Monday, December 15, 2008

Tom Daschle Asks for Help

Tom Daschle asked me to host a community meeting to help the Obama administration learn how to fix healthcare. So, I decided to ask the autism community to let Mr Daschle hear our concerns on a blog. That way, we have a public record of it and don't have to take notes with shorthand.

While any issue regarding healthcare is open here, Mr Daschle specifically mentioned looking at prevention, and managing chronic care. Many of us share the same opinions about how to prevent autism and other vaccine induced neurological horrors and some may also be able to help the Obama administration come up with effective policies on managing long-term care. I'll leave it at that and hope some people will comment for Mr Daschle. For purposes of understanding who is commenting, there will be no anonymous comments allowed, pick some sort of name please.

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Craig said...

One way to start helping Autistic children is to expand SSI benefits to children with special needs. Most middle class workers are unable to cover many of the regular medical treatments associated with Autism, and their company insurance won't pay for it either. What ends up happening is that parents pay for all of it out of pocket. SSI benefits incude Medicaid, which is better than nothing. But when SSI cuts off benefits because they claim that the parent makes too much money, when in reality, the parents are paying thousands of dollars a month for care....well, you see my point.