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"Dr" Moulden's Scam Stolen

If Moulden is involved with this, you have to suspect something isn't right. He goes from town to town giving lectures for $5 a head but never lets on how he's going to cure anyone. Now he's blasting Whole Health Network for profiteering.

Do they tell us how the blood becomes sludged? I don't think they know. They tell us healthy blood makes the brain work right. So, supplying a kid with healthy blood should make the brain start working right right away. Right? At least as long as the good blood lasts?

But, this doesn't jive with Moulden's contention that white blood cells clog up capillaries while attacking vaccines to cause strokes. Moulden also claimed that mercury had little to do with autism and that chelation wouldn't help much in spite of the fact that many kids had already been cured by removing mercury.

When I first talked to Moulden, he told me he had some machine that did video microscopy spectral imaging. Now he says he just looks at pictures to look for crooked eyes and mouths.

Here's my first email exchanges with "Dr" Moulden from last October. I have to wonder why Moulden doesn't renew his alleged medical license and treat autistic children for profit rather than traipsing from town to town like somebody selling magic elixir to listen to him speak for $5.

from Oct, 2008
Hi John;

Thank-you for your advice. We are implementing some of these right now.

In time, we hope, to be able to provide all that we can and have for free. I set up the real estate affinity program across 40 countries with Century 21 to do exactly that.

Basicaly, any IMAM-12 member who sells and buys a home, through Century 21 (we will open this up to all other realtors once they "get on-line" will save 1% of the real etsate commission ffes - 70% of this savings goes directly back to the member, 25% to us (so we can help more people), and 5% to Century 21 as a processing fee.

We need to find ways by which the "rich" can save money and force industry to give up some of its profits so we can generate funds to help all the children and families we are now in apoistion to help.

We expect a battle with Big Pharma - no worries, they can argue al they want, the bottom line is this: we can now see what they have done (retrospectively) and are doing (in the here and now) with these vaccines - the realty is heartbreaking - one vascilates between tears, anger, frustration, rage, despair, and a sense of being galvanized to stop this at all costs and all obstacles - and there have been many; they already came at me in 2004; this time we have them, as we have the proof causation, the methods to establish this in coiurt, the micrbviology and tissuee pathology locked down, and the mechanism of injury both explained and, in many respects, reversible for many.

Bra9inGuard is simply our neurodiagnostics imaging - essentially, we have crteated a non-invasive functional brain scan based on contsraining the neurological exam and the facila features pre-post vaccination to neuranatomy, the creanial nerves, and the pathophsyiological process we now know is going on.

Essentially, we invented the the equivalent of the Hubble Space telesope for the neurological exam and we can offer this now via on-line video upolods to our serverss and we can provide the neuroimaging across the world once we have the video and photos on our secure servers - whihc jjust came on-line tonight - we are as bug as, if not bigger, than utiuvbe for handling video uplods ;-)... we have a portable, internet based, real-time, "MRI" for brain function ;-) the product of 21 yeaes of brain studies..I am pleased I have somethng to offer the world besides my mother always complaining "when are you going to stop studying and get a real job?"

The intervioew today on BBS radio (on the website now...interview starts 15 intes into the forst section with myself and our Washnton based Lawyer, Michaell Ruggio..who will start suing these cBig Pharm folk and others..once we amass enmough for each class action suit - there are muliple categories."

Yes, mercury increased the problem; However, so to does everythng else. Here is the problem: The neurological injury M.A.S.S. response process always existed in human pathology (see MASS disorders on This was an active process in polio, smallpox, spanish flu, and ALL infectious diseases - always has been, always will be;
this is the non-specific immune system response to disease..all disease; but more specifically, this
is the non-specific immune response to ANYTHING foreign in our bodies.
Mercury, formaledhyde, antigens from bugs, etc.... The mercury, or any other concurrent
non-specific immune system triggers, will be additive andf summative to cause
the MASS response (whihc clogs off small blood vessels...and prevents oxygen delivery and toxin removal in the small blood vessels of the body..all organs),

Chelating mercury is helpful simply becauise you are removing one of the triggers that enhances the non-specific immune system response; this, however, is not the end all beeat all problem. once the immune system has become iontolerant (a kind of allergy or serum sickness state) to particular foreign antigen (for example gluten or casein or peanit butter or pniucillin) etc... teh MASS response causes the wwhite blood cells to do some
"different" thinsg that causes the body to react in wasy that are activating healing by first intention (but this is actually causing harm in the intolerant state). Get rid of the triggers, by diet, chelation, or non-expsoure, and you decrease the load on the non-specific immuen system, and esentially yiu "clrean up the microvsssel highways) and thinsg can improve.

Our solution, surprisngly, is targeted to teh liver (whihc has also "stroked) but thankfully, the liver can regenerate..fix the liver, the bone marrow fixxes, and the immune system fixes, and the body starts healing itslef... we are humbled.

I cannot state where we can move your son to as I do not know whwre he is at within the neurodeevlopmental spectrum of "recovery." Bottom line is thgs though: His liver is still impaired (as is all of our liovers) and thus his bloodwork parameters, although normal by contermporary medical standrds, likley are not relative to how we now look at this across the entire physiological index of metabolic functions - inlcuding C Reactive Protein.

The allergies and intolerances we can handle no problem; the neuropcognitive impairment can improve (we have gotten alzhiemer's patients out of institution=alization and diapers and back into the community; we have only begun helping the autistic children - the solution is looking multi-pronged: 1) fix the liver and immune system; 2) we this remove the on-goiung "spark" that is impairing recovery, 2) then the hyperoxygenation will work: BY example: we have to get rid o9f the spark that started the fire before we attempt to "re-build the house" ion the foundation that was burned to the ground.

We must establish the MASS response using our video micrscopy spectral imaging (there are soem features specific to the MASS response and to vaccination whihyc we now detect). Incidentally, our imaging also shows that this MASS response was causing a similar brain damage in the pre--vaccine era in people who succumbed to congenital rubella syndrome, polio, tetanus, and a bevy of other ailmenst - these infectious diseases had a two stage hit - one, specific to the bug (the antibody response) and the other, a non-specific response (to any immune challenge) - we have essnetially heightened the non-specifc response by design wiith these bloody vaccineS - MERCURY ONLY MADE THINGS WORSE; ..but the damnage is a generic process rather than a resposne to any specific pathogen or toxin -it is the state of the immune system and the "toxin/pathogen" cumulative load that is important rather than any specific foerign substance in the body.

If youlisten to teh varied radio braodctss (on genesis network with Bill Deagle, Dr Carley, and this Oct 7th at 7 am EST on Power Hours radio on the net, and the BBS show we just posted to today - you will understand better what I am talking about.

I can help anyone throughout the US now - New Hampshire or otherwisel we have 600,000 full page add distribution throughout Connecticurt area happening tomorrow.... then we start.

GlaxoSmith Kile just came across our evidence submitted to teh vaccine injury courts 4 weeks ago - we have explained it all )all vaccine injrues for everyone, the evidence in damning - needless to say, like the OJ trial, they are now doing theor utmost to prevent the evidence from getting to court - if we did not have them over a barrel, they would not be trying to exclude the evidnce and the 116 page report - the glove fits, and no one will acquit - but lawyers are for hire to protect tehor clients - so regardless what happens on the medcial legfal fronbt at this point - we are simply going ahead and fixing and blocking the problems they say theya re not causing ;-)


..we could use help spreading teh word. The way to stop these people is to keep hammering them in court - I need the BrainGuard imaging to keep hammering away on mulipel fronts in the legal arena... we can help...right now we are swamped with the varuied cancers we are treating ;-)....on stop shop to helping the body fix itself ..we will eventaully slow down and write the book "its the liver stupid" ;-)


spread the word John - people simply need to be a meber, sell a preoperty save themselves oodles of money, and we receive funds from real estate to start curing the world ; and start figthing back the Big Pharmaide interests that have harmed too many lives and dreams for too long -I fully inetend on bankrupting them on behalf opf families such as your own..just watch...and what we extarct from them willgo direct to you and yours.... Robin hood I guess, but with a Noerther Ontario country boy mentality of "you can knock me off my horse, stick a stellato through my temple, but if I am still breathing, I am getting back on that bhorse and coming at it again"..Thick, bright, and stipuid..a damgerous thorn for thge Pharma interests, and a humble fruiend of teh autism community.

Andrew J. Moulden M.D., Ph.D.

The core essence of "Greater Things" is that there is always a better way to do things -- anything -- whether it be religion, politics, science, academia -- anything. To the extent that we get institutionalized and codified in a set belief system, is the extent that we inhibit the ability to grow and learn new and better ways.
--- On Sun, 10/5/08, wrote:
From: Subject: Re: Message from uxneey: Dr. MuldenTo: drmoulden@rogers.comReceived: Sunday, October 5, 2008, 10:00 PMHi Dr Moulden,
I listened to your interview with Rebecca Carley with fascination. I'm
curious why you made no mention of mercury. Do you find that it plays no role
in autism?
My son is now 12, born normal and showed no signs of problems until 9 or 10
months old. When he lost eye contact shortly after that, he showed zero
progression until he was almost 8 when we began chelation. The first thing to
disappear was about 5 years of painful constipation. At the same time, after 2
months of chelating, he stopped dragging one leg and began to walk normally.
Then some eye contact came back and progression began. Four years later,
he's much better but still has a long way to go.
We used minimal supplements, vitamin C, E, Supernuthera for two years, some
zinc and magnesium, fish oil and something for liver support. Used DMSA and ALA
for a year or so and then ALA only.
Would any of this have helped if mercury was not part of the problem that
caused the autism? Might BrainGuard help him at this point?
John Best

uxneey has sent you a message on YouTube:
Dr. Mulden
Hi foresam,
Dr. Moulden got back to me. He said the problems accessing the AMass website
was because they were doing a bunch of IT upgrades to it.
He also told me to ask you to contact him directly at the email address I gave
you previously
Here is Dr. Moulden's email to me. I thought you might find it interesting:
Please have the parent of the vaccine injured child correspond with me directly
(via this email) or simply access - which will be open to the
public tomorrow.
First we must establish that the MASS response utilizing our video microscopy
tools and techniques.
We are on Power Hour radio on the Net October 7th - and will be discussing what
has happened to the Gulf War vets "Gulf War Syndrome" which, as it
turns out, is the microbiological and physiological equivalent of what has
happened to the infants/children from vaccination.... this M.A.S.S. response is
generic, and is the same process that caused paralysis from polio, lockjaw from
tetanus, death from measles and smallpox, and loss of language of motor function
from Spansih flu - the sad reality is that we never realized that these
"bugs" and foreign sybstances/invaders in our bodies, had a
"two-step approach to causing disease and damages to our tissue.
We have rid ourselves oif these serious ailmenst from the antibody response
specific to the "bug" via vaccination; however, ALL we have really
achieved is diluting one part of teh problme and changed relatively serious
diseases and disorders into a silent epidemic - you see, it is the non-specific
(white blood cell) response that has ALWAYS been active to foreign substances in
our bodies, be that bugs or vaccine adjuvants, that has caiused disease,
neurological damages, and disorders.
The answers, for all, have been fpound in the liver - kind of a
"one-stop-shop" for mamalian physiology in disease. Fic teh liver, you
fix the bine marrow and immune system, you fix the microvascularizaton, yuo
remove the biomechanical contsraints, and the body starts healing itself - from
varied chronic illnesses, some brain damage (it is the white matter tarcts that
reform and re-connect that helps recover lost finctions...we cannot re-store
gray matter - the thinking parts of the brain..we can re-store teh bodies
ability to heal itself listen to radio interview on BBS from
yesetrday..we posted it to the site...the first 15 mintes of the
intervoew is the hosts diatribe..mine follows).
We simply have to establish the MASS response has caused the damages to the
alleged vaccine injured individual (our BrainGuardMD technologies). With this
poarameter established and locked, we can now quantify and monitor the
self-repair once we comemnce our intervention - targeting the liver, and all
natural, and tailored specific to the individuals physiology - based on blood
work we must follow). The older the child, the slower the process; we cannot
bring indivudauls back to 100% of who they ere or were destined to be..but we do
bring back functions and we can show you, in the bloodwork, and in the imaging,
that we are achieving this goal..coincident with the parent observng the
behavioral changes.
We have every intent on suing Big Pharma on behalf of everyone harmed that we
demonstarte causastion. These families need support and services. These children
deserve the best healthcare can buy. I am a physician, not a profiteer. There is
an entire planet to heal and an on-going battle to stop those that profit off of
making us sick.
Andrew J. Moulden M.D., Ph.D.

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