Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Medical Industry Now Asks for DNR's on Autistic Kids

I recently took my autistic kid to a doctor and was asked if I had a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order on him.  I wonder if this is now commonplace.  While I wouldn't hesitate to have a DNR if I was Ari Ne'eman's father, I can't imagine too many parents agreeing to this for their children.


Roger Kulp said...

Thanks for the bellylaugh,but Ari Ne'eman is not autistic,no matter what his fraudulent diagnosis says.I no longer headbang,stim,elope,or any of that stuff that gave me that "difference" Ne'eman and his ilk are so proud of.I can socialize,and function on my own,but it took three and a half years on high dose leucovorin to get there.

But I still can't talk as good as Ne'eman does.I still have a buttload of medical issues,that we now think are due to mitochondrial disease.I know I would regress if I went off the leucovorin.

I wish we could put a DNR order on the fraud of neurodiversity.So many far more sick and disabled than Ne'eman and his ilk have fallen for this bullshit

Foresam said...

Glad to hear treatment helped, Roger. Haven't heard from you for awhile.
I'd DNR Ne'eman for being a degenerate liar, not for being autistic.

Roger Kulp said...

I still have a lot of medical problems.Something Ne'eman and his ilk never talk about.I am just starting to see Dr.Rossignol.He thinks I may have mitochondrial disease,which they are finding goes with this folate stuff.

jonathan said...

Off topic, but you should write a blog post about Phil Gluyas' recent behavior and the claims he's been making in various parts of the internet.