Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bribe Congress to Stop Autism

This is pretty simple and Congress should go for it. We can use the politically correct word for bribery and call it "campaign contributions" and we should be able to outbribe the vaccine manufacturers to cure everyone with autism and stop the epidemic.

I think $10 million is a reasonable settlement for everyone who had their brain damaged by vaccines and had it mislabelled as autism. If we can all file and have the cases decided by juries instead of some corrupt federal masters, I think we'll all win without any trouble.

So, we make a deal with Congress as a whole that we will all donate 10% of what we win from Pharma for having our kids' brains mangled by vaccines to them for their campaigns. They can all figure out how to launder the money and put it in their pockets. They can even pass a law for themselves to give themselves a pass on laws against bribery if they want to save themselves the trouble of "washing" the cash.

If 100,000 of us win, Congress will get $1 trillion. Divided by about 550 of them comes out to about $1.818 billion per corrupt politician. I don't think Pharma will offer that much in bribes to each of the bastards who keep allowing babies to be poisoned by vaccines so, we should be able to arrange this deal.

What do you say Congress?


Anonymous said...

this is the site

and i think this is a direct link to the show

apparently he's gonna be on right after 1030

Foresam said...

Thanks for the tip on Ne'eman's radio appearance. Too bad I was cut off and wasn't allowed to respond to his evading my statements.

Anonymous said...

Jesus! Your voice is so goofy!

Anyway, I think Ne'eman had the right idea and I was happy that you were so suprisingly well spoken and actually brought up some good points.

I just hope that the two main hemispheres of the autism community come together so that we can put aside our petty squabbles.

I think that if you continue to keep up a mature attitude without sprinkling the odd death threat and conspiracy theory in your future posts, maybe more people could stand you enough to take you seriously.

After hearing that radio announcement, I think Ari seems to have, not only his heart in the right place, but also has the right idea.

Oh, and by the way- don't you think that maybe the station was only allowed to give people a certain amount of time to talk? It's not Ne'eman's fault if you had to be cut off. I think he gave you a lot of insightful information and did respond very clearly to what you had to say, so don't bitch about him "evading" your statements.

Foresam said...

My voice is the product of 45 years of smoking and a Boston accent.

To understand what Ne'eman says, it's important to pay attention to what he doesn't say. He's a highly trained propaganda artist and it would be a mistake for anyone to underestimate him due to his age.

jonathan said...

I heard the portion of the show where John Best had a dialogue with Ari Ne'eman. Ari Ne'eman totally evaded the point of Asperger's versus autism, by implying there is any way that he has anything in common with someone like John's son. He evaded the question of institutionalization by claiming people would be living in the community. In the case of someone severely autistic that is likely a euphemism for a group home. Nothing but evasiveness from Ne'eman.

Foresam said...

Thanks Jonathan. At the start of the show, Ne'eman and the host were reminiscing about some time they had spent together, sounded like they were friends so I didn't expect fair treatment but made my points anyhow.

Powered_by_Starbucks said...

I just listened to it; good job (you sound a lot younger than mid-50s and I didn't realize you were from Boston). Of course, he totally missed your point@@. That there is absolutely NOTHING the same about people like him and your son or my daughter. I tell you what, if my daughter can go on a radio show someday and talk like that I will be thrilled beyond belief. I hope if she ever does she talks about what jackasses the ND crowd was for saying she should not be cured of her disability!

These people think "health care" means dangerous psychiatric drugs but think that B vitamins and probiotics and chelation and HBOT are child abuse. I don't want them advocating for my child when I am seeing with my own eyes that these things are helping her and tremendously improving her quality of life. (Well, we haven't done the chelation or the HBOT yet, but plans are underway to try both.)

Stephanie Lynn Keil said...

Anyone who doesn't agree with the ND "leaders" are shunned, ignored and, in some cases, annoyed to the point where they leave (which is probably their goal in the first place).

The "Autism Hub," which really should be a synonym for "Neurodiversity" rejects any site that does not agree with it's "leaders" 100% and does not promote their agenda.

They claim to promote diversity, ethics, empowerment, etc...but they don't. I applied to the Autism Hub just to see if I got it but I was quickly rejected. Neurodiversity is nothing but propaganda.

It's rather unfortunate because many of the ND serfs are kind but are taken advantage of by their leaders.

Foresam said...

Exactly, Stephanie. Did you know that the original Autism Hub bloggers were all trained by Frank Klein in his AutAdvo group? He was the mastermind behind all of the propaganda. He used to slap them down when they'd say something really stupid so they learned just the right words to use to make themselves sound credible.

The Hub only accepts people now who are stupid enough to be brainwashed by all of their propaganda and toe the party line. So, you should be pleased with yourself for being too smart to fall for it.

Calling into radio shows isn't the best way to debate anyone but you could hear Ne'eman's voice quivering a little while he was trying to respond to me. He sounded good to the uninformed but his rhetoric is pretty easy to explode if you take the time to take apart each word. All you can do in that venue is take a shot or two. When he starts squirming with circumlocutions, some people see it for what it is.

Powered_by_Starbucks said...


He sounds to me like there is nothing wrong with him at all. Something tells me he never smeared his shit all over the walls or banged his head or bit and scratched himself to the point of needing to be taken to the emergency room when he was a kid.

Yeah, I saw right through him when he danced around your answers. Unfortunately so many people do not see through all that convoluted drivel. I swear to God, no one has any critical thinking skills left any more. President Obama could come out and say that the sky is red or two plus two equals six and people would believe it.

lurker said...

I knew Ne'eman couldn't address or refute your points, when he dodged your questions by bringing up a bunch of concepts that don't answer anything. I was appalled that he talked about how he was for "quality of life" while he belittles the idea of cure as if cure has nothing to do with quality of life. Ne'eman's tone of voice seemed quite arrogant to me.

Powered_by_Starbucks said...

John, I didn't know that about the Autism Hub. You should do your own post about that whole debacle. Or maybe you wrote on it once and I missed it?

Foresam said...

Yuh, it's been over three years since I started writing about Neuroinsanity and I deleted a lot of junk that was just bashing them for the hell of it.

The number of lunatics has grown so large now that's it's impossible to keep up with all of them. They knew what they were doing by appealing to young teens who have now become brainwashed leaders themselves. You have to hand it to Frank Klein, his leadership achieved a result worthy of Hitler and Goebbels.

It might be worthwhile to write the whole crazed history of it but so few people pay attention to the result of the propaganda that it probably isn't worth doing.

Powered_by_Starbucks said...

Oh *I'd* definitely read it!

I shared that blog post that that guy named "Watson" did awhile back with a friend who began working with autistic children and adults in the nineties (my daughter was diagnosed in 2005) and she confirmed what that blogpost said - that it wasn't until 1999 that all that "autism is cool and beautiful" neurodiverse crap started coming out in newsletters. She said at the time all that stuff started being pushed that it really pissed her off; the children and adults she worked with were very severe and had almost no functioning. There was one man who finally began wearing clothes and toilet-trained at age 20 years old and would eat bedding all day long unless you watched him constantly. She said that ND stuff was a huge insult to what he and his family were enduring every day of their lives.

I like that you write anti-propaganda stuff. If it gets you labeled as extreme, then oh well. Someone's gotta call a spade a spade.

Foresam said...

Watson is a much better researcher than I am, much more patient at gathering the facts too.

To do the whole story justice would probably require something of book length. It might be interesting to do it but would be a huge waste of effort without a publisher.

I suppose if Amanda Baggs does have a book published that that could motivate me to write that book and expose the whole damn scam in print.