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Lori Warner, PhD, Helps Illuminati Abuse Autistic Kids

Lori Warner PhD, Director of the HOPE Center for Autism is featured here to show off how ignorant she is about treatments that can cure autism. This stupid bitch tries to tell us that ABA has been found to be the gold standard amongst evidence based autism treatments. She thinks the whole world is stupid and that nobody will call her for presenting this bullshit that hurts autistic children.

Lori Warner, you are a lying piece of shit. Nobody who claims to be any sort of expert on autism can not possibly be unaware that we are now curing autism by addressing the cause, vaccines. Promoting ABA as any sort of standard for treating autism is just plain stupid. All ABA can do is torture higher functioning children into improving some behaviors. It can not help anyone with low functioning autism and you know it.

As evidence of how ridiculous ABA is for low functioning autism, I'll tell you how one of the most esteemed ABA people where I live provided some stupid advice. This guy came into my house to try to help us solve my son's problems with biting himself. My son would bite his hands, scream, sometimes for hours, and make himself bleed. The ABA guy told us to say, "Sam, no biting" and walk away. That was his solution. When I asked this "expert" if we should wait until Sam started drawing blood with his biting to intervene, the ABA "expert" did not have an answer.

Sam continued to bite. As expected, saying "Sam, no biting" had no effect on this child who was screaming in pain while he bit himself. That's what ABA is, pure bullshit.

We seem to have solved Sam's biting problems by using chelation to remove mercury and aluminumm from his brain as well as taking steps to heal his liver so the liver can work at full throttle to heal the rest of the damage caused by vaccines.

An autism expert like our Lori Warner, PhD should be aware of these advancements in treating autism. What the hell did they teach this broad in school? I suppose she believes autism is genetic and that shooting mercury and aluminum into infants is a good idea. That's what the Illuminati, who controls ABC where I found Lori's idiotic video would like the public to believe. The Illuminati wants the public to remain ignorant about how vaccines cause autism and all sorts of other problems so they allow dumb broads like Lori Warner to go on TV and drum up business for their outrageously overpriced clinics that waste parents' time and money but do nothing to cure autism.

Lori is able to add an ABC spot to her resume to make naive parents think she knows what she's talking about and she can probably swindle a few more parents to try her clinic. The Illuminati is happy because they will prevent parents from curing autism with this misinformation. Vaccine damaged kids lose again because these bastards refuse to tell the public about the kids who have already been cured with biomedical treatments.


Anonymous said...

ABC also ran this recently too. I see Massachusetts' main media whore was interviewed for the article. She must constantly call these news outlets and beg for people to interview her. Although she also pushes ABA and even moved for it, the ABA she is receiving really seems to have done so very little for her son so far, no matter what she says.

Also, the BCBA who came to your house and suggested that the solution for biting was to say "no biting" is a joke. Anyone knows this would bring even more attention to the behavior and cause an increase in biting. There is such a low quality of service providers throughout New England and yet they get paid enormous amounts of money. This slob Lori sounds like one of them too.

I think many of the ABA people are terrified for these kids to improve as there would go their meal ticket. So many of them are unethical scam artists.

Foresam said...

Agreed, these bastards who practice ABA scam parents just like the Illuminati scam us into injecting poison into our babies. Thay all suck.

Anonymous said...

Here's a perfect example of parents being totally scammed by scum ABA people. This mom has two autistic kids. One so severe she got dumped in NECC residential where they promptly injected her with the meningitis vaccine and the flu vaccine before allowing the kid in and now this mom's latest post is about her autistic son (the other child) and how she took him for his shots today, one of them another flu vaccine. Totally brainwashed by the scum of NECC I see. God help the kids. WHAT is wrong with parents?

Foresam said...

Some young parents probably weren't beaten enough as children. Lots of them need a good slap in the head.

Anonymous said...

This is the shit NECC pumps out that parents blindly follow. And the fact is the kids get worse and many of them get shipped off to Judge Rotenberg. What a money making scam. These poor kids of the ignorant parents.

Anonymous said...

ABA has been proven to have a positive effect in some cases. There are many different treatments and you need to respect them.

Foresam said...

I respect the ones that work. ABA is useless for low functioning autistic kids.

jonathan said...

ABA equals the autistic as a "clockwork orange"

Anonymous said...

What has always been suspicious to me are the ABA providers who go out of their way to try and discount any biomedical interventions. Why? What's in it for them? That's the question that needs to be asked more. People at NECC, for instance, require parents to sign paper work which prevents them from taking their kids to see certain doctors (mostley any DAN or biomedical supporting doctor) that NECC doesn't approve of, forbids them from using any biomedical treatments such as chelation and so on. They "claim" that these are a waste of time and can alter their data. That's bullshit. I know many ABA providers who find effective reinforcers, other than just shoving candy and other crap in the kids' mouths all day as NECC does, for kids so NECC can't use that as an excuse. I really think NECC, and others like them, are terrified that biomedical will be shown to work thus giving their ABA, which is rote, dated and horrible, no credit. Notice NECC also has a connection to Children's Hospital, which they admit, and I really think it is all one big vicious cycle of let's make sure we keep convincing the stupid ass parents to vaccinate to make even more money for ourselves.

Also, what's in it for this Lori person? I'm sure she was trained and brainwashed somewhere to think the same way and she continues the cycle by brainwashing ignorant parents.

Foresam said...

Yes, a whole industry of nonsense would be out of work if we gave these kids their lives back. Our kids have always been thought of as hopeless cases and we're encouraged to throw them away and lock them up somewhere and forget about them.

There are liars like Lori Warner everywhere who think they are authorities on autism just because they have degrees.

Autism Reality NB said...

My son's diagnosis is Autistic Disorder, assessed with profound developmental delays. Although he did not receive ABA intensively during the 2-5 year period he has benefited greatly from the ABA he has received.

My son has been taught some language, communication, math and reading skills using ABA. He enjoys ABA instruction both in school where he has received ABA instruction for the past 4 years and at home wher he eagerly awaits visits from his ABA therapist after school.

The scientific support for the effectiveness of ABA as an autism intervention has been reviewed by the Association for Science in Autism Treatment, the US Surgeon General, state agencies in California, New York and Maine and by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The AAP Report Management of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (2007)concluded:

"The effectiveness of ABA-based intervention in ASDs has been well documented through 5 decades of research by using single-subject methodology21,25,27,28 and in controlled studies of comprehensive early intensive behavioral intervention programs in university and community settings.29–40 Children who receive early intensive behavioral treatment have been shown to make substantial, sustained gains in IQ, language, academic performance, and adaptive behavior as well as some measures of social behavior, and their outcomes have been significantly better than those of children in control groups.31–40"

Foresam said...

Autism NB,
While you may appreciate some gains from ABA, you are only addressing symptoms by not incorporating medical intervention.

My son received early intervention starting at age one and it was 100% useless. While this may speak to differences in autism severity as to why your boy showed some progression and mine did not, it can not be denied that my son progressed profoundly upon chelating after 7 years of zero development.

Autism is caused by vaccines so if you do not address the cause, you will never solve the whole problem.

Anonymous said...


I am all for good ABA provided by decent providers, however the fact that some of them take it upon themselves to preach to parents the "irrelevance" of things like biomedical and chelation is so completely unacceptable. It's really none of their goddamn business what a parent may choose to pursue with their child from a medical standpoint. These type of ABA providers have what they call a "God complex" and it typically shows just how insecure they are. The good ABA providers don't feel the need to be complete and utter control freaks.

Anonymous said...

Autism NB stated:

"wher he eagerly awaits visits from his ABA therapist after school."

That is because Connor is excited to finally be getting some attention and one on one contact.

Foresam said...

I apologize for the comment from anonymous but I let it stand so you could see one more example of neuroinsane cowardice.

Autism Reality NB said...


The anonymous commentator who made the uninformed cheap shots about one on one time doesn't know me and the amount of time I have always spent with my son. The commentator has obviously not visited my blog site and seen the hundreds of pictures of Conor engaged in various activities.


Anonymous said...

Dear Foresam,

There is no DaVinci Code autism conspiracy.

I am sorry your son has autism. It is a hard reality to live. Your anger at the psychologists who try to help autistic children to function in society is unfounded. Nobody is trying to prevent your son from receiving a medical cure. ABA did not give your child autism. They are attacking the disease for what it already is, not what it shouldn't have become in the first place. There is no scam. These people are as devoted to the children as you are. They are not merely trying to prop up a phony industry. Many of them get involved with autism because they have autistic children themselves, and believe in their form of therapy.

Be angry at the medical professional who didn't inform you of the risks of vaccination if you must, not the therpaists who are trying to help the children who are already afflicted. Autism is a reality, and wishing it never existed is not an effective treatment.

A good therapist would not simply say "no biting" and expect this to work. That's ridiculous. Anyone who has common sense and has been around autistic children can see that.

Foresam said...

Dear Cowardly Idiot,
Psychologists do not try to help any autistic children. All they do is waste the children's time and pad their bank accounts. Any psychologist who has anything to do with any autistic child is a fucking thief.

If these people had any scruples, they would advise the parents of these kids to see DAN doctors. Psychologists should stick to training rats and keep their idiotic mouths shut when it comes to autism. They have no fucking clue what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

The last anon was probably written by the dummy who plays right into the hands of NECC. Sorry, but it sounds like it.

Anonymous said...

To the anon who claims that no one in the ABA world is trying to prevent a parent from seeking a medical cure. That's bullshit. Some of these providers spend most of their day slamming biomedical treatments and even refuse to service kids of parents who want to also pursue biomedical. I'd say that is preventing a parent from seeking some medical intervention. Get a clue and get your head out of your Pollyanna ass anon. If you think these people really give a shit about your kid you're a fool. You're nothing but dollar sigs to them.

Dr. Joel Mangalo said...

Dear Real Jerk,

How dare you. I am a psychologist and I deal with Autistic children every day. Autism is a neurological condition that requires constant care away from any physical symptom that may or may not arise.

As you are not qualified in any medicial field, sir, I suggest you stop talking out of your rear accusing myself and others in my field of theft. We do a required job. Where is your son's therapy in the field of behaviors? Are you doing anything in this regard?

Foresam said...

You're a psychologist, same as me. That means you know squat about how to treat autism medically which is the only way to improve the condition.

Treating autism with behavioral junk is nothing but theft. Since it is caused by mercury and aluminum from vaccines, the only way to fix it is to deal with those poisons. Please don't abuse any more autistic kids, jackass.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr.Joel-I find this following comment very telling being it was written by someone who used to work at a center that supposedly specializes in the "best behavioral treatment" for children on the spectrum. In reality all this place, and others, do is A. fail to acknowledge medical issues in kids on the spectrum and B. use crap behavior techniques. So when you spout that you are a "professional" who knows how to treat kids on the spectrum many savy people don't believe you. I can't tell you the countless crap BCBA's that are out there whose main interest is making money, all the while delivering shit, watered down therapy and telling parents that biomedical is useless. The majority of these behavior analysts simply deliver cookie cutter therapy. These kids are numbers to them. The biggest victory in autism would be putting people like you out of business since so many like you do jack shit for the money you charge people.

Both Gina Green and Brian Iwata are hypocrites because they both have been affiliated with the New England Center for Children (NECC), which is even worse than the J. Rotenberg Center (JRC). At NECC they have a staff-intensive unit for children with self injury - the problem is that most intakes into the staff intensive unit come from other least restrictive units at NECC. That means that they are the ones reinforcing self-injury. Then after they have built up a huge history of reinforcement for these behaviors over the years, and the kids become bigger and the behaviors less manageable, who do they call to take these children? - The Judge Rotenberg Center.
Posted by:VinnieSeptember 8, 2007 1:50:12 PMRespond

Anonymous said...

Maybe this Lori Warner should go on a GF/CF diet herself. I notice so many of these supervisors and therapists are fat slobs. Makes you wonder if they ever get off their fat asses and actually work with the kids. Believe me, if you are really working and keeping up with kids on the spectrum, you aren't a fat slob like this.

Dr. Joel Mangalo said...

Fore Sam, I am far more qualified that you are, sir. As you are not doing anything about your son's behavior you are not treating your son properly for the condition he has. Treating any physical symptoms only does half the job and with Autism that means you are likely doing more harm than good.

You, sir, are the thief. You are stealing what remains of your son's psychological life by doing nothing for him neurologically. Get professional help for him. You don't know what you are doing.

Anonymous, there are regretably some centers that are wastes of time and money. Hopefully the new president will seek to have these places closed down. This includes the JRC, and any other center that uses physically aversive techniques. The NECC varies and needs to re-structure.

Foresam said...

Those of us who know our asses from our elbows about autism know that it is impossible to do anything about behavior until the brain is, at least partially repaired.

You should stick with cleaning the rat cages in your psychology practice. Kids aren't rats and can not be trained a such. They can however, be taught once they are able to think straight.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Joel:

The fact is that MOST of the centers in New England are nothing but elaborate and VERY EXPENSIVE babysitting services and parents are just too dumb to educate themselves as to what good ABA looks like. More importantly, the majority of these kids will not benefit from any type of intervention if their underlying medical condition is not addressed. I see it happen time and time again and I see so many centers and so called "ABA experts" completely disregard the child's medical state. I call this blatant discrimination. Would we treat typical kids like this? If a typical child had many underlying medical problems would we just ignore that? Of course not. NECC is the worst offender of this in the nation. They are arrogant and ignorant and the few true professionals in the business know the deal with that place, believe me.

I see kids rot in these places year after year while their medical condition gets worse and worse since the kids are filled with crap reinforcers (think cookies, candy, soda and so on), parents are brainwashed (or threatened) and continue vaccinating their kids and these places totally see the child as one big set of behaviors and NOTHING else. THAT sir is BAD ABA. A good educator encourages the parents to address all needs of the child and first and foremost if the child is a medical mess any good professional in the industry would want that to be resolved or they know the child would have a tough time making any progress.

Dr. Joel Mangalo said...

Foresam, you assume that such a brain is not contactable. This is not correct and demonstrates your inability to deal with the situation. Please consult a professional in your area as quickly as possible.

Anonymous, you assume that I am opposed to the treatment of any medical condition that may exist. I do not. Such a thing is not within my qualifications to speak on so I concentrate on areas that I am. A complete course of treatment must include behavior. If it does not then no amount of whatever treatment one chooses to pursue to resolve any physical issues will resolve all issues. The two treatments must be in concert with each other and this is why I suggested that the NECC needs to be re-structured.

I wish to add that I oppose aversive ABA techniques. They are no better than the JRC.

Anonymous said...

Ph--er, Joel, nice try. Again.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Joel:

I don't disagree that very good ABA and biomedcial need to be combined. Again, here's the problem. Great ABA is pretty much non-existent in New England so parents either remain very ignorant to what good ABA looks like or are completely turned off by it thanks to some of the horrid providers in this industry. I advise parents to hire consultants from NJ or California. New England is twenty years behind the times. Additionally, NECC will NEVER allow biomedical because they would then have to admit that forbidding parents to implement biomedical with their kids has been wrong and they are WAY too arrogant for that. I also think that NECC believes that there is no recovery for autism and they certainly do not give 100% to the kids with their programming. It's conveyor belt programming there. Get them in and move them on as fast as you can. I have talked to a couple of parents of kids in the preschool and it never changes it seems. No generalization, no maintenance, rote skills that go nowhere, restraints....nothing will ever change there unless they dump some of those directors.

Dr. Joel Mangalo said...

Anonymous I don't agree with you that the NECC is of the belief that a child can not recover any faculties that were lost with the onset of Autism. If they are then that is new information and I shall indeed support your call for it's closure, but they have had some success in partial recovery.

If any director believes nothing can be done then they should be boiled in oil honestly.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Joel--Many kids fully recover. I think this article shows Strully's true colors.

Sudbury boy is coming up for air
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Daily News photo by Art Illman
Jennifer Barsamian and her son Zack, 8, have tried myriad treatments to fight Zack's autism, including building a hyperbaric chamber in their home.


More related photos

By Kathy Uek/Daily News staff
MetroWest Daily News
Posted Jun 14, 2008 @ 11:25 PM

SUDBURY — During most of his early childhood, Zack Barsamian sat quietly under a table lining up his toys; he didn't understand how to properly play with them. Often his hands covered his ears. The Sudbury native, alone in his world, didn't like noise and he didn't show typical child-like expressions of joy or happiness.

When Zack was 3 years old, doctors diagnosed his condition as "mid-functioning" autism. He also suffered from liver dysfunction and had difficulty digesting food.

Five years later and after his parents spent more than $400,000 out of pocket for Zack's treatment, the boy smiles, relates and enjoys other children in his second-grade class at Peter Noyes School in Sudbury. He plays on a Sudbury soccer team. He even has a best friend.

"This is everything we ever wanted for our son," said his mother, Jennifer McInerney-Barsamian. "He is almost completely recovered. He no longer needs assistance in school and is not on an education plan."

The $400,000 paid for conventional autism treatment including speech, occupational and behavioral therapists; neurologists, testing and unconventional treatment to remove heavy metals from Zack's body; expenses to travel to New York, North Carolina, Texas and Mexico to see specialists; and the cost to build an in-home clinic.

Recently, the Barsamians, along with 8,500 other parents of children with autism, participated in the Green Our Vaccines Rally, in Washington, D.C., with celebrities Jenny McCarthy and comedian/actor Jim Carrey spearheading the cause.

The participants hoped to raise awareness and push for elimination of toxins in vaccines, and to change children's vaccination schedules. Some people believe the mercury-based preservative thimerosal found in vaccines is the main cause of autism.

The Institute of Medicine has concluded that there is no link between vaccines and autism after examining the results of 19 major studies.

Jennifer found the rally validating.

"I got the satisfaction of being there with all different parents - most of them are treating their children for a vaccine injury and seeing the improvements," she said. "It makes you realize, we're not crazy. Thousands of people and their kids are getting better."

McCarthy's son, Evan, has seen improvements with treatment since his autism diagnosis, said Barsamian, who stresses "the cure" is not a quick fix.

"The kids getting better started treatment four or five years ago," she said. "And it does not work for every child."

Jennifer and her husband, Paul, a software consultant, tried a variety of treatments on Zack.

"We had heard that there may be a link between autism and the childhood vaccines so we decided to take a medical route and try to reverse any vaccine damage Zack may have sustained," she said.

They began with IVs for nutrition and chelation to remove heavy metals from the blood.

"We continued to have Zack tested for the metals (he had high levels in his blood and urine) and as the metals came out of his body he started to smile, relate, enjoy other kids and many other good things," Jennifer wrote in an e-mail.

"But the frustration was unbelievable," she said. "To see him get better and then take a dive - and try and figure out what was wrong...We were constantly doing blood tests to see what he needed. Each time he got worse, it was not as worse as the last time. Then Zack got better."

In a recent interview on "CBS The Early Show," Zack's physician, Dr. Kenneth Bock, suggested that environmental factors and nutritional deficiencies trigger the conditions in children who are genetically predisposed to them. He said intervention can be effective in treating those youngsters - intervention involving detoxifying them and changing their diets, among other things.

The detoxifying treatment removes toxins in the body caused by internal factors such as diet and external factors such as vaccines, the air we breathe, and the water we drink, Jennifer said.

Zack's treatment also included oxygen therapy, which increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Twice a year Zack and his family travel to North Carolina where Zack receives treatment in a chamber of 100 percent oxygen.

"Zack doesn't like to go, because he misses school and his friends while he's away," said Jennifer. "But after a few days of treatment, he gets more color in his face and says he feels better."

To supplement that treatment at home, Zack does one to two hours of daily supplemental oxygen therapy in a special chamber his parents built in their basement.

"He doesn't mind," his mother said. "He goes in and reads a book or plays with his Legos. Sometimes he falls asleep and we carry him to bed."

The cost the Barsamians pay for treatment is high - between $3,000 and $7,000 each month because it is not covered by insurance.

"We are tapped," said Jennifer. "We have spent the college fund, the 401(k), taken home equity loans and maxed our credit cards. We are as deep in debt as you can probably get, but our child is better.

"Unfortunately, many, many of our friends who have autistic children have not been able to afford the medical treatments," she said. "Though these parents see their children improving, they are often not able to do as much chelation, (hyperbaric) oxygen therapy, nutrition and medical tests necessary to accompany these treatments because of the expense. This is heartbreaking...all children deserve the chance to recover. It is possible. ...Our son Zack is proof."

More and more kids are recovering from autism, according Wendy Fournier, president of National Autism Association, a parent-run advocacy organization located in Missouri.

"Doctors are realizing it's medically based. If you treat them medically - treat them with what's going on in the body, they get better," she said. "The problem is the medical community looks at them like they have some incurable mental illness. Autism is thought of as a mysterious mental illness."

But Vincent Strully Jr., chief executive officer and founder of The New England Center for Children in Southborough, said he has not seen any credible evidence that there is a cure for autism.

"To my knowledge, I don't know of any qualified medical or psychological professional who said there is a cure," said Strully. "It's widely accepted there is no cure. While anything is possible, you have to see real evidence in public journals."

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thomcat6 months ago
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Thanks you a million times over for this fabulous story. As an autism parent, it is becoming abundantly clear to me and thousands of parent like the Barsamians that the 1 in 150 kids currently being diagnosed with what we call autism are indeed able to improve their health and functioning considerably through detoxification and diet. Articles of this nature, where parents assert a link between childhood vaccines and autism, and report progress in their kids by pursuing both conventional and unconventional therapies are few and far between in the main stream media, and MWDN is to be commended for their reporting. I look forward to the day when we won't have to bankrupt ourselves to recover our kids from vaccine injury and heavy metal poisoning.
autfreesummit6 months ago
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Many thanks to the Barsamian family for going public with this story and also to MWDN for printing this fabulous article. I commend MWDN for having the guts to write the truth as opposed to printing the same old propoganda that most of the other media prints on this matter. There are MANY Zacks out there, recovering from 'autism', AKA vaccine damage, but the medical community doesn't want to listen to this truth. To put an end to this debate whether vaccines cause autism or not, all they need to do is conduct a study on kids who haven't been vaccinated (the Amish community) and kids who have been vaccinated, and count the number of autism, allergy, asthma, ADHD, cases in both populations. The results will be crystal clear. But rather than doing that, the medical community discredits these true stories as 'co-incidence' or 'misdiagnosis' and continues to stay blissfully ignorant. The CDC, FDA, and the phamaceutical industry continue to lie to the public, and the medical community blindly takes their word for granted. It's a real shame that parents are having to go bankrupt while trying to recover the kids who were damaged by the very people these parents trusted to protect their kids.

My best wishes to Zack and his family. It was heartwarming to read that Zack has a best friend and is doing so well in school. May he continue to show progress and lead as 'normal' a life as possible!
bizymom6 months ago
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Re. Vincent Strully's comment, he is doing exactly what the CDC does via the media, oversimplifying by saying there is no known cure for autism. No one said there is. However, there are very real treatments for the many medical afflictions that children with autism suffer including heavy metal poisoning, brain inflammation, oxidative stress, intestinal dysbiosis, diahrea, constipation, allergies, eczema and seizures, to name a few.

To say the only treatments for autism are therapies is ridiculous. THOUSANDS of children with autism worldwide are able to function better because their parents have sought out qualified doctors to help them through consultation and lab work determine what their childrens medical problems are and treat them for those problems through special diets, nutritional supplements, medications, oxygen therapy and chelation.

When my son was diagnosed with autism one of his symptoms was that he used hang himself over the arm of couches and chairs at the waist. One 'professional' told me, 'oh, lots of kids with autism do that'. He also had nightwakings and was up every two hours for YEARS. When we treated his GI issues (as diagnosed by a DAN - Defeat Autism Now doctor), he no longer hung himself over furniture and he began sleeping through the night because his tummy didn't hurt any longer! He was nonverbal so he couldn't tell me his stomach hurt but boy it must have. What resulted was a happier, healthier and more rested child who was able to attend better to his therapy sessions. Is he cured? No, but had we ignored those signs and chalked it up to 'autism', my son wouldn't be where he is now and my husband and I would still be getting 3 hours a night of sleep.

If you want to find children with autism who are improving, go to a Defeat Autism Now conference or get in touch with National Autism Association, TACA or Generation Rescue. Unfortunately, you will not find much in the medical journals because the powers that be have been turning a deaf ear to the parents and the brave health professionals willing to fight for our kids.

Thank you sooo much for this article. I hope more and more parents, doctors and the public in general start listening to what families of children with autism have to say. We are not crazy and we are not anti-vaccine. We want children to be safe, healthy and free of toxins. Moreover, we don't want anyone else to join our club. It's heartbreaking, exhausting and financially debilitating.

Thank you.

Dr. Joel Mangalo said...

Anonymous, what Strully has said is not an admission that nothing can be done. There is yet to be the bomb that proves beyond doubt that Autism is completely curable. The report admits that the progress has taken years. And it has included a medical process that I have a great deal of respect for generally. The use of oxygen therapy. I will be very interested to see these children as adults. In particular their behavioral situation.

Anonymous said...

You are a Doctor of what exactly?

Dr Joel Mangalo said...

Here's my IP address. I'm an idiot from Australia
Melbourne Victoria Australia

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how it became so politically incorrect to question ABA. It's expensive and most of the practitioners don't have a CLUE how to do therapy properly. With your average kid and average ABA therapist, your chances of screwing up the kid's confidence are greater than teaching them something other than what amount to pet tricks.