Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to Stop Autistic Self Biting II

I wrote something last year about my problems with my son biting himself that drew lots of interest. I notice that many people still read this entry and, I hope, the useful suggestions that people submitted.

It seems I have solved the problem, finally. My son has only had a couple of minor, short-lived instances of biting himself in the past month.

I don't offer my solution as a complete answer for anyone else who has to deal with this nightmare but what helped my son may help others.

We have done 75 rounds of chelation to remove mercury and aluminum which resulted in much improved behavior and mental awareness. Chelation alone did not decrease the biting though. It was not until we began addressing the possibility that the liver needed some help that the biting diminished and is now virtually gone.

For my son, all we added to his supplememnt regimen was more milk thistle, more fish oil, vitamin D, increased vitamin E and acidophilus to control yeast. I found the suggestion to add these supplements amongst a treatment protocol designed to improve liver function for those with cirrhosis. There was much more to it as designed for cirrhosis so I added one supplement at a time until the behavior seemed to diminish. It worked. So, I offer this as a possible problem to address that should be checked with an MD to determine which supplements may be most likely to improve liver function to a point that will relieve the child of some pain and resolve the biting problem.


Anonymous said...

That's great news John!!


Anonymous said...


The thing I find most disturbing is how people like Amanda Baggs brainwashes parents such as this blogger and others into thinking no treament is necessary for kids on the spectrum. How anyone could fall for her is puzzling.