Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why Was Andrew Moulden Invented?

Here's the list of vaccines before thimerosal was added in 1931:
Typhoid vaccine (parenteral)
Tuberculosis (BCG)
Yellow Fever
The first influenza vaccines (flu)

To believe "Dr" Moulden's assertion that all vaccines cause autism, we would expect to see autism starting in 1798 with the first smallpox vaccine. Moulden claims that vaccines can cause autism whether or not they have any thimerosal in them. If that were possible, we would certainly have records of autism existing before it was first recognized in 1943.

It simply is not possible that the bizarre behavior inherent to autism could have been missed for 145 years until it was first reported to Leo Kanner.

Here is a report of damage caused by vaccines surrounding the 1918 Spanish flu. Amongst all of the horror that this report attributes to vaccines before thimerosal was invented, there is no mention of autism. Vaccines for diptheria, tetanus and pertussis were first used in the 1920's but did not cause any autism. Verstraeten's report from 1999 focused on the DTP or DTaP as a combined vaccine that contained thimerosal. If "Dr" Moulden is to be believed, he should be able to find some people in their 80's and 90's who have autism from receiving the same vaccines separately in the 1920's. According to Moulden. he can spot autism within hours of someone being given a vaccine that results in his micro-vascular strokes.

Here's the opinion of the most knowledgeable person on Earth on the subject of autism regarding "Dr" Moulden's position. Why should we accept what Andy Cutler says as Gospel, one might ask? He designed the method by which people have cured autism. He charges nothing to provide this information and it is the only method that has ever cured anyone of autism. "Dr" Moulden has not cured anyone of autism but he does try to pick our pockets for $5 a head to hear him speak or $9 to watch videos of himself opposite Paul Offit. Moulden talks about telling us how to cure autism but that information has not been forthcoming and I think it's just part of a scam to grab some money while he obfuscates the truth.

So, why would people associated with Age of Autism conjure up this "Dr" Moulden? I think it begins with David Kirby and his shoddy book that began by stating that he would never advocate using the treatments that are used to cure autism. I've mentioned this before and not one person has argued with me about it yet, they still blindly follow Kirby, the writer who disagrees with treatments that cure autism. Sounds like one of the Neurodiverse to make statements like that.

Kirby's book came out the same year that Neurodiversity went public with their propaganda blogs. It happens to be the same year that JB Handley showed up and started Generation Rescue. He used his money and his aggressive leadership style to round up a lot of decent parents who want to help autistic kids and placed himself in the lead of this group of people. Handley said the right things for a couple of years, opposed the Neurodiverse, and then he began to change.

Jenny McCarthy was somehow recruited to switch from being an indigo mom to being a "Too many. too soon" crusader. Handley began chanting the same slogan which took the focus off thimerosal. David Kirby was ignoring the truth told to him by PhD's and was presenting knowingly false information to discredit himself and every parent of an autistic child in the process. Then, about a year ago, Moulden suddenly appeared with no apparent history of ever having existed aside from what was seen on his own website and a few comments he had made on blogs of Oprah's, Mike Stanton's and Michelle O'Neill's. It must have been in between those blog comments from the fall of 2007 and summer of 2008 that a bunch of screwy videos were made in which Moulden looked like a used car salesman trying to sell his information. Those videos have all been removed now and the websites that had stolen intellectual property from Dr Carley (who told me she was forcibly removed from speaking at a conference by Generation Rescue people) have been replaced with something that seems a little saner.

Now, Moulden has hooked himself up with chiropractors, and wack jobs like Gary Tunsky. I talked to Tunsky's wife a few months ago when she was unhappy with a comment I had made about Moulden and the first words out of her mouth asked me if I was a follower of Jesus Christ. After a few minutes of religious fanatacism, I was able to talk to April who assured me what a wonderful man "Dr" Moulden was so I asked her to pose a few questions to him since he was due to arrive at her home that evening and the answers would help establish Moulden's honesty or lack of same. April never got back to me with those answers. It was shortly after this that I learned April was part of this traveling medicine show with Moulden and Tunsky that earns them a quick buck.

Along with Moulden making himself look like a jackass, his nonsense about all vaccines causing autism helps to make anyone else who subscribes to that theory also look like jackasses. That would include everyone who has been duped by Handley, Kirby and McCarthy into jumping on the "Too many, too soon" bandwagon while continually ignoring the fact that thimerosal injected into pregnant women with the flu shot does a number on the brains of fetuses.

If vaccines never caused autism from 1798 until 1931 when thimerosal was added to them, how the hell can they cause autism now if the thimerosal is completely removed? First of all, thimerosal has not been removed. It caused autism in 1931 when very few vaccines were given and none of them were given on the first day of life as they were, and still are, with the HepB vaccine. Nobody knows the answer as to exactly how much thimerosal and at what age is needed to cause the brain damage known as autism. I did see someplace, although I can't recall where, that aluminum in vaccines increased as thimerosal was reduced so that may be part of the answer as to why autism has not decreased with the apparent lessening of thimerosal. Not acknowledging that element while blindly shouting about too many vaccines also deflects attention from where it should be, something I feel certain was the reason Kirby dealt himself into the autism controversy in the first place, just to discredit everyone who knew the truth.

After Kim Stagliano decided to allow Neurodiversity to do a character assassination on me, I had an exchange with JB Handley about it. Here's part of that exchange, with Handley trying to give me a direct order as though I was his subordinate:
"By the way, the last time I heard from you was when you were threatening to write some blog piece critical of Generation Rescue -- even after I explained to you that I'm not involved with the Age of Autism operations, nor have I ever been. I don't really appreciate that, and it almost kept me from replying to this email. Of all the people to piss off in the world, why choose me? Not only am I on the same fucking team as you, I'm often the guy leading the charge - so use some fucking judgment, mate, and pick on the other team!!Respectfully (and directly) yours,J.B. Handley"

It was at this point that I began to wonder what Handley was up to. Perhaps Handley was not involved in Age of Autism operations but he was certainly in a position to take issue with whoever was running this offshoot of the blog that was started as the Rescue Post when they began to allow the Neurodiverse to comment with blatant lies about Rescue Angels. Sorry JB, you're not on the same team as I am. I'm on the team that only advocates for the whole truth about how our kids were poisoned, not some bullshit story that includes crap like Andrew Moulden and respecting a bunch of psychopaths from Neurodiversity.


Gomeux said...

I found your blog really interesting. I found it while doing research on this Moulden guy, he is one hell of an intriguing character, that's for sure...

I am a father of two boys, one is 4 years old, vaccinated, in great shape and the other is a toddler of 3 months, not vaccinated yet.

I am currently reading books by Michel Georget (a biologist writing about the manipulation of statistics from the vaccines makers) and Éric Ancelet ( A book about how Pasteur lied and changed his statistics to make his results more "sexy") we have (me and my wife) decided not to give any vaccines to the baby.

From what I read here, you are against vaccines when they are filled with thimerosal, sqalene and aluminium, but what if they were cleaner? Would you take them?

I am at a point where I believe that vaccine are not the solution, still, I'm curious to know your opinion.

I apologize for my funny grammar, english is not my first language.

Thank you,

Guillaume Pâquet

Foresam said...

I did take them, with no ill effects.
No, I wouldn't give any vaccines to a baby unless there was a very good reason to do so, like an outbreak of some horrible disease.
Yes, I'd still vaccinate for polio and diptheria if I could get it by itself, maybe Hib too.

Gomeux said...

That's why I find Michel Georget's book so interesting, it gives you proven alternatives to nearly all the vaccine.
For example, he cites Dr.Neveu, who used Magnesium Chloride to cure Diphteria (he also talks about another doctor who used it against tetanus).
I found something about that in english, here

the more I read about Antoine Béchamp, the more I am concern about the relevance of Louis Pasteur...

Thanks for answering, its really appreciated