Thursday, May 07, 2009

Rupert Murdoch Supports Neurodiversity, Planning for Death of the Internet

Rupert Murdoch talks about how the internet will soon be controlled here. The gist of this article is summed up in this paragraph: "The corporate media monopoly has terminal cancer and they are losing their power, which is why they are aggressively supporting moves to phase out the old Internet altogether and replace it with “Internet 2,” a highly regulated and controlled electronic Berlin wall, where alternative voices will be silenced and giant corporate propaganda organs will dominate once again."

This control has been discussed for some time now and people who support the truth about autism need to be prepared. As we have seen, the last four US Presidents support the poisoning of our children into autism with thimerosal, we can be certain that if this control does come to pass that we will never see another honest word about autism in any controlled media.

The blogs and support groups will all be shut down and information about autism will only be gained through word of mouth, just like it was before the internet existed and none of us knew anything about what caused the horror of autism. Doctors will be able to tell victims of vaccine poisoning misdiagnosed as autism that there is no known cause or cure for autism just as they always had before the internet. Once this happens, parents will have nowhere to turn to gain the information they need to cure those victim children. They will learn from brain dead state employees who kiss someone's ass to get their case manager jobs and will tell parents that early intervention is their child's only chance. That early intervention will not include any mention of biomedical treatments that cure autism. That is what the social service graduates are taught in college, to do nothing useful.

When the free speech on the internet dies, there will be no way to organize pressure on any media outlet to allow us to tell victims the truth about autism. What you will see on TV is public service announcements from Ari Ne'eman and other psychopaths who will present knowingly false information that is presented in such a way as to misinform everyone so that thoughts of cures never enter anyone's head. The lies from the CDC and the AAP will go unopposed and Pharma will be able to poison more babies with no hassle from anyone.

Parents who know the truth need to plan for this now. If this happens, it will assuredly be done quickly and without warning. One day, we will wake up and our blogs and support groups will have simply vanished. We must plan for this and be prepared to work around it.

We need a telephone network set up to keep everyone informed with the sole goals of preventing and curing autism. If free speech on the internet is taken away, the corporations who cause autism will have free reign to misinform everyone and we will have no way to oppose it. We will have to organize information campaigns and stand on corners handing out leaflets because, as we have all seen, it is virtually impossible to have the truth published in any mainstream media vehicle.

Please consider how you gained information about autism before there was an internet and let's be prepared in case Rupert Murdoch and his pals get what they seek. We need networks in place everywhere to counter this. Better to be prepared and not need it then to need it and not be prepared.

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