Friday, June 05, 2009

Blood Sludging in Autism

I read Age of Autism's opinion on blood sludging, watched the video and checked Whole Health Network's site as to their proposed treatment. You have to pay $25 to see all of the site and then they'll send you a kit to collect a blood sample that they'll analyze for $200. You must have to pay a lab to get the sample out of your kid for you.

This whole idea hinges on autism being a result of unhealthy blood. According to Whole Health Network, you still have to detoxify and fix the whole body so the blood will eventually be normal. At least, I think that's the idea.

Age of Autism showed how one partially recovered child had much more healthy blood than unrecovered kids. It claimed that a kid who was about 70% recovered had 15% of his red blood cells healthy compared to 1% or 2% in other kids.

Instead of going through a long and expensive process to wind up with 15% of your blood being healthy, why not just take a couple of pints out and replace them with healthy blood to start? That would give you 20% healthy blood right away and would only take about an hour. If Whole Health Network is right and healthy blood is the key to resolving the autism, couldn't any doctor order this blood test, have it covered by insurance and introduce some better blood into autistic kids first in the process of healing everything?


Anonymous said...

It seems like one could buy their own microscope and check their kid's red blood cells themselves.  For $200 you can get a decent scope. You could also see if the blood cells were clumped together immediately and know it's not from sitting around in the lab.     Royal Rife 

Anonymous said...

I am not endorsing this idea, because it sounds like a load of crap. However, let's assume for a minute they are on to something.

If the blood is "bad", coagulating or damaging red blood cells, this is a SYMPTOM, not the problem itself. For example, leukemia patients will have very thick blood. The blood isn't the problem, it is a symptom of bone marrow issues.

So in this case, replacing the blood by transfusion would only be effective for a few days at most. If something was causing blood to degenerate, the new blood would be ruined. If something was causing bad blood to be made, as the transfused blood was replaced by the body, new blood made would be just as bad. So you have to find out what is causing the problem and treat that.

Think of it this way: if you have liver disease, your skin will go yellow. A good tan isn't going to help. You need to repair the liver. Same principle here.

Don't waste money on these quacks.

Powered_by_Starbucks said...

Ditto to the second anon.

You know, I love my daughter's DAN! doc and she has definitely changed our lives for the better (a year ago our daily lives were pure HELL living with my daughter until I found her), but some of this stuff is just whacked and I am beginning to see why some people think the biomed/chelation parents are nuts.

People need to use common sense. Like the second anon said, clumped blood is a symptom, not the problem (I do wonder if kids like that can be helped with HBOT therapy, though, since that is supposed to bring oxygen to damaged tissues). I'm not paying 200 bucks to send my kid's blood to a lab. I pay less than that for a single VISIT with her DAN!

I really cannot get over how much some of these people charge for their services.

Anonymous said...

The same guy promoting the blood sludge is also promoting something that says he can cure you of a heroin addiction in 48 hours and its proven effective 80% of the time! The guy is a sleazebag.

Anonymous said...

I am autistic and my blood is very healthy. I have had it tested several times. My cousin has had blood tests done too. (He has severe autism with learning disabilities, I have Asperger Syndrome.) I do not think this theory can be accurate.