Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dr David Gorski Sodomizes Autistic Children Again

Here is the propaganda from one of the criminal MD's who commits malpractice every day to intentionally harm autistic children. Dr David Gorski is the lying piece of garbage known as Orac who claims to be some sort of cancer doctor. As such, he gives an excellent representation of the negligent medical profession that poisons babies with mercury in vaccines and refuses to undo the damage they did and continue to do.

I copied this response by Gorski from his blog where I am no longer allowed to comment. I have made Gorski look foolish so many times that he is now afraid to face my debunking of his every word. So, I'll debunk his lies here.

Who said "research is halted"? It's not. It's just that one badly conceived and unethical clinical trial has been halted because the proposed treatment is highly implausible and that makes there in essence no potential benefit but a real risk.
Chelation can go through the same stages of research that all ethical clinical research goes through: Basic science, cell culture, and animal studies. If advocates of chelation therpay can provide preclinical evidence supporting the use of chelation therapy for autism, then I'd be all for a trial. There is no such preclinical data. Get the data first, then come back and propose a clinical trial. This trial was unethical because it in essence put the cart before the horse and started a human study before there was adequate preclinical evidence to justify one.
As for the context that there is no "plausible" mechanism for chelation to "work," I suspect you know what I meant. I meant that there is no evidence that mercury, be it from thimerosal-containing vaccines or from other sources, causes autism. So even if chelation therapy removes mercury it's not going to do anything for autistic symptoms. There is only one indication for chelation therapy that's supported by science is acute heavy metal poisoning. For that, chelation is effective.

Posted by: Orac September 18, 2008 12:26 AM

Dr Gorski knows that lots of children have already been cured by chelation yet he claims there is no preclinical evidence to support doing this cancelled study. Gorski is such a good liar that he even throws in a bit of truth although he phrases the truth to look like a lie. He claims the study is badly conceived which is accurate. It was badly conceived. It was intentionally designed to fail by using EDTA which only chelates lead, not mercury and, it was not going to use ALA. Gorski knows that ALA is the only thing that can take mercury past the blood brain barrier but he leaves that important fact out of his lying statement. This bit of hidden truth in Gorski's statement also makes the second part of his opening statement true. The fact that ALA was not being used did make the study unethical. Keep on mind that Gorski didn't tell us that though.

Then Gorski drones on mumbling about preclinical data that he claims doesn't exist when he knows that the Autism Research Institute has had plenty of data for years on humans. Gorski "spins" this by saying the data doesn't exist on animals which is a true statement. So he gets away with making another true statement that is actually a lie by virtue of the context that he puts it in.

Next, we get the bit about there being no plausible mechanism for chelation to work because (and here's the direct lie) there's no evidence that mercury causes autism.. In the same breath, this jackass tells us chelation is effective for acute heavy metal poisoning.

Here's the key that shows Gorski's malpractice is intentional. He knows that autistic children have already been cured by chelation. So, his propaganda here serves to support a corrupt government agency who designed a study to fail and is so incompetent that they are not 100% certain the study will fail so, they kill the study and present a bogus concern for safety as the reason. All that NIMH had to do to check the safety of the proposed study was to ask for help from the thousands of parents who have already used chelation on their autistic children safely.

That's our Medical profession folks, a complete disgrace.


Anonymous said...

If ever a study was designed to fail, that one was it. They probably would have tried using disodium EDTA and then have been shocked when kids went into cardiac arrest.

Its all a blip anyways. There is no way to cover up what is happening, especially to all the troops dropping from excessive vaccination. They can still talk, and the shit will hit the fan eventually. Maybe soon, who knows. Bush and his fuckups are going to try and get away up with it until the last moment, and then get the next crew to continue to hold the ball. It's getting heavier all the time.

oh yeah, fuck Orac.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. The Earth was swallowed by a black hole a few days ago.

Anonymous said...

Never seen a recovered chelated child. There are some dead ones out there.

Where is your proof that even one child was "recovered" with chelation?

Foresam said...

I suppose you saw the dead ones, performed the autopsies yourself, had a study done on them and published the results in a peer reviewed journal too, right?

What a nitwit.

Anonymous said...

I was told by an alternative treatment physician that my autistic son's tests showed he was toxic for lead and mercury. To doublecheck, I had him tested by a physician who teaches at Baylor College of Medicine in the Texas Medical Center, the world's largest medical center. She was open to the idea that he could be toxic if the tests said so. He WAS NOT toxic and, in fact, had ZERO MERCURY in his system. He is 41 years old and was vaccinated when there was mercury in the shots. I hope you are fair enough to post this.

Anonymous (I don't want angry parents railing against me - I've had 41 years of trying every treatment out there and nothing has made a significant difference except applied behavior analysis, the only research supported treatment which has helped him learn new skills and improved his ability to understand instructions and to comply - or did he simply mature? I would LOVE for my son to improve dramatically, but he has not.)

Foresam said...

Baylor is a second rate joint for medicine. Just because it's large doesn't mean it's any good.

What tests did they do? Did they do a hair test for deranged mineral transport? If not, they are quacks who haven't bothered to keep up with the state of the art for autism treatment.

Can your son speak? If so, you could chelate him and be able to get feedback from him to see if he has any difficulty with it. Go to the Yahoo group Autism Mercury to learn the essentials of chelation or ask me speccific questions and I'll be happy to answer them.

ABA only treats symptoms and does not cure autism.

Anonymous said...


If your son had ZERo mercury in his system, he'd be the only human being on earth without any mercury. We all have it in our system, the question is simply degree.

Some children with autism read zero on tests performed to see if any mercury is leaving their system, which is part of the whole problem!!


Anonymous said...

I went to medical school with David Gorski. The best thing I can say about him is that he is an asshole.