Friday, August 31, 2007


Autism Speaks is a racket that does nothing to help autistic children. They take most of the money that is given to them and waste it on genetic research that they already know is a waste of time.

Bernie Marcus, owner of Home Depot donated $25 million to Autism Speaks. Marcus is a leader of tort reform that tries to prevent people from sueing large corporations. Bob Wright is co-chair of GE, who owned a thimerosal plant, the substance in vaccines that causes autism.

While Bob Wright favors helping his grandson get the mercury out of his brain that caused his autism, he is not in favor of sharing this information with the rest of the world. Telling the world how his company's product caused the autism epidemic would not be in his best selfish interest. Nor would it be in the interest of the drug companies who helped pay his enormous salary with their advertising while he was running NBC.

Bernie Marcus favors tort reform to screw people who get hurt by large corporations. Donating his money to Autism Speaks must make sense to him since Bob Wright's corporation and his sponsors are certanly large corporations who are still hurting babies all over the world. Autism Speaks appears to be a giant sham of a charitable organization that wants to keep selling thimerosal to poison babies into autism while hiding the truth so they won't get sued.

Bob Wright's daughter has an autistic son. That son is the reason Autism Speaks was formed. Yet, when Katie Wright decided to tell people that she was helping her son by using biomedical intervention to address the mercury that caused his autism, Autism Speaks basically disowned her. Does this make any sense?

"We are dedicated to funding global biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and cure for autism;..." is what it says on Autism Speaks' website. We now know that this is a blatant lie. When Bob Wright's daughter talks about trying to cure her son, he shuts her up. When scientists apply for funds to do biomedical research, they are always turned down. The only research that is funded is genetic.
The genetic research is funded because it obfuscates the truth about thimerosal. Some genetic markers may be found that happen to be shared by a large number of autistic children. When these circumstantial results are gathered, they will be broadcast as the identification of the cause of autism. That will be a very expensive and very sophistocated lie that a lot of people won't see through. People who don't already know the truth that Bob Wright knows to help his grandson will believe this nonsense.

I won't believe one word of it because I, like Bob Wright, already know the truth. I watched my normal baby boy disappear into an apparent vegetative state at about 10 months of age. I had no idea why back in 1997 and not many other people knew at that time either. My son remained in that vegetative state until 2004 when I began to remove the mercury from his brain with chelation therapy. Expert consensus seems to agree that a child's best chance for recovery from autism is by starting chelation before age 6 while the brain is still producing new brain cells. Since my son was almost 8 years old when I started chelation, he may have missed that chance. Bob Wright is taking actions that will ensure most children plunged into autism by mercury in vaccines will also miss that chance by refusing to publicize the truth. My son continues to improve. Nobody would call him a vegetable now but his chances at independent living and a decent life are still slim. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop spending every waking minute trying to give him whatever help is available.

Bob Wright is doing his best to make sure that no parent with an autistic child learns what they need to know to cure that child. Autism Speaks will not tell anyone how Bob Wright's grandson is being helped.

If you have an autistic child and think curing it is a good idea, ask me, I'll tell you how I'm helping my son get the mercury out of his brain. Unlike Bob Wright, I won't ask for any of your money and I won't lie to you by handing you a line of bull aqbout genetic research.

In the meantime, thimerosal filled vaccines will continue to be sold causing lives of pure horror for millions of babies all over the world. Bob Wright could play a big role in preventing these babies from being poisoned in places like China, India and Africa where the full dose of mercury is still in the vaccines. Bob Wright won't tell the truth so I'll do it. Unfortunately, I don't have his money to advertise this on television so all I can do is write about it here.


Anonymous said...

Very well said..thank you...and let me be noted as another Mom to watch her bright outgoing child lose ALL skills and become a vegetable..right before our eyes. Like your son, nothing worked until chelation, and like your son, we were late getting that information, he was 10. He by no means is recovered, but sure is a joy to know, a bright child, who has a chance now. If only the truth was told, if only parents got help day one, not confusing facts and cover ups. Greed kills. mercurymom.

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith. They hide the truth behind their wealth and power and expect that we will follow like lambs to the slaughter. My kid is recovering from chelation and we are getting better every single day.

John Best said...

Mercury Mom,
Thanks, It will be tough to shut Autism Speaaks up or to get them to admit the truth.
I just added a translating tool so that may help get the message to places like China where the government is still trying to sell the refrigerator mother theory.
It's great to hear from people whose kids are getting better!!!

Anonymous said...

Quite possibly Bob W. feels he can sleep at night because AS is his pennance for his initial contribution to autism (thimersol plant).

I wonder if the big guy upstairs sees it that way???

If not, he just might end up with Restless Leg Syndrome

Anonymous said...

Autism Speaks is married with Big Pharma. Look at the donor list. No ethics - I hope they all rot in hell for what they put our families through. Siphoning the funds and preying on us as if we were idiots while they have the best in alternative medicine to cure their own grandchild. How about spreading the wealth so we can more kids cured?

Anonymous said...

The only brain damage I can see on this blog is among those who spout anti-vaccine propaganda straight from the chiropractor lobby.

John Best said...

I suppose any nitwit complaining about chiropractors would be a big fan of the scumbags at Quackbusters.