Thursday, September 18, 2008

Associated Press and NIMH Abuse Autistic Children

The Associated Press agreed to present propaganda yesterday to prevent autistic children from being cured. They did this to help the NIMH and George Bush save the vaccine manufacturers trillions of dollars in lawsuits. Since the vaccine manufacturers have bribed almost every politician in Washington DC to allow this poisoning of our children, none of them will do anything to stop this child abuse.

The NIMH had proposed a study of chelation to see if removing mercury from childrens' brains could cure autism. They had even designed the study to fail by leaving out the essential element for removing the mercury. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is the only thing that will drag mercury past the Blood Brain Barrier and this study was not going to use it, so it had no chance of succeeding.

One would think the liars in our government would have gone ahead with this study as it may have done a good job of fooling more people into believing that we could not cure autism. However, since using DMSA alone as a chelator can improve some symptoms of autism, the NIMH must have been afraid that this small improvement would lead too many people to learning the whole truth. Since Bush and the rest of our bribed politicians don't want that to happen, I think they shot themselves in the foot because they would have had no trouble "spinning" the results so that anyone who hadn't already seen chelation work would believe that it was useless in treating autism, Asperger's and ADD.

AP went on to provide this lie: "The treatment removes heavy metals from the body and is based on the fringe theory that mercury in vaccines triggers autism - a theory never proved and rejected by mainstream science." The fact is that the CDC did prove that mercury in vaccines causes autism in 1999, met in 2000 at Simpsonwood to discuss this proof and decided to cover it up. Since then, we have been curing autism with chelation that uses ALA. AP, George Bush, the NIMH and our corrupt politicians all know this fact but they don't want the general public to know it. So, they continue to intentionally cause autism, Asperger's and ADD so they can dumb down the population and help the drug industry sell more mind destroying drugs that they claim are useful in managing ADD. They don't want to let anyone know that ADD is curable because then those kids could think straight and they wouldn't have to buy those drugs like Ritalin and Concerta to increase drug company profits.

All of this garbage is a good example of how our government uses mainstream media to spread propaganda at the expense of the public. This is the same government who will not allow you to hear from Nader, Barr or anyone else who is running against two corrupt bastards named Obama and McCain when they have their sham debates. Voting for either of these assholes will ensure more lies and more poisoned babies. Neither one of them has the balls to stop the poisoning of our children with vaccines. Please don't vote for either of them. Vote third party.

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