Saturday, May 09, 2009

Dr Virginia Wood, Neurodiverse Knucklehead

Here is a blog written by a dumb bitch who supports queers getting married. Dr Virginia Wood also supports poisoning infants into autism by virtue of the fact that she's too damn stupid to learn the facts about how autism is caused.

As you can see by reading her blog, this mentally inept simpleton with a degree is a part of the Neurodiverse scam of trying to convince parents of severely disabled children to avoid curing them. Dr Wood joined the other neuronitwits in calling me names because I pointed out Ari Ne'eman's dishonesty, Ne'eman being the sadist who goes on TV to lie about autism and abuse autistic children. As usual, when I left a comment to educate this morally bankrupt imbecile, she deleted it. So, here's my comment to one more pseudoscientist who takes great pride in abusing autistic kids.

Dr Wood,
I am going to save the world from people like you. Autism is caused by mercury and aluminum. Most of that mercury and aluminum finds its way into childrens' brains via vaccines. I can prove every word I say and I challenge you and every doctor on the planet to prove me wrong.

Are you an MD or a PhD? I'm guessing PhD since you associate yourself with the pseudoscience of psychology. Psychology has mislabelled autism and Asperger's in the idiotic DSM and I'd like to educate you and your colleagues so you might fix this error in the next version of your pseudointellectual drivel that you try to pawn off as science.

If Asperger's is the same as autism, why does it have a different code in your DSM? You choose your words carefully by claiming that it IS autism. That's a true statement but it is not 100% accurate, is it Dr Wood? You can't claim that Ari Ne'eman's version of "autism" has even the slightest similarity to my son's autism with his feces smearing, self-biting, head banging, lack of speech, illiteracy at age 12, etc., can you?

When I cure all of these "autistic" people who you have helped to pervert from learning the truth, you will be out of business, won't you, Dr Wood? You won't have anyone left who will pay you outrageous sums of cash to whine on your shoulder. We call that a conflict of interest.

I cure autism because I have no conflict of interest. You, as a doctor, should be ashamed of yourself for not learning what I have and helping these victims of mercury poisoning.

Neurodiversity is a scam. It uses peer pressure and preys on the loneliness of people with Asperger's to give them a sense of belonging to something. It mixes truth with fiction in an effort to displace accountability from the vaccine manufacturers who caused this nightmare for our children. It is professional brainwashing and you should be able to recognize that. Of course, you are a part of it so I don't have to point that out to you. No PhD could be so blind as not to see that.

Can you prove me wrong Dr Wood or will you just join the other propaganda wizards from Neurodiversity by calling me names?


Foresam said...

Some anonymous cowards have flooded me with stupid remarks supporting queer marriage and, not realizing that I am a psychologist myself, have decided I should be educated in a discipline that I have discarded as pure junk.

Sorry, I don't allow comments from idiots who won't use their names.

If we support queers getting married, the next step will be to allow people to marry sheep. God drew the line about perverse sexual behavior. Now, psychiatry thinks it's a good idea to make excuses for people who are so mentally deranged that they want to have sex with the same gender. What will these idiots say to God?

Anonymous said...

She's as bad as the plastic surgeon who writes articles telling people it's safe to vaccinate. WTF? Now plastic surgeons are part of the so called "experts in autism" crowd? Who is next to weigh in on the "safety" of vaccines? Podiatrists? Orthodontists? The children of parents who fall for the B.S. from these types are doomed to a life of drugs and toxic overload. How miserable for them.

sophie said...

"If we support queers getting married, the next step will be to allow people to marry sheep. God drew the line about perverse sexual behavior"

No 'he' didn't. Some bigoted people are so wrapped up with Sex (forgetting about LOVE) and what they THINK god said about sex that they forget that 'he's' not been actively partipating on this planet since he apparantly created it.
Children starve, and die here while we send people up in space, go to war, and all the while sheep happily thrive blissfully unaware. Sorta like god.

Foresam said...

"God" is always capitalized. Please have some respect for Him.

sophie said...

The word 'god' is a generic noun, not a proper name which would be capitalized.
(Uppercase doesn't equal respect.)
Prove that GOD is a 'him', John.

I think your god is a bit different than mine, obviously.

Foresam said...

If you don't have enough faith in your god to capitalize his name, he must be a false god. God was called "Father" by Jesus when He was dying on the cross, so we know He is male.
It's proper to capitalize God's name as well as every reference to Him.
Who is your god?