Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Flu Shots Cause Autism and Alzheimer's

Pregnant women who are advised to get the flu shot should change doctors immediately. The flu shot contains 25 micrograms of thimerosal (50% mercury) which can cause brain damage in the fetus, especially in boys.

Doctors further advise parents to poison their babies by telling them they should inject this mercury into 6 month old children. This is malpractice, but it is legal malpractice as long as the majority of pediatricians adhere to it.

People over 50 who receaive the flu shot 5 years consecutively have an increased risk for developing Alzheimer's. Symptoms of Alzheimer's are not much different from Autism. The flu shot also contains aluminum, a well known contributor to Alzheimer's.

If the government has scared you into thinking you simply must have the flu shot, at least protect yourself by demanding the thimerosal free version. There's not much of it around and doctors may try to tell you that the small amount of mercury won't bother you. Don't believe it! See what Boyd Haley has to say about it and learn the truth that our government does not want us to know.

Autism has reached epidemic numbers. The largest increase in autism happened a few years after doctors began poisoning infants by giving them thimerosal via the HepB shot on the day of birth. This small dose of mercury was enough to initiate autism in full term infants. Imagine the damage it can do to a one pound fetus.

Many people have heard the concerns about mercury from thimerosal sloughed off by the CDC and the medical profession. You may think your odds are good that your baby will not be the 1 in 150 who become autistic. Your odds of winning $10 on a lottery scratch ticket are probably higher.

Autism is a lifelong nightmare for every member of the family. It will absolutely destroy your life. Your child with autism will probably never learn to speak, read, write or toilet himself and will need to be watched 24 hours a day since many autistic children will not sleep. When they get older and stronger, their frequent tantrums continue and they can harm you severely. Then they wind up locked away in institutions for the rest of their lives. All of this could be avoided if doctors and the CDC would admit the truth and stop poisoning our children and our senior citizens with mercury.

On the upside, they have now developed a drug to treat Alzheimer's that is killing old people faster. This may be effective in balancing the social security budget if they can kill off the aging Baby Boomers quickly.

Of course, this is only a short term fix, typical of politicians. Since the long term cost of autism comes to about $3 million per person, that will eat up all the savings that are gained by the assisted suicide they have developed for those with Alzheimer's.

Is any of this worth it to save yourself from a few days of fever and puking? Perhaps we could all go puke on George Bush for refusing to give us safe flu shots without thimerosal.


Anonymous said...

That was a fabulous blog!

Please keep telling it as it is...people need to hear the hard facts.

This epidemic will not go away by wishing and hoping. This will only get better by diligent parents, like you, that tell other parents the reality of the situation.

There is nothing wonderful about this disorder. It destroys marriages. It destroys the health of all family members. The stress and alienation is deeply depressing. It is a debilitating illness for everyone involved.

Embrace autism? Are you kidding? Does society expect a mother to embrace cancer cells that are eating away her child's body? NO
So why should a parent embrace a disorder that is robbing her child of a healthy brain? It makes No sense at all.

The best parent is the advocate parent. The parent who is willing to make a difference for their child and other children. It is a coward who is critical of the advocate. My best advise to them...shut up and reap the benefits. Because we are not going away.

Anonymous said...

This blog has become predictable and boring. Any new thoughts?

John Best said...

It does get boring talking about how our government poisons babies and nobody gives a damn, doesn't it. Not even the parents whose kids were poisoned give a damn.

Maybe I'll start writing about horses instead.

Anonymous said...

We feel the same way you do John. But don't stop blogging about this. You speak the truth & many of us need this. I come here every day to read what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog-your funny and cut right through bullcrap.Keep up the good work. People lie their asses off about our troops killing babies and it's front page news. Our idiot goverment actually does poisen tens of thousands of babies and it's boring?

Joeker said...

Flu, hell, I've had bronchial pnemoneua, a flu's no big shakes.

I'm glad that they've removed Thimerosal from vaccines against really dangerous illnesses. Wouldn't want to have to forgo shots against something that's potentially lethal.

I love living in Canada. Such a nice healthcare system. And the politicians can understand that Mercury, which used to be in thermometers they used and was known as toxic, wasn't a good health product.

Anonymous said...

The problem with vaccines is that they are a hoax. They do not protect anyone against anything. Even without the mercury they still contain animal DNA, other preservatives and deadly diseases that most people will never come into contact with in ordinary circumstances. Why would anyone inject themselves and the children they love with poison?

Anonymous said...

latest news story on vaccines ~

Polio Vaccine Paralyzes Kids in Nigeria


Posted: 2007-10-05 14:40:16

Filed Under: Health News, World News
LONDON (Oct. 5) - A polio outbreak in Nigeria was caused by the vaccine designed to stop it, international health officials say, leaving at least 69 children paralyzed.

Anonymous said...

No doubt the medical community will have the same response they always have to kids getting sick from vaccines. "It's a small price to pay."

They are like the 'collateral damage' (read 'dead and wounded')in war.

It seems that some people are throw aways, disposable, dispensible human beings who paid the price for the vaccine companies to keep selling their lies and garbage to the public.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. This coming from a mom with a son with vaccine induced Autism who does give a shit!!! Keep spreading the word. We must stop this madness of poisoning our children. Yes anonymous, here is a new thought, people with your mind set scare me. Ignorance is very dangerous. !! If this blog is so boring why are you reading it? Why are you leaving a comment??????

bogglingmymind said...

Is it the thimerosol in the vaccines they suspect of causing sutism or the components of the flu vaccine itself?? My daughter was VERY articulate at two and three years old and had to have two flu shots in four weeks because the doctor said you have to do that when they have never had one before, (and she has asthma)and she has been talking babytalk ever since (which she never did before) and acting very regressed for the entire last year since she had the two flu shots in one is a phase they say....I am suspecting a mild autism??????

John Best said...

Go here to learn how to get the mercury out.