Sunday, May 24, 2009

FBI, Robert Mueller Leads A Bunch of Pussies

"Public corruption is one of the FBI’s top investigative
only terrorism, espionage, and cyber crimes. Why?
Because of its impact on our
democracy and national security. Public
corruption can affect everything from
how well our borders are secured and
our neighborhoods protected…to verdicts
handed down in courts…to the quality
of our roads and schools. And it takes a
significant toll on our
pocketbooks, too, siphoning off tax dollars. Learn more
here about our
national program and local investigations."

How stupid can the FBI be? When the Eli Lilly rider was added to the Homeland Security Act that prevented victims of vaccine poisoning from suing vaccine makers, it was obvious to anyone with half a brain that this protection was needed because the vaccine makers knew that they were causing autism. Criminals don't buy protection from Congress unless they are guilty of something.

I've written to these lazy, useless and moronic public employees twice to report this crime of poisoning our children and these incompetent misfits just can't be bothered to acknowledge my reports. My first report of this crime was five weeks ago and these incompetent fools have yet to acknowledge receiving it. In the meantime, thousands more babies have had their brains damaged by thimerosal.

We know that Congress is aware of this crime because we have video of Rep Dan Burton telling them the facts.

We also see that Robert Mueller was appointed to his job as head of the FBI by George W Bush, the corrupt scumbag with ties to Eli Lilly who steadfastly refused to meet with Rep Burton to discuss autism. Perhaps Mueller will answer a question about whether Bush prearranged with him to ignore the poisoning of our babies. Why else would Mueller pretend to be so blind to the fact that babies are still being poisoned all over the world with thimerosal?

Here's the contact page for the FBI. You can't email them but you can call and write via snail mail. I think anyone who lives near DC or who might be visiting should ask to visit Mr Mueller and show him their autistic children as evidence of the crime that he continues to ignore.

Mueller has to be a real pussy to allow the poisoning of babies to continue while doing nothing to stop it!!!



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