Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rick Neubrander Causes Abuse of Autistic Child

The beating and abuse that this non-verbal autistic boy suffered from his demented teachers in an Atlanta school is directly attributable to Ari Ne'eman and his psychopathic pals from Neurodiversity. Ne'eman, Amanda Baggs and the other liars who falsely claim to have autism while claiming they do not want to be cured are responsible for influencing public opinion against doing whatever it takes to give these children the ability to speak.

Sure, we can all blame the government for allowing this poisoning of our kids to continue but the liars who make the elected liars look good are the true cause of the rest of the country remaining unaware of the true horror that autism is. The phoney debate that rages on the internet makes it look like nobody knows what causes autism or how to cure it. This is not true. Autism is caused by thimerosal and cured by chelation. Simple.

Without the liars like Ne'eman to publicize these lies, the rest of us might be able to have the truth presented and it would be a lot easier for us to inform the public of the damage that vaccines are causing. Then everyone would be able to learn how to cure autism and these kids could gain the ability to speak. The teachers would not think they could get away with beating kids who could point at them in court and cost them their jobs.

That brings us back to Rick Neubrander, Dr James Neubrander's brother. Rick is someone who knows that these kids can be helped to speak through medicine but he continually puts himself in the way of people who are trying to discredit the sadists like Ne'eman who want autistic kids to suffer. So by supporting Ne'eman, Baggs and the other liars from Neurodiversity, Rick is encouraging the abuse of children whose parents might be dissuaded from curing their kids by the liars.

It makes no sense to me why Rick Neubrander continues to abuse children in this manner but that's the fact. It makes me wonder why anyone would go to Rick's brother for medical treatment too. There is something very wrong with this picture.


Anonymous said...

I still don't see how it's his fault. Enlighten me- how exactly is it Rick Neubrander's fault that some crackpot decided to abuse an innocent child (especially if they are not directly involved with the situation)?

And the DAN doctors are actually the criminals- they make money from lying to vulnerable families that their treatments are a cure for autism, but it's really a drain on the family and damaging to the child.

You shoudd just keep away from debating science and instead preach to people in the streets, wearing your tinfoil hat that the end is nigh....

Foresam said...

All abuse of autistic people is Rick's fault because Rick supports the propaganda that prevents them from all being cured.

Rick's not the only one to blame but, since he's in the business of curing autism, the stupid bastard should know better.

Foresam said...

I'm selective about publishing anonymous comments. Most of the time, I don't even read them.