentally disabled people to take every dime they could get from Eli Lilly for destroying their lives.

Thank you Kevin for coming back to show us all how easy it is to abuse innocent autistic people to help the drug companies.

Addendum: As predicted, Kevin now has a diagnosis. This from his latest post:"I carry one of the diagnosis’ listed above. I have type 1 rapid cycling bipolar disorder (Wikipedia). The first time I can remember feeling that I was decidedly different in outlook, thought patterns, behaviour and generally being was when I was about 9 – 10 years old. However, I have not carried an official diagnosis anywhere near as long as that. I’m nearly 40 now. 25 – 30 years ago, just as with autism, there weren’t the same amount of diagnostic specialists who knew the signs and symptoms. Meh. Such is life. It’s well managed now which is a massive relief."

Kev says he has to take a neuroleptic for this condition. He further explains the true nature of his malady:"In the course of this exchange, the phrase ‘brain damaged’ was used in a way that seemed to indicate to me that those who may have to use neuroleptics have damaged brains. I was somewhat taken aback by this. My immediate association was the idiotic null comparisons of John Best of autistic people having ‘rotting brains’."

So, we see that Kev is slowly edging towards accepting the truth about himself. Kev has to call me names to save face amongst the victims of Neuroinsanity. No good leader of naive cult members would miss a chance to demonize an honest person who wants those victims to learn the truth.

It looks like he is setting himself up to have an epiphany once the vaccine case is decided so he can ease himself into helping his daughter. Accepting the fact that a diagnosis of a form of mental illness usually means some sort of brain damage is a good place to start. I think Kev will soon be realizing that, as rotting cars can be cured by sandpaper and paint, rotting brains can be fixed by removing the substance that kills the brain cells. Of course, I could be wrong and Kev could be talking about his alleged condition to regain his credibility with naive cult members who he likes to bash.

Does anyone think type I rapid cycling bipolar disorder is similar to Obsessive Golfing Fixation? It began at about the same age in me as Kev's disorder began in him. Perhaps there's some age related correlation that we should look into. Too bad Joseph is gone or he could do a statistical analysis of OGF and the bipolar thing that afflicts poor Kev.


Anonymous said...

Have to go to bed but also have to say, what a load of bullshit that man talks. I was hoping we had seen the last of him.
I wonder what "Anon" of your post might have to say about Leech.
I wish someone would knock that bastard off his perch for good.

Anonymous said...

Stop defaming Eli Lilly. They did nothing to anyone.

Googlybear said...

They are concerned that they might be held down and chelated which could cause them to lose free money from the government. This pretty much sums up the ethics of Neurodiversity.

Thank you, John. Best sum up of ND ever.

Looks like dim bulb Leicht is back and dumber than ever. I'm so sick of this selfish bastard. And he always puts chelation in the scariest terms possible when it is really a fairly benign experience. We have not had one bad effect, not one and nothing but benefits from chelation. Today was a miracle with my daughter behavior wise. She's joining life and interacting in ways I have not seen before. And damn it, Leicht and his band of selfish pricks is not going to take that away from her. They shouldn't be taking the possibility away from other people with ASD either by trying to frighten them or their parents with their propaganda.

Googlybear said...

I decided to go over to Leicht's website. Could this guy be any more whiney? I literally can not read his stuff anymore without hearing it in a whining, wheedly voice.

He is also a liar. He claimed that he took a break from all things autistic online and instead bored some real life people with his online nonsense. Yet, it is obvious what he was really doing was following all the ND blogging going on about the situation. Leicht: "Even more hurtful was to hear friends of the accuser wandering from blog to blog essentially saying ‘So? So you were accused of something – what’s the big deal?’"

Also, I already said back when he took his vacation that he would probably come back claiming to be on the spectrum to regain power through increased credibility wihtin the movement. Here is the proof that something is brewing. He is either going to claim to be ASD or he is going to claim he is "neurodiverse" in a different way. Kevin: I’ll try and talk some more about my own ND neurology and why I am uneasy about how that neurology is viewed by some in the autistic community. So predictable is our widdle Kevie.

Fore Sam said...

Googly, Yes, diagnosing himself would fit right in. He uses his aunt and uncle as proof that autism existed before 1931. I think they diagnosed themselves late in life so Kev can claim he has genetic autism that strikes in middle age. All the sheep will welcome him to the flock.

Fore Sam said...

Googly, Glad to hear good news about your daughter. Sam had a great day today too with a bunch of inlaws over. He pulled his con of gently putting his hand on one woman's face, giving her a big smile and snatching her food with his free hand.

Anonymous said...

"Stop defaming Eli Lilly. They did nothing to anyone."

Are you kidding me? They knowingly injected the second most toxic substance on the planet into innocent children. On a good day an infant may only receive 100 times the safe level for a 200 lb adult. On a bad day it was as high as 200 times the safe level for a 200 lb adult. Even more frightening are all of those children who got the first dose of a vile that the nurse forgot to shake! It is hard to even phatham how much mercury they received.

Even if you don't think mercury cause autism, how can you not find this criminal?


Anonymous said...

He uses his aunt and uncle as proof that autism existed before 1931.

You assume too much, and it will end up getting you into major trouble. How do you know they weren't? Where's your evidence of this?

Googlybear said...


Chelation is working. I wasn't sure if it would. My husband made me agree before embarking on it to not get my hopes up and to accept that our daughter would likely always be autistic. That way, he says, I won't get depressed if it doesn't work. I've noticed a few subtle gains but he keps saying he didn't really notice anything. After yesterday, he is a believer and dare I say it has hope.

Fore Sam said...

Googly, I'm glad to hear it. It can be a slow process. You really have to appreciate the small gains. After awhile, you can look back and see the enormous differences.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to acknowledge the typo I made in my previous post. I do know the difference between a substance and an element. My post should read "the second most toxic element."

I thought I should fix my error before I was crucified by the ND crowd.



Googlybear said...

Well, I was right and wrong. Leicht has named his neurodiversity, he is not claiming autism, but instead claiming rapid cycling bipolar disorder. Of course, being the ever wounded victim that he is, he had to immediately claim offense at something someone said about neuroleptics and brain damage; because he takes neuroleptics.

Kevin reminds me of lots of online posters with chips on their shoulders who have to use their "issues" to beat other people into submission. Usually this is accomplished by continually claiming to be offended due to their "minority status", whether that be a religion (or lack thereof), sexual preference, race, disability, history of abuse or you name it. Kevin is smart, smarter than I gave him credit for in this instance. Instead of becoming another generic parent dx'd with autism after their child is dx'd. He is claiming a mental illness, now he is in a minority position within ND and can use his new status to start demanding special treatment from the people who are demanding special treatment because, you know, his future new cause of opening up ND to all kinds of neurodiversities must be tolerated and respected........ or else. So transparent.

Anonymous said...

little kev is bananas!!!!!!!He needs to go over to Yasko's to get some help with his COMT Val108/158Met polymorphism associated with other disorders that affect thought (cognition) and emotion. Researchers have studied this variation as a possible risk factor for bipolar disorder, panic disorder, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Studies also suggest that these conditions may be related to inefficient processing of information in the prefrontal cortex.

Fore Sam said...

Googly, If this opens up Neuroinsanity to all disorders, I expect being self diagnosed with OGF will mean I'll be receiving an invitation to join soon. Do you think they'll help me celebrate my disorder by paying some Greens fees for me?

Googlybear said...

If you claim to be a low functioning OGF'er, maybe they will do a black and white slide show on you.

Fore Sam said...

Googly, Great idea, maybe I could go on CNN with a talking golf club, act spaced out and develop lots of nervous twitches that would take me about ten minutes to go through before I swung the club.
I could probably swear at bad shots in my singing voice and claim I can sing but can't talk.
I'll have to skip over to Wikipedia and add OGF to the DSM so everyone recognizes it as a valid mental illness.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia will remove OGF as "unverified".

Anonymous said...

I have a theory, little kev took too much of his meds and as a result has the following symptoms: "extrapyramidal symptoms" (EPS), Parkinson-like, impaired motor coordination; sedation; extreme restlessness ("akathesia"); REDUCED COGNITIVE FUNCTION;as well as cardiovascular effects, orthostatic hypotension, abnormal liver changes, anticholinergic side effects, sexual dysfunction, and weight gain. Psychotic relapse has been linked to long-term neuroleptic treatment --referred to as, "supersensitivity psychosis." Additionally, there is a one percent risk of "neuroleptic malignant syndrome" (NMS), a potentially fatal side effect(NOT LIKELY TO HAPPEN - AW SHUCKS!) His schizophrenia induced musings says it all.

He is a hypocrite. ND's claim that chelation will alter a person's ND status and that autism doesn't need to be cured but respected, and yet he doesn't think twice about taking meds to change the biochemistry in his own brain. Maybe he should follow his own advice and lay off the meds.

Anonymous said...

As Rick James would say: (KEV) is a super freak, super freak, he's super freaky...

Seriously, I think he can spare himself of his paranoia that anyone would hold him down and stick in a chelation supository. No one likes him enough to care.

Anonymous said...

WOW Neurodiversity! What a movement. Hmmm. It's being lead by a bunch of schizo's that are brain damaged and whiney (all self diagnosed of course except for the incessant whining and wimpiness). I hope he as a psychotic break and the voices tell him: "CHELATE! CHEALTE!"

Joeker said...

I'm just shocked that Fore decided to post a picture of a monkey doing what it's doing.

Does anyone else not find that to be gross?

Anonymous said...

Did you see his latest post? A picture of 3 elderly gentleman holding a poster with the word Simpsonwood misspelled.

A whole fucking post to make fun of some autistic kids' grandpas. What a fucking loser Kev Leitch is.I really detest the man.

God I feel so sorry for his poor daughter Megan. How awful to have an imbicile like him as a father.

Fore Sam said...

Joeker, The monkey is perfectly symbolic of the Neuroinsane philosophy of not helping poisoned children. Perhaps you have some maturing to do whence you will not be so offended but will appreciate the humor.

Fore Sam said...

Anon, Since we learned that poor Kev suffers from bipolar somethingorother, we have to be tolerant of his "difference". Let's help him celebrate having mental illness.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Lets throw a chelation party for him! Maybe we could spike his drink with DMSA and then Margaret the troll can do a lap dance.

Googlybear said...

Joeker, when I saw the monkey picture I laughed so hard I almost spit out my drink on my computer. I get a good chuckle every time I see it. I think the pic should be the mascot for K.L's website.

John, apparently Kev celebrates his neurodiversity with a bottle of neuroleptics. I guess it is OK to modify his own special brand of ND but not his daughters. I do though have to say I am glad he is using something to keep his mental illness under control. I wish he would face it for what it is and accept what it isn't. It is not a "diversity" like skin color. It is an illness that needs a cure, not just treatment to keep it under control. If he would face that fact, he would be able to face the fact that his daughter also needs treatment that heals the root issues.

Treefrog said...

I think the little monkey in the picture is adorable, and I bet you are adorable too, Joker, you little monkey!

What outaged me was that Kevin's main concern is people still getting their social assistance.

If autism can be cured, and it can at least be improved, many people using social assistance would not need it any more. Isn't that more important and maintaining the status quo?

Also, why is Kevin taking medication instead of celebrating his neurodiversity?

Anonymous said...

Joeker, I am a bit grossed out myself. However, I do tend to be a bit of a prude. Also, I knowingly choose to come here.

I am more bothered, however, by the ridicule of the grandpas that anon pointed out. That was just low.

Fore Sam said...

Googly, Now that Kev is mentally ill, can we get a similar diagnosis for Seidel. It wouldn't come as any surprise.

Anonymous said...

"Are you autistic? You’ll be considered first and foremost vaccine-injured. If you refuse treatment – what then? Will your ‘diversity’ be respected? Or will you be the new schizophrenics? Condemned to be held down and chelated much as schizophrenics were once held down and given ECT. Will you still be eligible for the help you get? Housing? Social? Monetary benefits…do you think you’ll still get them?"

Elf Goddess has gotten awfully quiet lately.

Do you suppose she's seen this and having a good sulk on?

She put all that time and energy, into carefully morphing and constructing a background in order to go from boring old mental illness to autism...

-all that work, and now she'll be right back where she started-

All here who think maybe Autism just started getting a little bit less trendy raise your hands.

Anonymous said...

Did someone say celebration party for KEV? Where can I sign up? I'll bring the FRUITCAKE and NUTS. Then we can we can all sit around and watch the Austism Diva morph into her five personalities while she swigs down a bottle of mercurochrome while belting out Ozzy's "CRAZY TRAIN." Don't forget to bring the monkey they would be a match made in heaven.

Treefrog said...

The elf goddess has been quiet on her own blog, but she wrote a short novel on Kevin's blog yesterday. She seems to be moving back towards the mental illness dx.

She has started admitting she was dxed with shizophrenia. I think she is looking for an out because the autism business is on shakey ground just now. At some point somebody from her past has to pop up and say she was not disabled as a child or young adult. Why are her family keeping quiet.

And can somebody tell me how a cat can be a sercive animal?

When she is outed as
'not autistic' she will dump Ms. Seidel and Ms.Tisconik and say they manipulated and used her. I think she is already planning it.

Every disorder goes through a trendy period. It used to be ADD, now it's autism. Everybody has Asperger's.

When Christschool gets bored being autistic will he start using facial expressions and stop rocking?

God, I hope the truth comes out about vaccines soon, but I fear there is just to many powerful people and too much money involved

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Stop defaming Eli Lilly. They did nothing to anyone.

We totally agree. It is ridiculouus to blame Eli Lily.


Asbestos & Benzene

Anonymous said...

Joker - I find the symbolism in the monkey to be absolutely brilliant.

Actually one of the reasons I visit this blog. John has a unique way of communicating my feelings in a situation that is so horrific that I lack the words to do so. In any other situation I would probably be offended. With autism, anything goes & I salute him.

Anonymous said...

Certainly that picture can't be Kev Leitch. That sob doesn't have a big enough thingie to reach his mouth.

Googlybear said...

Treefrog, I also noticed that Baggs is starting to talk more about her mental illness. Perhaps she is tired of being non-verbal. LOL! I think now that the ND crowd is moving towards expanding their definition of neurodiversity, A. Baggs will claim she was really in a neuroleptic induced autism and is actually autistic. If sociopath ever becomes popular, Christschool can switch to that dx. Then he could really do up some hardcore videos of himself looking deadpan. Seidel will probably also find her inner neurodiversity so she isn't left out in the cold.

Jeff said...

hold on a bit here, folks.. Does Kevin " I am not a blogoholic" Leitch have bipolar? Can anyone document this? If so, it sure does explain a couple of things.. lol!

Treefrog said...

Amanda Baggs is annoying enough non-verbal. Can you imagine her talking? I just wish her family would show their faces and tell the real story. And you are right about CS, he does come across as a psycho. I find him very creepy.

The vaccine debate in the courts is more low profile than I thought it would be. There are stories here and there but it is hardly front page news. I want so much to see these lying drug companies exposed. I want the sheeple to wake up, especially the idiot medical profession. Most of them are just plain dangerous. Even if the courts do not find in favour of the vaccine injured it will not change my views. I think they will do everything they can to make the parents look bad. The whole thing will be so sick.

Just so we are clear, this is fox now signed up as treefrog.
I like animal especially little monkeys.

Googlybear said...

A whole fucking post to make fun of some autistic kids' grandpas. What a fucking loser Kev Leitch is.I really detest the man.

I went over there and noticed that. Interestingly, A. Baggs was very offended with his post. So was Joel, whose blog I actually enjoy reading from time to time. It seems like there is some discontent in the ranks ever since Kevin attacked Larry, threw a tantrum and stomped out of the sandbox, and then came back with bipolar disorder. Maybe he has become a bit too unstable for some of the ND crowd.

The ironic thing is, that Kev was just pissing his pants a few weeks back over Lenny Schaefer's "delicious cheap shot". Weirdly, I have to agree with Amanda's stance on this one, if the pic was of ND people with a misspelled sign being teased on a biomed blog, Kevin would be throwing a fit. LOL! Nevertheless, the dynamics on Kev's blog have been interesting of late.

Anonymous said...

I must say I just gained some new respect for Amanda. She has called Kevin on the carpet for making fun of the cute grampas. I am impressed. She is practicing what she preaches in this case, which is more than I can say for most of the ND crowd.

You go girl. I am proud of you.


Anonymous said...

phil commander on genetics and autism

Anonymous said...

There is some beauty to this though. I for one love the fact that Kev posts by being an A-hole to some grandparents/parents. What a jerk! What happens, though...? No one cares anymore. It's beautiful. Previously that would have been a very long thread with a bunch of back-and-forths, etc. Now, Kev is so irrelevant that this thread becomes like a silly little Saturday Night Skit. A bunch of autistic people discussing whether or not Kev is an ass or not. Too funny. I see that twit Brian Deer showed up again. I wonder if he is still an itsy bitsy guy. Pass the popcorn.

Fore Sam said...

Anon, Since Kev banned all the opposition due to losing every argument, his blog just isn't interesting but, it still makes me laugh.

Fore Sam said...

From this comment on Kev's blog, it looks like the bipolar is doing a number on poor Kev. I think we should all say a prayer for him.

Kev : 1 hour, 4 minutes ago

Larry please – fuck off my friend. You’re an idiot. Not because you’re autistic and not because you’re dyslexic but mainly because you’re a whiny bitch.

Here’s an uncomfortable set of truths.

1) The Hub can include any blog I choose to include. I don’t have to ask your permission. Look up RSS sometime.

2) I stopped pandering to you when it became clear that you were composed mainly of shit. I don’t consider myself an ally of you or autistic people like yourself any more. If you want to, feel free to cry about that.

3) People are funny. You can paint that into your own personal history of bullying and persecution if you so desire or you can choose not to. Whichever you chose is of little to no interest to me.

4) I have no time for anyone from the antivaccine movement. If they make a mistake like this, I will point and laugh and invite others to do the same.

One of the things I’ve discovered of late is that no matter which community you are part of there’s always a bunch of pompous assholes around. You tried very hard to make me feel like this sort of quasi-sanctimonious bullshit was my fault before and I fell for it. This time – shove it. I’m not the same person I was two weeks ago. From now on, I’ll say exactly what I like to whomever I like about whatever I like. If that’s not part of your myopic hippy-trip, too fucking bad.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a trip!
Whoever was making that popcorn, send some my way.


Anonymous said...

Whoa!!!Somebody get this guy his meds!!!! ASAP!!! KEV (the self-diagnosed and self-professed leader of the ND minions) has gone off his rocker.

I wish Larry would give him a Knuckle Sandwich and knock some sense into him.

Maybe, Larry can diagnose him with - Capgras´ syndrome - The delusion that others have been replaced by imposters. It typically follows the development of negative feelings toward the other person that the subject cannot accept and attributes, instead, to the imposter. The syndrome has been reported in paranoid schizophrenia and, even more frequently, in organic brain disease. Pretty much fits the picture with the rant and all.

What time is the party?

Treefrog said...

Kev has finally attended classes at the John Best School of 'tell it like it is.'

He admitted on his blog he once blamed vaccines for his daughter's autism, then he saw sense.

Maybe he'll see sense again and realize his poor little girl is poisoned.

Sounds like a breakdown to me.

Anonymous said...

"Sounds like a breakdown to me"

Complete breakdown. Maybe he recently got a flu shot?

Popcorn over here please.

Googlybear said...

Kev I’m not the same person I was two weeks ago.

Oh shit!!! He has a multiple personality too. LOL!

I don’t consider myself an ally of you or autistic people like yourself any more.

Well, I'm just gonna put up my feet, grab a beer and watch Kev self destruct. It appears that he is losing favor with Baggs and Joel.

Googlybear said...

The refreshing thing that I have found about most autistic people is that they do not lie very well or it does not occur to them to lie. My daughter never fails to tell it like it is. So Kev might find himself on poor ground very soon with his autistic friends. They will keep telling it the way it is and he will keep getting pissed of and self destructing.

Fore Sam said...

I hope the Pending Psychologist will have an expert analysis of all of this.

Anonymous said...

This is friggin' hilarious. I just knew that Leitch would self-destruct as soon as the sane people starting ignoring his nonsense. Is that right that he called Larry a "whiny bitch"? This is getting good.

Do you guys want butter on your popcorn?

Anonymous said...

"From now on, I’ll say exactly what I like to whomever I like about whatever I like. If that’s not part of your myopic hippy-trip, too fucking bad."

No change there then :o)

Hey, who ate all the popcorn!

Anonymous said...

Crap... it looks like Daddy Joseph is there and I know that he's going to stifle the antics. Bummer, just as things were heating up.

Joseph = anti-fun.

There's still a few pieces of popcorn left. Watch out for those kernels, though :)

Fore Sam said...

Yup, Joseph has probably told Kevin off by email by now. I expect he'll do whatever Joseph tells him to do.

Treefrog said...

"I expect he'll do whatever Joseph tells him to do."

Joseph should tell him to stop posting videos on Youtube saying vaccines save lives, showing pictures of diseased babies and claiming they all got sick because they are not vaccinated.

Vaccines make people sick. People who claim they don't make me sick.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why "Hub Blogger" was still up alongside Larry's comments after he had asked Kev to remove it.
Now I know Kev left it there to wind him up.

Em. If anyone's going to the bar, I wouldn't say no to a vodka and orange?

Googlybear said...

Who is Joseph. Is he like the Godfather of Neurodiversity or something?

Fore Sam said...

I was going to grab myself a beer but Joseph must have emailed the cult members and told them all to shut up. No new comments over there.
Yes Googly, I would say Joseph is their godfather.

Anonymous said...

"Who is Joseph"

He's someone that draws graphs and charts.

David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

"I hope the Pending Psychologist will have an expert analysis of all of this."

Nothing pending about this psychologist.

You, on the other hand, have plenty pending. Like finding some intellectual ability in that head thing of yours, John.

Not likely to happen though is it?

Me: BA-equivalence in Psychology, with Mathematical Sciences and Archaeology; MEd (with Distinction) in Special Education (Educational Psychology); one post qualification internship down, one to go; currently supervising a postgraduate student on Master's thesis; international associate editor of Good Autism Practice for Finland; published author on a range of topics related to autism.

You: BA in Psychology (major; claimed); MPA in Public Administration (again, claimed); inveterate golf-perserverant gambling-addicted hate-monger.

Rather my life than yours, John.

That's my analysis of this situation. If anything is 'pending', it's the start of a life that could be deemed meaningful in your case... ain't gonna happen Johnny boy... you know why?

Because your hatred for autistics and for people who support us in advocacy consumes your pathetic little existence.

Bobby Dylan seems to have had you in mind for this song-title, don't you think?

"Clouds so swift, rain won't lift,
Gate won't close, railings froze,
Fix your mind on winter-time,
You ain't going nowhere".

(B. Dylan)

Fore Sam said...

David, I was hoping you'd give us an analysis of Kev's bipolar thing. Do you think that's responsible for him picking on an autistic man? Or, is it standard procedure for cult leaders to mock their victims in this manner?
My BA was in another discipline, psychology was tacked on because I happened to have enough credits (They were "gut" courses.) I also earned both of my degrees in my 20's like normal people, not in middle age like you.
And, you should be ashamed of yourself for mocking my Obsessive Golfing Fixation. I don't mock you for being autistic, only for being too stupid to cure it. I don't think a cure for OGF exists and it's very insensitive of you to put me down for that.
If you're nicer to me, I'll give you a horse who should win at 30 to 1 this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I think Kev forgot to take his medication today.
I noticed he thinks it's OK for himself to take neuroleptics because he needs them for his "rapid cycling bipolar."

According to Donna Williams, many autistic children suffer from this.
Maybe Megan has it.
What a fucking hypocrite he is.
HIS need to take meds to alleviate and treat HIS supposed 'neurodiversity' is legitimate, while his autistic daughter isn't allowed any biomed treatment, and has to wait until she can function intellectualy well enough to recognise she has a problem so she can ask her father for his help.

Fore Sam said...

I'll bet if Megan gets one of those talking machines like Baggs has, her first words to DAD will be "Help me you nitwit".

Fore Sam said...

Hey Andrews, Doesn't having OGF qualify me to be invited to join Neurodiversity since I don't want to be cured of it?

Anonymous said...

What, no "hons" after your name Mr psychologist?
All those impressive qualifications but you just couldn't manage a basic honours degree.

"Me: BA-equivalence in Psychology, with Mathematical Sciences and Archaeology"

Call that a degree in psychology?
Don't make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

To That David Andrews guy,

If I had never seen you come in here and do that and had seen your profile only, I really would have thought: "wow, that's a really nice guy, smart, helps autistics, that'd be a good one to know"

but seeing you coming in here all "Nyah Nyah I got to go to more school than youuu!" makes me sick.

Is that getting to go to more school than somebody supposed to mean something, supposed to mean you are better, smarter?

All it means is you have had more oppurtunities, more access to education than some others. You're not somehow more deserving, you've simply been luckier. Period.

You're in there working for autistics to have access to education.. and you come in here mocking somebody because they didn't have that access..

If you think that sort of thing at Fore Sam for not having as much then you have to think it at everyone who didn't get as much chance and didin't have the same access, and that means all those autistic people your profile talks about you helping, and that means me too.

I never got to complete even one half day in a kindergarten.

There was no special education in the regular schools when I was little, there were only whole special schools, which is where I went.
You're still not smarter or better than me. You're not smarter or better than those autistics that you help get access for.
You're luckier.

Know the difference.

That I taught myself to read and write and one day was able to express myself and even got my turn to attend a university myself, Mr Adrews, that doesn't make me better either, that makes me hugely lucky and I know it and I am appreciative of that fact every day. The act of typing words such as these I type to you is the difference between a life I live now and the very different life I lived and would still be living. Luck, Mr Andrews, never faile to apprecaite it, never mistake it for anything else and never pat yourself on the back as more desrved when you get it.

Even after all of that lovely profile, if you think how much schooling makes you better, you're in the wrong jobs there, and I would not want you helping me.

I say stuff like nyah nyah nyah and stick my tongue out at people and do babyish stuff sometimes at a point when I'm finally frustrated enough but haven't entirely 'lost it' and I act very childish sometimes, but and I hate to say it, I do own my actions and don't like to use my disabilities as an excuse but in this one instance, I will make an exception and tell you exactly what my sister would do if she were to see this>
She'd look squarely at you, point at me and say "She's autistic, what's your excuse?"

PS, Even though its not the reason why I am glad I have him there and not you, since it matters so much to you, know that my counselor guy has more more degrees, more 'letter soup' as that's all its worth anyway, than you do.

maxima said...

I feel sorry for you David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction), you put your whole self-worth into some degrees you've earned?

BTW, the picture in this thread reminded me of the fact that Ron Jeremy can give himself head.

Jeff said...

Oh holy fuck. After scrolling his place I've comed to the idea that you do not need a bloody Ph.D in psychiatry to grasp that this geezer is indeed insane. My God, what a delightful tragic individual!

If someone could track down his prescription list that would be met witch humble sarcasm.

Googlybear said...

BA in Psychology = marginally employable.

But thanks for the pissing contest.

Anonymous said...

Plus that Andrews guy has the nerve, the nerve to quote Dylan.

I would LOVE to hear what Dylan has to say about this whole Autism mess.

Fore Sam said...

It seems Joseph has more work to do to keep the nitwits in line.

Kev : 1 hour, 22 minutes ago

I find it offensive that anyone can tell me what I should and shouldn’t find funny.

Funny does not automatically equate to cruelty. I seems to me that 3 people on here have a lot invested in being able to misrepresent others as cruel.

It really is OK to laugh at other people.


Screw that. I’m going to start handing out ladders in a minute as there’s more than a few people who need to get over themselves.

Donna : 1 hour, 13 minutes ago


Your comments to Larry here are unappropriate.

Autistc bloggers on the autism hub. Don’t let Kevin bully Larry! He is your peer. Tell Kevin Enough! This hub is nothing without your POV! Don’t sit back and let another peer be bullied! Especially by a parent of an autistic child!!

Parent bloggers on the autism hub… Don’t be hypocrites. Don’t blog about bullying (Autism vox) and sit back and read Kevin’s attacking Larry. Someday it’s going to be your kid. And if you don’t do nothing, zippo, nil, nada…don’t expect the citzenry to go out on a limb for your child.

Join me and telling him Stop!


Know when someone has crossed the line to decency and do something.


Fore Sam said...

Pending psychologist, What were people called with bipolar before that politically correct term was invented? What's that, Wackos? That sounds about right. We already knew Kev was a Wacko so this really isn't news, is it.

Anonymous said...

Nice. This is great to see all the infighting between the nitwits who still go to Kev's blog. Anyone with any sense over there MUST be embarrassed beyond belief. To have followed Kev for so long and now to see him unravel like this... priceless...

To Pending Sanity:

You should have your diploma shredded. In fact, we should have a ceremony to tear up anyone who has a diploma (past 6th grade) who still stands up for thimerosal-containing vaccines and/or the people or institutions who allow this poisoning to happen. Shame on you for being educated and still not understanding that mercury injected into babies is poison. I suggest you start shredding now.

ps. More popcorn please.

Fore Sam said...

I'll make some more popcorn. It's getting better in Neuroinsanityland.

Joel Smith : 1 hour, 36 minutes ago

Kev, first I don’t post what I am posting because of Larry. He didn’t enter my mind.

Second, your comment to me about needing to get “over myself” is inapproriate, rude, and offensive. I demand an appology. It’s very possible for me to feel the way I do without it having been an “ego” thing.

As for “telling people” what is okay to laugh at, laugh at it if you want. You ARE being offensive though, and I will not be told to not honor my convictions. You are acting like a schoolyard bully who, when questioned about teasing, says, “But it was funny and he deserved it.”

I like you, I respect the work you’ve done in the past (but NOT your response to this mess), and hope that the change I’m seeing in you is temporary. I’m also shocked that you see me as an enemy in this whole mess. You are making a statement about my motivations which simply is not supported by evidence.

As Treebeard said, “I am not altogether on anybody’s side, because nobody is altogether on my side.” So you might be careful classifying me as “with Larry” in this matter.

Joseph : 1 hour, 25 minutes ago

I read about the altercation with Larry. That explains a message I got from JBJr. telling me how Kev had abused a fellow autistic and so forth. I think JBJr. is trying to take advantage of the division that apparently exists in the Autism Hub, and I suspect Donna above is doing the same. That’s a bit unfortunate.

It's not unfortunate on this end, it's quite amusing.

Anonymous said...

If you want to read something pathetic look at the article today in The Worcester Telegram and Gazette News regarding the vaccine hearings in Washington. Of course the ever obnoxious Susan Senator of Brookline, Mass. has to weigh in. Here is a woman who can't stop talking about her looks, herself, her mid-life crisis and her belly dancing, yet we are supposed to listen to her and her opinion on how vaccines have nothing to do with autism. Do a post on this please. She is completely annoying.

Fore Sam said...

And, some whining.

Kev : 1 hour, 6 minutes ago

Joel – I didn’t direct any comment towards you whatsoever. If you took it that way, that’s your problem. You can demand away, you’ll be getting no apology from me.

As far as I’m concerned there’s no mess here at all.

In case, people didn’t get it the first time I’m going to say it again: I made a mistake awhile ago that the opinions of a few autistic people comprised the whole. They don’t. That was my sole act of bigotry. Generalisation.

I’ve always said on this blog that I will treat people in the way I am treated. Larry repeatedly comes onto this blog and treated it (and me) with a lack of respect. I will respond in kind. The fact that he autistic is irrelevant.

Fore Sam said...

Do you have a link to the Gazette?

Anonymous said...

Here's the article.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Federal court examining link of autism to vaccine


Every parent who suspects routine childhood vaccines caused their child’s autism has been waiting for this moment. Not to mention a few large drug companies, some influential politicians and a host of health professionals and school districts.

The case of a 12-year-old autistic girl, whose parents believe was poisoned by the mercury-based preservative thimerosal, began yesterday in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. About 4,800 families could end up being compensated in the domino effect of a decision that goes their way.

“The entire autism community is watching this case,” said Mary Romaniec of Grafton, the mother of an autistic child. “It’s the first case to finally hit trial.”

There are skeptics. Susan Senator of Brookline, author of the book “Making Peace with Autism,” notes that while thousands of families are interested in the case, about 1 million autistic children live in the United States.

“One of my closest friends, the mother of an autistic child, believes in this very strongly,” Ms. Senator said of the supposed mercury-autism link. “We definitely have agreed to disagree. I feel for these families. I hope they can get help some way.”

Ms. Romaniec said she met the plaintiff’s parents by chance in New York City three years ago. Their children were under the care of the same doctor.

“It was tragic what happened to her. Her entire immune system broke down. She had arthritis at the age of 9. She is incapacitated for life,” Ms. Romaniec said. “My only concern with this particular case would be is Michelle (Cedillo of Arizona) the benchmark for how severely you have to be injured in order to be compensated for the vaccine?”

To win, the plaintiffs must prove there is a better than even chance of a connection between the vaccines and autism. If the court rules that thimerosal was the cause, the families could receive a settlement from the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund, a trust fund created by Congress to protect vaccine manufacturers from huge lawsuit settlements. Total damages are capped at a little more than $1 million per individual.

Debate over links between mercury and autism is decades old. Among the evidence cited by parents of children with autism, individual doctors and researchers, and many others is that the discovery of autism in American children in 1943 came 12 years after ethyl mercury (thimerosal) was added to the pertussis vaccine. Similarly, autism was not seen in Europe until the 1950s, after thimerosal was added to vaccines used there. Those who believe in the link note that autism is often diagnosed around the same time children are inoculated against infectious diseases.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Food and Drug Administration and many medical and dental professional organizations reject any mercury and autism connection. Among the reasons cited is research conducted in Denmark, which banned thimerosal in 1992 yet continues to see rising rates of autism diagnoses.

In 1999 the U.S. government asked vaccine manufacturers to stop using thimerosal at about the same time families began filing claims with the government alleging a thimerosal-autism connection.

“They won’t get much financially,” Ms. Romaniec said. “It’s really a symbol. The money is going to help a little bit. But it’s justice for the families that know their child is vaccine-injured.”

Ms. Senator acknowledged that pharmaceutical companies could end up paying huge amounts of money if they lose this test case, but she wonders whether the money will do as much good as it could.

Today, the Massachusetts Legislature’s Public Health Committee will hold a hearing on a bill to ban mercury in children’s vaccines. The legislation is a response to a rise in the number of required childhood injections from about 8 to 22 since 1989, with the incidence of autism climbing from two in 10,000 to one in 166 in that same period.

Contact Richard Nangle by e-mail at

Fore Sam said...

Kev : 1 hour, 15 minutes ago

“I have not followed this conflict, and I don’t know how this started, but nothing justifies that level of cruelty to someone.”

You’re right Ginger, you’ve not followed this conflict.

“You have always had a bite to your writing, but you were never vicious like this. What has changed?”

Me. I’ve changed.


“Respectfully, enough is enough. If not for Larry and whoever else raises your ire, then for yourself. If that comment was on another board and signed John Best Jr., you would harshly criticize him for such actions.”

Respectfully, that’s rubbish. John would attack Larry (or whomever) because they were autistic. That’s his MO. That’s why his blog is called ‘hating autism'.


I won’t ever attack Larry or any other autistic person because they’re autistic. However, neither will I accept the fact of their autism as a ‘free pass’ that when they behave badly they can get away with it. I might well have done once but not any more. That’s just as bigoted as anything John would say or do and frankly I’ve had the experience of being Larry’s punching bag once and this time and for all times from now on, I will fight back. Hard.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, what is up with Kev? He is cracking big time. Nervous breakdown perhaps? He really should back away from the blogging and just enjoy his family for a long time... I would say at least 6 months or so. Don't get me wrong I would miss the drama (and the popcorn) but this is getting sad :(

Anon 1 said...

If you're reading this (and you probably are), it's quite obvious that you're attempting to diffuse and divert attention from the situation with Kev by pointing everyone in the direction of your common enemy, John Best.

Well David Andrews has been using this tactic for some time now, and I'm afraid it hasn't worked.

The Hub members are not wittnessing some sort of 'temporary' nasty side of Kev, only the side to Kevin Leitch that he normally reserves for
his 'opposition'.

If you were a better judge of character you would have realised long ago, that underneath all his smug, and patronizing put down's towards the 'evil' "curbies" and "mercury malitia" (which you probably see as Kev's charm and ability to eloquently argue a point), is the real Kevin Leitch. Coming out now and aiming his hostility at the people he had taken into the fold to build up support for his one and only adgenda-the issue of mercury and thimerosal.

Just as Kev cannot stand any argument from "curbie" parents that he talks to like children:

"Now are you going to continue being silly, or are you going to give us the benefit of your analysis of the mercury hypothesis?"

"Come now, i've asked you five times now to explain yourself", etc, etc.

Now Larry Arnold is getting a taste of this medicine from Kev, for having the gaul (bravery and common sense as I see it), to disagree with what Kev sees as the priorities of the Hub's 'mission statement' and the defining terms of "neurodiversity" in a wider sense than exclusively autism.

It had to happen sooner or later.

anon 1 said...

Kevin Leitch, reveered and respected Autism Advocate and "King of the Autism Hub", stated today in a dramatic turnabout that:

"The fact that he autistic is irrelevant."

Jeff said...


I regard it as likely that Kev's mental disorder has hit the irreversible phase of dementia. Perhaps the most empathetic move to do would be to leave the poor drug addict alone...

Anonymous said...

Fore Sam said...

"What were people called with bipolar before that politically correct term was invented?"

Bipolar was called Manic-Depression.
People who have it were called Manic-Depressives

The manic or 'up' side where often they can get very energetic, don't need sleep, become very irratic, go on spending sprees, get very grandious ideas, think they're finding great solutions to the worlds problems, etc.

That during the worst of the extreme high end, the manic end some can have the effect of an excitedly crazed person etc more closely fitting the stereotypical eyes bugged out talking too fast and incoherently is the origins for the word "Maniac"

Fore Sam said...

Anon, So, if Kev were to make a Youtube video while he was swearing at autistic people, we could expect to see his eyes bugged out and looking maniacal?
Would he appear more sane if he was taking his neuroleptics?

Anonymous said...

The Hub members are not wittnessing some sort of 'temporary' nasty side of Kev, only the side to Kevin Leitch that he normally reserves for
his 'opposition'.

Anon 1 -- Ding, ding, ding. You're right on. Because the sane people have stayed clear of Kev's blog lately he has no one to turn his nastiness on besides his own buddies. Sad really.

Anonymous said...

"Hating Autism means Hating Autistics" is another intentional twisting on what they know better about.

If this was "Hating Muscular Dystrophy" or "Hating Cerebral Palsy" I can't see any little small (who also conspicuiosly seem to have as their goals that each and every one of them, should have been indivisually diagnosed with the entire of the DSM..
If you can't get real neurodiversity because people with average IQs and lower, as well as ANY people who HAVE the disabilities you speak of and have had them lifelong are just not interested in a fringe band of over-intellectualizing hypochodrial histronic narsisistic self-serving people.

The reason you can't get real disabled people with various disabilties interested is that
Neurodiversity would only show its snobbery, use its obviously better language skills to wrangle those with lesser abilities, and should one with lessor abilities manage to sustain their own independent ideas whether they can express them as well or not, these people would attack and outcast.. just like any non disabnled groups, because they're the same thing.
An autistic person attempting to approach communicate get along and participate with these people is going to have the same results as an autistic attempting to approach a high school girl's soccer team.
Actually, the autistic might have a better chance with the high school girl's soccer team.

In leu of actual Neurodiversity, then, they'll just each claim every disabilty listed amongst themselves each being the walking truet textbook combination of every malady listed, led by one FIctitious Disordered Baggs in this cause.

They need brain damaged people? No problem, they'll all just identify as 'co-morbid' autistic and braindamanged (watch the rollcall where that's been taking place).

They want mental illness included?
Rollcall. Kevin Leitch, and then of ourse there's Amanda Baggs who's autistic, brain damaged, mentally ill (and whatever the next group of people they'll want, she'll identify as them too, working her ay through the entire of the DSM gathering all the diagnoses for herself)

I have a brainstem cyst that cannot be removed and causes several problems, I have lousy coordination due to this and several other issues, I have seizure disorder, I am often mistook for someone with Cerebral Palsy, especially when I get really excited or agitated, I myself had a one time round trip with Bipolar disorder as a direct result of the nutty breakneck year and chaos that immediately followed my starting to type and express myself (when it was realized my IQ was considerably higher than had been thought all of my life to that point and I went from very retarded to very not retarded in my status and treatment in nearly a fortnight. That is enough to mess with anyone's mind, and it did).
I have bonafide brain-damage due to the cyst's activity and seizure activity. I am visually impaired, legally blind.
And I literally almost forgot, how coudl I forget to mention it,
I am autistic, Kanner's syndrome type, LFA, I have classic autism, diangosed as such between 18 to 24 months old and consistantly so ever since. I was considered a textbook case until I started typing. Now Im a textbook case save for the fact I can type and has my own apartment.
(I really almost did forget to add autism this in my having all of this, I had to preview and come back with edit to add it, find that the humours type of funny)

Having said that,
I would still not, however, identify myself as a braindamanged person, a mentally ill person, or a person with CP or even a person LIKE a person with CP. I don't identify as being part of the blind community. If pushed about the issue what I would say is I "have a full plate" and leave it at that, its not anybody's business generally

and its like ANY of this is some badge I get to wear, its not like "the race card' when a Black person wants to play their music living next to you too loud and thinks you can hear their skin through your wall or something, the "disablity card" I guess, and if it is, then I have a feeling I'm kinda holding the Ace that could trump all who would play that sort of game anyway.

I can tell you this much though:
As far as and in as much as I can tell, None of the communities surrounding and involving these other disabilities would be upset at a website called any of the following:

"Hating Brain Damage"
('nuff said)

Hating Seizure Disorder
('nuff said)

Hating Blindness
(Hating Legal Blindness? whatever)
('Nuff Said)

Hating Bipolar Disorder
(Hating One Round Trip BPD?)
(I'm sure some people who have the lifelong affliction and those living with them hate it but not the person, and they are certainly allowed)

Hating Mental Retardation
(I was considered to have an IQ around 20 for most of my life, I'm allowed to have feelings about this. Some of my best friends where I worked in a sheltered workshop for over 12 years were very mentally retarded and I certainly don't hate them. Huge difference between hating one part of something and hating a whole person)

Hating Ehler's Danlos
('Nuff said)

Hating Aphasia
(aka "speech is overrated anyway')

Hating CP
(Hating Things That Resemble CP?)

Aside from and even without my added commentary
When you read those, does anyone interpret the meaning to be the person's with these challenges? I'll bet you don't. I wouldn't and I don't.

(and no I'm not being a bigot when I talk about the Black person and the music, that really happened to me with a neighbor and I really had to tell him his skin color was not the issue as it wasn't his skin I was hearing through my wall, and I was really threatened that he would 'beat my white bitch ass' if I told management about it, so that's exactly what I did, told management, and then the police)

Fore Sam said...

Sorry folks, Kev closed the comments so we'll have to look elsewhere for comedy. Maybe the pending psychologist will come back and entertain us.

Anonymous said...

DAMN! I'm not out of popcorn and it was just gettin' good.


Anonymous said...

Poor Kevvy ... Took his ball and ran home. Waaahhhh!

I had just popped a fresh new batch of popcorn too! What a waste.

Kurai-Gaka said...

"Fore Sam said...
Anon, So, if Kev were to make a Youtube video while he was swearing at autistic people, we could expect to see his eyes bugged out and looking maniacal?
Would he appear more sane if he was taking his neuroleptics?"

What makes you think that kevin has bipolar disorder? Did he say he has it or are you just saying that to annoy him?

I wish you wouldn't mock mentally ill people. Besides, bipolar disorder tends to affect very inteligent and talented people such as Vincent Van Gogh and Stephen Fry.

Googlybear said...

Sheesh, Whiner Leicht is really deconstructing before our eyes. I am not going to say anymore about him being bipolar, because if that is the truth, he really can not help that. I am not going to accept it as an excuse though for his current behavior, since he is against extending the same courtesy to autistic people. I think perhaps Kevin had an agenda all along, and that agenda was to slander the biomed/anti-mercury community. He had a band of autistic people, questionably autistic people and parents of autistics to lead. But the autistics, understandably, want more than just bitching about what the biomed parents are doing. They want a voice and some real life solutions to their real life issues. Basically, they are threatening to take focus away from Kevin and the massive chip on his shoulder; and put it on the people they thought ND was for, the autistic people. Now they are going to see the real Kevin, the mini-tyrant being stripped of his servants and power. Even with warnings, he can not keep his rage from coming out in his writing. His pointing at John Best, and whining, well what about him, is soooo transparent. Everyone already knows where John stands, that is old news. They didn't know before now where Kevin stood. That's the real shocker.

Closing the comment section isn't going to make this all disappear either. Who wants to place bets on Kevin's next move? John, you like to work betting odds, what odds to you place on these options:

1. Kevin comes back and blames it all on his bipolar disorder, claiming he was off his meds or his meds needed readjustment.

2. Kevin comes back with a doozy of a post slamming a common enemy like John or mercury parents. Or he comes back with a heartwrenching, tear jerker post about all the autistic children who have died at the hands of evil NT's. Thus rallying his remaining supporters and perhaps drawing back in those who are angry with him.

3. Kevin resigns and shuts his blog down.

4. Kevin goes on an extended vacation from the net.

5. Kevin throws a massive tantrum on his blog, the likes of which we haven't seen yet, completely losing his supporters and audience.

6. Kevin tries to become the John Best Jr. of neurodiversity, forming a new blog called Hating Biomed.

7. Kevin takes his daughter to a DAN! doctor and they both get some chelation and MB12 shots.

Fore Sam said...

Dufus, Go read Kev's blog and you can read his description of his bipolar thing.
In searching for famous people with possible bipolar, you forgot Charlie Manson, the Unibomber, Hitler and Cain.
Now, go away, you're not welcome here.

Fore Sam said...
Googly, Maybe we can bet on his next post. I'll check with Joseph and see if he'll give us any inside information regarding his orders to Kev.
Check the newest link. He's still bug-eyed and ranting and, no surprise, he has banned Larry from commenting on his blog. So, Larry joins me, Sue, a guy from Germany, I think Jonsmum and Kevin Champagne as intelligent people who Kev can't compete with. Your in good company Larry. Being banned by Kev confirms that you are of sound mind will never be confused with neuronitwits as are pictured on this post.
#1 9 to 5
#2 6 to 5
#3 99 to 1
#4 20 to 1
#5 3 to 1
#6 8 to 1
#7 5 to 1 (in secret)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to place a bet on #5 please.


Anonymous said...

Kurai-Gaka said...

"I wish you wouldn't mock mentally ill people."

If I got to choose one between the two, I'd take mockery like that I can face anywhere outside of my home, like in a restaurant situation. At least there and that sort of mockery is open and honest about about what it is, and does not try to hide.

Its one thing when somebody sits across a restaurant isle from me mimmicks my movements, points and snickers and laughs,

It's entirely another that there are you people making a CAREER out of it.

Your collective mockery ultimately of every autistic individual in existence with your antics is inexcusable, and I do sincerely hope that karma brings its justice to you somehow, that Satan or whatever has an equation to work out the slower you turn on a spindle over the hottest fire in the deepest abyss of Hell is in direct proportion to the degree of harm, pain and suffering if you will, to each and every autistic you've participated in directly hurting.

And I've seem your comments, I've read your obnoxious pages too "Kurai-Gaka" and I'll tell you what, get near me and show me your 'low impulse control' and I'll show you mine.

You won't be playing the 'poor disabled trump card' sweetheart. You couldn't possibly pick a worse target in this to try that on than me. You can 'take that to the bank.'

You're just the very sort of person I'd actually love to be entirely alone with for about two weeks, just you and me.

I guarantee you when we emerged ONE of us would be VERY different. One of us would be 'singing a very different tune."
Take a guess which one,
and as the saying goes "I'll give you just two guesses which one, and the first guess doesn't count."

I don't like people who mock disabled people and make it hard for those of us with real disabilities and I *really* don't like *you*

You want to be obnoxious?
Yeah, We can do that, we can go there. You really want it, I can show you 'in yer face' behavior and how very ugly it can really be.

You guys talk on about the civil rights movement and chew and espouse like you really think you're something, really got something to say, well here's something for you to think about while you're having your little lofty pompous oh-so-self-important ramblings, this is for you, Kurai-Gaka, as well as Amanda Baggs, and the rest of you, taking shit about civil rights and stuff you clearly don't grasp as you do what you do to others:

"In order to hold another man down you must stay down with him"

Booker T. Washington.
(yeah somebody besides Dr King, you schmucks, bet you never even heard of any others besides Dr King)

You think about that.
Since I know you'll consciously decline to grasp it and then say its due to 'your disabilities, I'll spell it out for you:

When you hold me down, you're right down here with me. And its going to take work on your part to keep me down too.

I could tell you and show you a thing or two about advocacy and how it gets done. I could tell you a few people who come to me for help and we get things done and when I've asked why don't you go to someone like Baggs the general response is along the lines of "not on your life' because doing good things for people isn't about grandstanding and making a bunch of noise its just about DOING them.
I've been on this earth longer, I've got experiences to draw on, seen a few more things, hell my record albums and most of my toys, my koosh balls are older than you and Amanda Baggs,

And as for 'special snowflake'
-- damned straight --
and don't you ever forget it.

Stuff your hypocrisy, you should be so glad I'm not an 'autism advocate' and I hope, really hope, you get in a bind someday, and you think its smart to turn to Amanda Baggs for help.

Sometimes I think things would be very different if I had been 'the Rosa Parks of the disabled set' but I chose not to. Don't you make that mistake of thinking that justifies you treading on me or people like me.

I'd rather somebody be openly nasty, there's honesty at very least to be had there,
At least Fore Sam is direct in what he does.

To put it another way, I've talked to Blacks who've lived in both and in the time period of the civil rights movement who've said they would rather live in the South, as there they got called "nigger' outright and you knew where you stood, while up north the same would smile and give a pat on the back, a helping hand on one side, and as soon as turned, a knife in the back from the other.
There is truth in that, I've seen it myself, and I understand that sentiment completely.

Give me the guys at the table saying 'tard and snickering, they've got a nicer spot coming to them in Hell than you do.

Googlybear said...

Kev I don’t consider myself part of neurodiversity, although I am clearly neurodiverse

Ah, I didn't put this option down. Kevin resigns from neurodiversity. Whining all the way.

Fore Sam said...

Odds Update:
Kev resigns and whines will be #8 at 12 to 1.
Lisa, You're down on #5?

maxima said...

I looked at Kev's blog, two words came to mind: Drama queen. He and Amanda Spam-bagg have their head so far stuck up their own ass and end up talking about themselves a majority of the time. Ignore him people, he might go away then.

Jeff said...

I'll jump on #5 as well. It would be a bit interesting to see what emotional pornography he could pull up from his hat.

Do you take Mastercard, John?

Scouser said...

Behind every Leitch is usually a Deer (Deer Brian has staked his career on clearing MMR and destroying Wakers)

We know our Kev is bipolar because his blogs are written in 2 distinct styles - himself and those who pay him to write their propaganda!

Fore Sam said...

Jeff, You can just call in your bets. Anyone who doesn't pay will be forced to spend a night with Amanda Baggs.
It looks like #2 was closest to being a winner since the nitwit went after Kirby and the witnesses in the vaccine trial. Since it wasn't a good match, I'll leave the tote board up to see if he has a nutty on his next blog entry.

Anonymous said...

John said 'Anyone who doesn't pay will be forced to spend a night with Amanda Baggs

Now that is just cruel!

Anonymous said...

To be clear, I mean that is 'just cruel' to the poor blighter who does not pay up. Ms. Baggs would probably love it!

Lisa said...

How naive am I? I tried posting at Kev's site yesterday. I was polite, politically correct, and truthful. Now why would I assume he would print my post?

Anonymous said...

Lisa - you have to wait your turn over there at Kev's blog. They're busy attacking someone named Diane right now. They can't handle 2 intelligent, well informed women at once.

Googlybear said...

Anon, you are probably right. They need to make it look as though Diane doesn't have any backup or support. Dogpile is a nasty debate tactic.

Fore Sam said...

What else would you expect out of people who would rather poison babies than help them?

Anonymous said...

What else would you expect out of people who would rather poison babies than help them?

And what you are doing, stink bomb?

Drugging up your son - that's what! Makes you no fucking better!

Fore Sam said...

Anon, Does your mother know you use that language?

Googlybear said...

Anonymous fool, please tell me how ForeSam is 'drugging' his son?

Lisa said...

Is my perception off or did our little Kev just exploit his friendship with Katie's family to regain some status within the ND community.

I want to make it very clear that what that family when through is horrific. I offer them my deepest sympathy.

It just seems that the timming of that blog was very calculated. It was not about Katie or her family. It was about Kev and what a great guy they thought he was.

I really am naive and I have certainly underestimated this maniac.

Anonymous said...

"Is my perception off or did our little Kev just exploit his friendship with Katie's family to regain some status within the ND community."

Lisa - oh you are very perceptive. Now Kev will never let you post on his blog. Darn, I was really looking forward to that.

Googlybear said...

Looks like option #2 is the winner:

Googly (me): 2. Kevin comes back with a doozy of a post slamming a common enemy like John or mercury parents. Or he comes back with a heartwrenching, tear jerker post about all the autistic children who have died at the hands of evil NT's. Thus rallying his remaining supporters and perhaps drawing back in those who are angry with him.

It looks like smarmy Kev is back on the scene. His moods must be swinging back from jerk to smarm. He is trying to worm his way back into everyone's affections, and how easier would it be than to use a murdered autistic child and her grieving family to tug at the heartstrings of all. It seems lately, even Baggs can not tolerate him, so he is whipping out the big gun. I suppose next in the works will be a blog post on Abubkar and how he has become friends with his family too.

Notice at the end, he uses Katie's story, which really has nothing to do with the Omnibus trial going on, to tie back into his pet obsession, decrying anything that has to do with vaccines causing autism. While playing the hero to a child who has died, he plays the antihero to children who are currently damaged and being damaged. What a guy.

Kev: Terrible, awful things happen to the best people. What was done to Katie has not yet even been tried in court. I want to make sure that people remember that Katie lived. This little girl I’ve never met and heart breakingly, never will. Whilst the vaccine trial goes on, remember that this is going on too. Although, that day, we never talked about the trial it was in their eyes and gestures. How could it not be?

And don't forget, at the beginning of the post, he makes sure to reaffirm his "friendships" with online ND'ers and even mentions some of them by name.

Sleaze are so predictable. Too bad the McCarrons did not realize they were being exploited so Kevin could rally more support for his agenda of not allowing autistic children to get the help they need. Shame on him!!

Googlybear said...

I forgot to post this. Can he use this family anymore.

Kev: Katie, my niece I never met

He is now claiming that Katie is his neice, his family, even though that is far from the truth. The McCarrons are just people he met on the internet and met once in real life. Now Kevin can take all kinds of liberties because he has made Katie his "niece".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous fool, please tell me how ForeSam is 'drugging' his son?

Chelation is drugging, that's how! When did you leave school, Googly Cub, sixth grade?

Anonymous said...

Anon, Does your mother know you use that language?

Does your mother know you're a shit father?

Fore Sam said...

Googly, Why don't try to post your comment on Kev's blog? We'll make odds on how long it will last.

Googlybear said...


I will email you.

Anonymous, Chelation is not "drugging" a child. You know damn well the term "drugging" is used in conjunction with using drugs, either legal or illegal, that alter mental behaviors or perceptions. Chelation has gotten completely blown out of proportion by morons like you with your thumbs up your ass. My daughter is also chelating and she is far from "drugged".

You know who is going to end up getting drugged with antipsychotics is the poor autistic people who grow up at a functioning level in which they end up wards of the state. And in the case of group homes, they will get their handfuls of drugs administered by a non-professional who is making a couple bucks above minimum wage and had a one day course on medication administration. I've seen people give the wrong person very heavy medications that belonged to another patient on more than one occasion in these situations. So I'd rather chelate my child than have her end up with that kind of life.

So go back to playing online games with your pimple faced friends and let the big people with big responsibilities get on with caring for their children.

Googlybear said...

Mike McCarron wrote on Kev's blog:
I can only say that you are exactly as you appear on your “blog”; and that is a good thing.

That is kind of scary considering Kev's recent hall of shame.

I have nothing against Mike McCarron. I think Karen is a pathetic excxuse for a human being and should be put away for life for what she did to her little daughter. I have no sympathy for that woman. I just hope that Kev isn't using him in to add legitimacy to his crusade against helping autistic people.

maxima said...

I´ve been away for too long...What did this Karen do to her daughter?

David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

maxima: "I feel sorry for you David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction), you put your whole self-worth into some degrees you've earned? "

You miss out on so much when you think you know me when you clearly don't.

Not like you've actually asked me, is it?

My self-worth is based on far more than my degrees... far more than that lot of accomplishments.

It's based in part on the fact that I'm a nicer human being than JBJr is (certainly, this is what people tell me).

David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

JBJr: "If you're nicer to me, I'll give you a horse who should win at 30 to 1 this weekend."

Why would I need it?

Anonymous said...

"And in the case of group homes, they will get their handfuls of drugs administered by a non-professional who is making a couple bucks above minimum wage and had a one day course on medication administration."

Googly, the above is so true it gave me goosebumps.

Years ago, in my 20s, when I was a well meaning, wanting to help everyone, kind of person, I took a job in a group home and was one of those minimun wagers without a clue who was handing out anti-psyhchotics to autistic kids and other kids with developmental delays. I did not even have the one day admin course.

Fortunately I never made a mistake, but you are right, any one of us could have. I did not work there that long because, quite frankly, it was not a pleasant working environment. No one was being beaten, and they were all fed three squares a day, however, the place was incredibly depressing.

What was really horrible was the more aggressive kids would knock the crap out of the quieter ones and there was very little we could do about it. One Down's syndrome teen got a black eye on my watch from another kid and I could do nothing to stop it because he was bigger than me and way stronger. The punishment? We took his allowance away.

I would die if I thought anyone I loved would end up in a place like that. Keep on treating your kids because the idiots who post about no treatement will not be there to look after your children when they are older and cannot care for themselves.


Fore Sam said...

Andrews, I didn't know you were wealthy. Most people would love to have money on a horse at 30 to 1. He was only 24 to 1 but he did win.

Anonymous said...

When did this thread get to be about David-aspie-Andrews? who is so incredibly self obssessed he puts his picture on his posts.

It is a fact that many aspies prior to being dxed with Asperger's are dxed with Narcissistic Peronality Disorder because in many ways the two are similar.

Googlybear said...


This happened over a year ago. A doctor named Karen McCarron took her autistic daughter who was age 3 or 4, to her parents house when they weren't home and smothered her to death. Then she went to the store and bought ice cream, came home and put her daughter into bed as though she was asleep. The next day she tried to commit suicide and she left some kind of confession saying that autism left her hollow and that her daughter wasn't learning fast enough or something like that. The pathetic thing is, she hadn't even been the primary caregiver in over a year. The husband and the little girl moved to North Carolina to put the girl in a special school, while the mom and the NT daughter stayed in Illinois. The little girl had only been home for 10 days when the mom killed her. You can find information by googling "Karen McCarron". I don't know if the stories have the daughter under Katie or Katherine.

Googlybear said...


I started working a group home right out of high school, at age 18. I was passing out antipsychotics and anticonvulsants. I made a mistake twice, fortunately they were not serious. What was worse is that we would have the floaters who didn't know a house come in when someone was out. I had one woman come in and get the two men in the house mixed up. She gave them each others meds. The only reason we even caught it is because I saw some red in the leftover applesauce and said, "he doesn't get a red pill!!" The nurse came and said they would be fine. Huh????

In nursing homes and hospitals, a nursing assistant, someone who at least has some medical training can not give meds but in group homes people with no medical training can give even the meds that have to be counted nightly and are in the lock boxes. It is crazy!!

Of course, I never see stuff like this being discussed in neurodiversity blogs. They don't give a shit about low functioning adults getting the wrong antipsychotics or even getting the ton of antipsychotics that are forced on them every day. All they give a crap about is chelation which is relatively benign, and even has helped children from growing up to the fate I described above. Or they babble on about Lupron, becasue it messes with hormones. I'll tell you what else messes with hormones, getting pregnant by rape from some orderly who knows he can intimidate a low functioning, non verbal woman. Bunch of hypocrites.

Googlybear said...

Now Whining Kev is claiming that JB Handley has "ripped" Katie out of the arms of her loving parents to further his "cause" of getting the rift mentioned on NY Times. Of course he had to quote mine the Evidence of Harm website to find something to support his theory, which actually did not support it at all. Oh the tangled web of Leicht's poor logic.

I guess it never occured to them that Katie might think that helping autistic children is more important than appeasing her parents egos. Sometimes people have to take a stand regardless of the cost. I guess Leicht doesn't understand that.

David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

"Andrews, I didn't know you were wealthy."

Who said anything about being wealthy?!

I'm not wealthy. But - going by your blog content - I'm a damned sight happier than you are.

David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

"When did this thread get to be about David-aspie-Andrews? who is so incredibly self obssessed he puts his picture on his posts."

Isn't John as self-obsessed? Let's face it... he's got his pic all over this blog (including the pic heading this post!).

And no, the thread isn't about me... no wonder you have to post anonymously: you're not intelligent enough to know your own name.

Poor you...

Anonymous said...

I am intelligent enough to know you are at the wrong website DavidnerdAndrews. The are two ss for. and

Try them for size.

Anonymous said...

Is that a big black dildo in your hand Mr. Andrews?

David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

"Is that a big black dildo in your hand Mr. Andrews?"

So many people who have less in them than even JBJr has... all anonymous... can't remember their own names! No bloody wonder they can't distinguish between a radio microphone and a dildo.

"I am intelligent enough to know you are at the wrong website DavidnerdAndrews. The are two ss for. and

Try them for size."

I found your site:

Anonymous said...

Is that where you bought the dildo Mr. Andrews?

Lisa said...

Okay boys, the dildo talk is a bit much. It has nothing to do with autism. You are just being naughty to be naughty. Now both of you to your corners and clean it up.

Googlybear said...

Hmmm... it does kind of look like one. LOL!

Lisa said...

Even so Googly, that is beside the point. Now don't make me stop this car. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Lisa. I should not be playing 'bate the aspie'. I just could not help it. I'll behave in future.

David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

anonymous peurile git: "Is that where you bought the dildo Mr. Andrews?"

Actually, I have to say... that was pretty funny .... :)

Made me chuckle anyways....

GB: "Hmmm... it does kind of look like one. LOL!"

Nah, not really... not close up. I have a mic in my studio that does look a bit like what the Sex Pistols referred to as a 'gorilla's dildo' (when they were interviewed in the mid-late 70s about their activities in scamming EMI). Couldn't imagine a radio mic like that one I was using at Tampere Uni being comfy to use as a dildo... :/

Lisa said...

Alright, Mr.(David)!! Go to your room! ;o)

Anon, you can come out and play.

Anonymous said...

David Andrews says on his profile:

"I am an applied educational psychologist living and working in Finland, where I have a daughter. I just completed a Master of Education degree in Inclusion, Special Education & Educational Psychology, in which I specialised in the specific educational and developmental difficulties faced by autistic adults from a psychological perspective (following closely the BPS DipEdPsychol syllabus). In addition to assessments and counselling, I also design and teach courses related to my professional interests."

Then he writes posts about dildoes, thickfuckers, he responds to 'bating' and calls others names, including questioning the intelligence and integrity of anyone who diasgrees with him.

Is this really the state of the medical profession? If it is, I'm scared! This man is claiming to be a psychologist. I hope he is not seeing private patients if this is an example of his behaviour.

I can only wonder if he got his "degree" over the internet via some college in Outer Mongolia.


David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

Treefrog (an ugly specis, if I recall correctly): "Then he writes posts about dildoes, thickfuckers, he responds to 'bating' and calls others names, including questioning the intelligence and integrity of anyone who diasgrees with him."

'Scuse me? There's a difference between elective illiteracy and dyslexia... you have the former issue going on here. I'm not bating, it's JBJr and his pals (such as (possibly) you (for example, the post I'm quoting). And as a 'bater', you appear to be a master of it.

"Is this really the state of the medical profession?"

Bit of a stupid statment after reading my profile. Yet again, that elective illiteracy coming out. Possibly in the cause of bating someone.

"If it is, I'm scared!"


"This man is claiming to be a psychologist."

Is a psychologist (educational).

"I hope he is not seeing private patients if this is an example of his behaviour."

I have clients, and I do indeed treat them with the utmost respect. They deserve it.

You, unless you change your attitude, do not.

"I can only wonder if he got his 'degree' over the internet via some college in Outer Mongolia."

University of Birmingham. Did you even manage to read correctly enough to find your way though secondary school? Reason I ask is that you seem to have read very little on my profile, yet you quote from it so freely.

Don't get smart. it's to far out of your reach.


Yeh... ugly specis.

David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

FS: "Hey Andrews, Doesn't having OGF qualify me to be invited to join Neurodiversity since I don't want to be cured of it?"

You want to join an informal grouping you openly despise?


David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

anonymous: "What, no 'hons' after your name Mr psychologist?"

Finnish universities don't offer 'honours' degrees.

"All those impressive qualifications but you just couldn't manage a basic honours degree."

My grades were up in the first-class honours range. Equivalences aren't awarded with honours... you seem to be selectively illiterate... you missed that word out in your attempt to bait me. Not very clever of you.

"'Me: BA-equivalence in Psychology, with Mathematical Sciences and Archaeology' Call that a degree in psychology? Don't make me laugh."

50% of the study credit in the equivalence is in psychology... BPS requirements are fulfilled. They're the ones whose requirements I give a shit about, not you.

Get over it.

Anonymous said...

It took the little man three posts to get over what I said.

Too much time on his hands. Scary!


Googlybear said...

Treefrog, you are just riling up people. Go over to Joeker's blog, he is ready to slap you with a lawsuit over the "little monkey" comment. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I would love to visit Joker's blog, but there does not seem to be anything on the page I googled, except that it said he was blogging against the Hating Autism blog.

I would love to offer Joker help and advice. "Little Monkey" is an affectionate term. I love little animals, especially treefrogs.


Googlybear said...

Treefrog, here is a link to the entry.

Anonymous said...

So what's up with Kev's site? Phil is the only one who has posted there is 2 days. I was really enjoying all of the drama. I need a fix. Someone go over there and shake things up a bit.

Googlybear said...

So what's up with Kev's site?

Everyone realizes he is full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Guess who has his mug shot on the Autistic Picture Project? Mr. David-a-beautiful-mind-Andrews (distinction).

He's an aspie, as if we did not know.