Friday, August 24, 2007

Donna Williams, More Fraud from Neurodiversity

Here are some of the comments that I felt would be deleted on this Youtube video by Donna Williams. Sure enough, when I checked back today, they were gone. I had also commented myself, to which Donna replied but that has also been deleted.

As is typical of the neuroinsane, any discussion that points out the horror of true autism is whitewashed. Williams wrote a book that is lauded by the neuronitwits back in 1991, before she ever had a diagnosis of autism. That proves that her level of difference was not so severe that anyone would have bothered to try to identify her condition as autistic. If she'd had autism before the age of 26, no competent person could possibly have missed it.

Here's some excerpts of yet another disingenuous neurodiversity video:

"Autism has a wider context

Before attending school non-autistic children may accept an autistic sibling.

An autistic sibling can be a disappointment to a non-autistic child,
who like many wanted a playmate more similar to themselves.

Some autistic siblings who are taught to feel that an autistic
sibling is a family burden

Others may enjoy being part of the

Non-autistic siblings who are not taught how to play interact or
communicate, in autism friendly styles may be more likely to feel
helpless and ill-equipped to enjoy autistic company on equal terms.

Some children who are taught to view an autistic sibling as broken
may promote themselves to being paternalistic carers, develop
self-pity, self-isolate, or use pressure on their parents to fix or
get rid of their broken sibling. None of this is healthy for either child

An autie production."

Anyone with an actual autistic child immediately sees the problem with this portrayal of autism. Autism is nothing like this. Autism is not some insignificant "difference" to be tolerated. Autism is everyone's worst nightmare come true. It is children who can not be reached on ANY LEVEL WHO ARE LIKE WOUNDED ANIMALS run amok within civilized society. Autistic children can not be reasoned with. Their behaviors are completely intolerable. They scream in pain frequently and no doctor on the face of the earth can tell us why.

Autism is a nightmare for siblings too. It is impossible for siblings to interact with autistic children. Unlike Donna's wacky description of teaching siblings how to interact, those of us who have actually dealt with autism know that there is no possibility of any interaction between normal kids and "wounded animals" who can't talk, don't make eye contact, don't play with anything besides objects that are useful for stimming and simply wander about in their own little worlds, oblivious to everything around them.

Comments posted 24 August


"My non-autistic son learned long before he went to school that his
brother was 'different'. Yes he wanted a playmate. Yes, he was
disappointed and wanted us to 'fix' his brother. Can you blame him?
He was bitten, scratched, kicked, punched and spat upon. As were we
all. My autistic son was incapable of relating to any member of the
family. Of course he couldn't learn to "enjoy autistic company on
equal terms". Autism is not eccentricity, Donna. "

"And my autistic son would have been terrified of that balloon you're holding."


"ha ha, me too. I didn't like the hat or the baloon. The plastic ball
I'm holding is one I carried since I was two. It was a 'friend'. To
this day I'm afraid of baloons near me. Because I was thought deaf my
parents burst paper bags and baloons to try and get a blink response.
I've been posed in that birthday pic and have gone rather 'puppet' in
it on the basis I got to hold my plastic ball. :-)"


"My son didn't just dislike balloons, Donna. He was literally scared
almost to death at the sight of them, and would run a mile. And he
didn't have cruel parents repeatedly bursting paper bags and balloons
in an endeavor to get a blink response from him. The "BANG!" of one
solitary balloon was enough to scare the living daylights out of him,
and from then on, nothing on earth would have induced him to hold a balloon. "


"Hi Kitties, yes there was a stalker in the 90s, before HFA was known
of. Because I had become HFA this person decided I had manifest
autism in adulthood. In fact my original assessment was 'psychotic'
at age 2 in 1965. I got functional speech by age 9-11, before that
stored speech. My IQ in my 20s was under 70 (already had a degree and
score was result of both genius and retarded) so I was dx'd as autistic."


"A stalker? Are you referring to your sociology professor, Dr Chris
Eipper at LaTrobe University, who was your supervisor for your
Honours degree?

Whoever heard of a person with an IQ of 70 in their twenties being
accepted at university, majoring in Linguistics and Sociology, and
getting a BA Hons degree?"

The above are honest comments from someone who has obviously dealt with actual autism for a long time. As it says in the moniker, TRUTH is the element that Donna Williams has decided to delete. Donna may have conned some uninformed publisher into publishing her opinions as some sort of expert on autism. Those opinions don't fly with real experts who have dealt with autism 24 hours a day for many long years.

I would have no problem with anything Donna Williams has to say if she would define her conditions properly. If she were to discuss dealing with Asperger's in the same manner, her points might be valid. As it is, she has decided to align herself with the psychotic sadists from Neurodiversity who are doing their best to present the wrong impression of autism. Autism is something that no person on this earth can adjust to. It is a condition that requires a constant state of alert to control uncontrollable children.

Autistic children are dying all the time because it is impossible for anyone to deal with caring for them 24 hours a day. Thanks to Donna Williams and the cult of psychos from Neurodiversity, politicians and high-placed decision makers will continue to hear this false impression of what autism is and more children will undoubtedly perish. Some more will die at the hands of their caretakers who have been pushed to their limits by the incredible stress of this nightmare. Neurodiversity is well aware of this but they continue to obfuscate the issue. It's time for more people to realize the hazards that are being caused by Neurodiversity and steps need to be taken to quiet these lying scoundrels.

Just for the hell of it, I'm adding in this youtube video here. This is one fraud interviewing another fraud. The beast being interviewed is Laura Tisoncik. Does anyone equate what this slob is saying with autism? (That's anyone who's sane, nitwits.) This obese, disgusting thing who looks like she hasn't washed her hair in a month bears zero resemblance to any autistic person I've ever seen. The slovenliness does, however, remind me of the video I saw of David Andrews singing. Asperger's, maybe; just a lazy hog, probably; autism, no way.


Anonymous said...

ForeSam, have you seen the recent issue of People magazine? There is an article in it about autistic children who have died in residential facilities. Their parents ended up putting them in these facilities because they were too violent to keep at home, endangering their sibling's lives. These are sad stories all around. A sad commentary on residenetial facilities for sure. But more sadly, what parent wants to put their young child in a facility. What child would want to be so violent they couldn't live at home. Autism is a nightmare which ruins the lives of those who have it and their families. I'm sure Neurodiversity would love to spin it that the real villians are the parents who sent their children to these facilities, so they could go on ignoring what real autism looks like.

John Best said...

Yup, some in Neuroinsanity favor letting them all out of institutions no matter how severe their autism is. I think Baggs is one of these, as if LSD induced, phoney autism is comparable to the real nightmare.

Anonymous said...

That video is insulting. So you "get" autism in your twenties and then you cure yourself of it? What a sham. The mentally ill don't like their true diagnoses. Scary how well they can lie/manipulate. The families/friends of these impostors need to really educate themselves about true autism. Or maybe they, too, are too tired of the mentally ill and so let the autism label continue? Family members of these people never speak out either way. Heck, at least Dov Shestak is definitely autistic.

Brook Trout said...

Folks, how would you define "real" autism (I see that term quite often, here)? Do you believe that the DSM-IV criteria for autistic disorder (not including PDD-NOS or Asperger's) define a spectrum that is far too broad? How would you change the DSM-IV criteria for autistic disorder so that it includes only "real" autism and not this autism-lite that seems so fashionable these days? Do you know diagnosticians who share your conservative views about what consitutes "real" autism and feel that the disorder is diagnosed far to liberally these days?

Thanks for any feedback.

John Best said...

Brook Trout, I still don't see feces smearing or self mutilation in the DSM as symptoms. Are the MD's trying to avoid letting everyone know the full extent of the damage they did by never testing thimerosal?

Specific diagnosis is not really important except in conjunction with how to cure it. They should change the name of it though, from autism to mercury poisoning. Some say 1 in 6 are affected when you include ADD, etc. Our medical establishment will never admit they caused some brain damage to 1 in 6.

What I'm writing to oppose is simply the neuroinsane propaganda that there is ANYTHING about any sort of autism that should be celebrated. Sane people don't accept brain damage as a "difference". That's pure propaganda. It should be called what it is and an all out of effort by governments should be made to cure it and stop it from happening to any more babies.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this doesn't know much about Donna Williams. She is into the same quackery you guys are. I don't think anyone would consider her ND.

She speaks at all the quack conferences like Autism One and so forth. She believes in biomed, cranial therapy and all that garbage.

She doesn't belong to the Hub, although she knows it exists. She doesn't comment there. She doesn't care for the people there either.

You people are so blinded by hate you can't see the Forest for the Trees.

Joeker said...

Real Autism is the Autism which is the core of the /autism Spectrum. The most disabling part of the spectrum is the most valid for it's naming.

Aspergers and the others are not the most defining part of Autism. They are the spectrum, not the Autism itself.

No one should be permitted to say that they're "Autistic" unlesss they are truly autistic, not an Aspie or whatever, but diagnosed with either High or Low Functioning Autism, and even then, there is more refining to be done. Verbal would work well for HFA.

Ender said...

Here is the problem I am constantly running into whenever I read you. You constantly critize asperger's and HFA for trying to cut themselves from severe autism. However then you go and say because low functioning autism is so severe that means we should cure HFA and asperger's too. You can't have your cake and eat it too, you either have to look at all autism or none. You either have to say HFA is part of the autistic spectrum or it isn't. And if it isn't you should stop talking about asperger's and HFA period.

Joeker said...

I'm not sure if you're speaking to me, or someone else, but I'll defend my views all the same.

HFA is part of the Autistic Spectrum, but is not so severe as LFA. Fore's the father of a child with LFA, and HFA cannot possibly be so similar. Do you know LFAs? Or are you part of said group of Aspies, HFAs, and other members of the Spectrum who are so keen to seperate themselves from LFAs imagewise, yet claim the benefit of being on the Spectrumn to use the term "Autistic" to refer to yourselves, in efforts to garner respect for being Autistic?

So long as those who have such bright prospects, with their "superiority" to normal people, can claim to be autistic and act as though they have the same needs as one who is unable to control themselves, unable to use toilets, and unable to speak, then there is certainly a problem.

Where do I say that we need to "cure" anybody? I certainly can't recall having said that, nor do I seperate HFA from the spectrum. What I'm saying is that clearer terminology would greatly benefit organizations/governments in determining priorities for those with ASDs, and also prevent confusion from having so many Autistics, rather than Aspies, HFAs, LFAS, and every other ASD on the entire Spectrum.

I'm mainly a centrist. I collect cake, but eat none of it. Figure that metaphor out.

John Best said...

People with HFA and Asperger's have problems that they would well be rid of. I think those who have not been suckered by Neuroinsanity woulde be happy to be rid of the problems that their level of ASD cause them.
I keep reading about more and more queers associated with neuroinsanity and AFF. Gay rights are a different issue than whether or not queers are mentally ill. They always were considered mentally ill and I happen to think they still are.

So, what do we have here? We have queers who also have some sort of ASD telling us they don't want to be cured. Don't expect any normal, rational people to jump on your bandwagon and agree that you are not mentally ill, times two.

That said, I don't give a damn if you celebrate having ASD as well as being queer. Just don't lump yourselves in with my severely disabled kid who needs to be cured and won't be queer because he has decent parents who won't let him get sucked into that insanity.

Now, your only real complaint is with the drug companies who caused your ASD. Yuh, yuh, neuroinsanity claims that's not true. They're lying, it is true. Accept that fact, find a lawyer, and sue them for poisoning you.

There, I just told you how to get yourself millions of dollars. I don't want a share but you can say thank you when you win your case.

Anonymous said...

yo, sup!
check this artcle out, its about what you guys are talking about and make sure you guys read contorversy about the terms in the autism rights movment, lol!

Larrysuncles said...

Talk about institions...Phil Gluyas is telling moms of severely autistic children they are failures and should put their kids in institutions! See his blog Phil's world, which should be renamed Phil's Hellzone where he makes obsessive lists of "enemies" and targets people. This Gluyas guy isn't aspergers. He's a total personality disorder as clearly shown by TWO psychiatrists in the australian federal court case. Shame on Google for not doing a historical check on Phil Gluyas when he complains to them about people. The guy has an EXTENSIVE history of harrassing and terrorizing people. He will get what he deserves soooner or later. Karmas a bitch.